Make Travel Photography Easier with these Tips

Everyone enjoys clicking Instagram-worthy pictures while they’re travelling. The better the shot, the more nostalgic it is when you revisit the image in the future. However, professional travel photography is more than just clicking one picture after the other on your trip. To create truly magical images, you need to master a few travel photography tips.

That’s where we come into the picture. As a leading photography lighting equipment supplier, we know just what you need to do to make your images more majestic.

Here are a few travel photography tips for your next big adventure.

Add Some Extra Light

While using natural lighting for your travel photography may seem like the obvious thing to do, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t carry extra lighting. In fact, most professional travel photographers carry additional light sources to click visually stunning travel portraits that best capture the beauty of the location.

There are a dozen different ways to go about this. Refrain from using your phone’s flashlight or pocket torches to add illumination as they’ll give an amateurish effect. Instead, carry some extra light equipment with you to soften and diffuse the lighting as needed.



The LECO300 Travel Reporter kit is the perfect tool for travel photographers who want to create moody and dark images. It integrates high-intensity LED technology and provides bicolour balance to help capture accurate colours. The dimmer dial attached to the lighting equipment allows you to adjust the light intensity, so you don’t have to worry about your images being too bright. This model can operated in battery and main which give you more flexibility when using it on location.

Another useful lighting product is the ML60 Professional Travel kit, which is a highly rated all-in-one lighting kit.  You can continue using it as your primary light source during travel shoots and capture stunning portraits without worrying about the lighting needing to be shut down or replaced midway.It can powered by battery too (sold separately).

The RICO240B MKII is a good option if you’re planning on setting up equipment for travelling with lets go over how easy it is to set up and use. This will allow you to do livestream on the go. It helps in diffusing ambient light and can be used as the main light as well as filling light during your photo or video sessions. 

Use an External Flash

Trust us; you don’t want to resort to on-camera flash for your travel portraits. The small burst of hard light on-camera flashes generate isn’t exactly flattering. What you can do instead is use an external flash. This has a more powerful output and can be used to diffuse lighting. Moreover, external flashes are easy to carry with you on your travels. You can simply place one on a tripod or hold it at a length while shooting for an enhanced effect.



If you’re considering using a flash speedlite, the PIXAPRO CITI300 PRO is an ideal option. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, this flash is only 1.25 kg and has relatively small dimensions. This makes it especially travel-friendly as you can carry it with you easily wherever you go. The flash also has a fast recycling time and allows for colour temperature adjustment, giving you control over your lighting.

Then there’s the PIXAPRO LUMI II 200 flash (Godox Gemini GS200 II). This is a monolight strobe that’s well-known for its user-friendly and robust nature. The high durability of this product allows for crisp and sharp images and lets you capture visibly clear detailing in your travel portraits. The only downside of this model, it can only power by main and highly rated if you are access to power wall plug.

You can also opt for the PIXAPRO GIO1 TTL Compatible Speedlite (Godox's V1). This flash generates a powerful light beam that lasts for about 1/20000th of a second. You can use the flash when capturing moving objects without compromising on image clarity. No blurred images with this powerful travel speedlight strobe!

Work With a Reflector

Don’t skip adding a sturdy reflector to your photography travel kit! A reflector is one of the most useful items you can use while shooting photos and adds flattering light to travel portraits. It comes in a collapsible form as well, making it ideal for travelling.

If you’re travelling light, the PiXAPRO collapsible 60cm 5-in-1 reflector is the perfect item for your kit. It minimises contrast, softens the harshness of light, and removes any shadows from your images. The reflector also works perfectly for shooting in darker settings that need to be illuminated.


The PIXAPRO 100x150 cm 5-in-1 Reflector with Grip Handles is also a handy option—literally. The grip handle included in the reflector lets you control the light direction. It’s also very easy to set up, making it perfect for travel shoots.

If you plan on capturing videos as well, we suggest you opt for the PiXAPRO Lighting Modifier Reflector Bundle. This comes with three reflectors that have varying lengths and can be used for managing light distances. The bundle is also for accentuating subjects during motion photography or videography.

Carry Light Stands

Whatever lighting and flash equipment you choose to take along with you, do not forget about light stands. Trust us; you’re going to need a sturdy object to support your lighting equipment and keep it steady. The lights can be attached at your desired angle for the entire duration of the shoot.

Ultra-Lightweight 190cm Carbon Fibre Foldable Nano Stand

The PIXAPRO Carbon Fibre Light Stand is a favourite among travel photographers. It’s immensely versatile, extremely lightweight, and highly portable. The five-tier extensions included in the stand allow for multiple height adjustments and make it suitable for several lighting options as well.

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