We here at PIXAPRO offer a range of Flash lighting for you to choose from. Two of our options that we have available are the KINO600 and the STORM 600. In this blog, we will look into the details and specifications for these two units and advise you on which to choose for your individual needs.

These two lights are very similar, but their purposes differ slightly. The KINO600 is a high-powered flash that can be used for many different types of photography. This can be used for Portrait photography from one person to a group, and can be used for still photography. The STORM 600 on the other hand can be used for much more purposes. This flash is very good if you need to capture motion, such as dance or sport, whereas the KINO600 isn’t designed for this purpose. The STORM 600 has a function which is called “Stroboscopic Flash Mode”, and what this feature does is causes your STORM 600 to fire multiple low-powered flashes in rapid succession. Combined with a slow shutter speed, you are able to capture a sequence of images of a moving subject in one exposure such as the one in the photo below.

The power range for these two lights is also different. The KINO600 has a 6-Stop power range which can be adjusted between 1/1 – 1/32 power whereas the STORM 600 has an 8 stop power range which can be adjusted between 1/1 – 1/128 power. What these means is that the STORM 600 allows you to make wider adjustments in strength, whilst also allowing you more control for the strength by offering smaller power stops than the KINO600.

The STORM 600 also comes with many features that the KINO600 missing out. It comes with High-Speed Sync which enables you to use your flash at shutter-speeds faster than your camera’s sync speed without having to worry about a black bar across your shot. It also comes with Rear-Curtain Sync, which is when the flash fires at the end of the exposure, or at the rear curtain, allowing you to freeze the subject at the end of the motion blur trail. 

Therefore, If you are interested in a high-quality powerful flash, the KINO600 is more than capable of meeting your requirements. But as the STORM 600 comes equipped with more accurate specifications, such as Power Range, and more detailed functions, such as High-Speed Sync and Stroboscopic Flash, this would be the choice to go for if you require a more in-depth and advanced flash.


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