Jewellery Photography - Capture each precious detail

When showcasing fine Jewellery such as rings and necklaces, you need to make sure that the images being taken show the finest of details clearly and professionally to make the item appealing to the viewer. In order to do this, using the correct lighting and modifiers is vital to properly display your Jewellery in its best look.



The GLOWPAD350S is a LED lighting panel that offers a clear and professional lighting that is ideal for Jewellery Photography. The lighting produced from the GLOWPAD350S is Daylight Balanced, meaning that is offers a clean white light that accurately represents natural daylight, to allow your Jewellery to stand out in your shot. This LED light uses edge-lit LED technology in order to create an even diffused quality of lighting without the need for a large softbox, which helps to reduce any hotspots or shadows that may be caused from the Jewellery. As the GLOWPAD350S offers a CRI of ≥95, this means that it accurately reproduces the colours in the subject, which is ideal if you are shooting vibrant gemstones as part of your Jewellery. The GLOWPAD350S offers multiple power options, as it comes with a mains power cable included with the lighting unit as well as two Sony NP-F series battery plates that allow it to be used with batteries (sold separately), so whether you find yourself shooting in a set environment or moving between different locations, the GLOWPAD350S is suitable for you.

GLOWPAD 350S Slim-Profiled Daylight Balanced LED Panel


The MacroPod is a three-head LED lighting unit that offers individual placement adjustments to have the lighting focused directly onto your Jewellery in order to properly light the finer details. Each LED Head features a flexible gooseneck arm that offers 360° of placement control to offer the best possible control of the lighting angle. Each light head is also individually dimmable, to offer complete power adjustment to better suit your lighting requirements for a specific Jewellery piece. Included with the MacroPod is a set of focus caps to allow you to achieve a narrower beam to better focus and concentrate the light onto key spots of the Jewellery. Also included are diffuser caps which help to diffuse the lighting to make it much softer in order to reduce any unwanted specularity. The MacroPod offers two mounting options, with a hot-shot mount to attach on-top of your DSLR camera as well as a ¼” screw mount to allow it to be attached to a wide range of light stands, tripods and clamps. The MacroPod is also powered by 4x AA batteries (not included) for use away from mains power, perfect for transporting between different locations for shoots.

MacroPod LED Macro Light


5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector

The 5-in-1 Reflector offers a plethora of different lighting styles and options, which can be chosen between to help to correctly display your Jewellery in your final shot. This collapsible reflector offers a diameter of 60cm, which is an ideal size to accurately cover your Jewellery with the lighting and can be folded down to approximately 1/3rd of its size to be stored in its carry bag, perfect for transporting between different locations. There are five different colours options to choose between with this collapsible reflector, each with their own unique light effects:

Black – Helps to prevent uncontrolled reflections that may fall onto the Jewellery which could reduce the natural shine as well as absorbs any access lighting.

Wavy/Soft Gold – Creates a fine, warm lighting that is characteristic with a light colour similar to that of the Sun.

Silver – Helps to increase contract and highlights, perfect for accentuating the details in your Jewellery and offers the brightest light reflection compared to the other options.

Translucent – Offers two uses, either as a diffuser to help soften the lighting being used or as a reflector to bounce the lighting back onto your Jewellery for complete coverage.

White – Produces a softer and more natural diffused lighting, helping to keep the colour temperature of the light being reflected consistent with the ambient lighting in the shooting environment.

60cm (23.6") Collapsible 5-In-1 Studio Circular Reflector Board

V-Flat Bounce Board

The V-Flat Bounce Board is a very useful piece of equipment for small product photography, such as Jewellery, and offers a few different uses. Firstly, due to the clean and smooth surfaces of the board, this can be used as a seamless backdrop for the Jewellery subject to remove the need for large backdrops and stands. The V-Flat Bounce Board also offers three different colour sections, each with their own unique effects that can be useful for Jewellery photography. The white section helps to create a soft and diffused lighting to help the light fall more gently onto the subject. The silver section increases both highlights and contrast to create the brightest reflection and accentuates the details in your subject. The black section absorbs any excess lighting and prevents uncontrolled and unwanted reflections from falling onto the Jewellery.

Small V-Flat Bounce Board (Silver/Black/White) 29x42x0.5cm


GLOWPAD450S Gemstone Jewellery Photography Lighting Kit

This kit has been designed specifically with Gemstone and Jewellery Photography in mind to help capture the best possible image. The main lighting unit in this kit is the GLOWPAD450S, which offers a bright Daylight Balanced LED lighting with a CRI of >95 to accurate reproduce the colours in your Gemstones/Jewellery and built-in diffusion to create a soft and gentle lighting without the requirement of a large softbox. The GLOWPAD450S would be placed behind and slightly above the Jewellery subject to offer the best possible lighting coverage. The second lighting unit included in this kit is the MacroPod, with three individually adjustable LED heads available to focus onto different sections of the Jewellery subject to make sure that the finer details are captured. The Macropod comes with a range of unique light modifiers including diffuser caps and coloured gels, for ample lighting options to choose between. Also included in this kit are two V-Flat Bounce Boards which are placed at the front of the Jewellery subject in order to bounce the lighting from the GLOWPAD450S back onto the Jewellery from the front, for a complete light coverage.

GLOWPAD450S Gemstone Jewellery Photography Lighting Kit


Jewellery is a beautiful subject to photograph, with an infinite range of different designs and styles of Jewellery available, so making sure that it is captured correctly with all of its natural beauty on display is vital.