How to Redeem Your Rewards Points

Finding the new rewards system a tad confusing? Don't worry, we've got your back. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your shiny new rewards points on our website towards your next purchase.

1. Find the rewards tab

Rewards cannot be accessed through your account page. To find this page, just make sure you're on our website (any page will do!) and just make sure you're scrolled to the very top (or it will disappear). A rewards icon will show at the bottom left of the webpage for you to click. You must be signed in to the website to see this tab.

2. See your options.

Click on the option that says "Redeem Points". Then, click through for the option to redeem however many you have.

3. Choose your amount.

Once you've clicked through, a slider will appear for you to choose how much you'd like to redeem. Choose wisely as you can only redeem this amount once. If you have any leftover, you won't be able to redeem the rest. e.g. if you redeem £50 of your points on a £45 order, you'll not be able to keep the £5 extra. 

4. Redeem to receive your code!

Once you've chosen your amount, click redeem and hang tight for a moment. The website will take a second as it is generating your unique rewards code! The code will show up in your browser for you to copy or add to your basket, but if you click out, don't worry. You will also receive an email letting you know that you've redeemed your points which will also include your code.

Please be aware that this code can only be used once. As mentioned in part 3, you can't use it twice to use up however much you've redeemed. 

5. Using your code.

This code should just be used like a normal discount code. Add it to your basket at the checkout stage to take the redeemed amount off your order!

It's as easy as that! But please make sure to only redeem how much you need for your order! It may help to put your order together first and then check how much you'd like to redeem against it rather than redeeming your code beforehand. 

If you'd like to check your points history, you have full access to this in your account too. Go to Account -> Rewards and scroll down. Here you will have your total rewards balance as well as the transaction history for when and how you earned points and when you've redeemed them. 

If you scroll down a little further, you will also find the referral link that you can share to get your friends £15 off their first order within 30 days provided it's £100+, and when they've used this, you get £5 worth of points added to your account too! Neat, huh?

If, however, you run into any technical difficulties with your account or your rewards, drop our team an email at and they'll be able to look into your issue with you.