How To Navigate The CITI600 Menu System (Instructional video)


Learn how to navigate the CITI600's interface with this instructional video.

The PIXAPRO CITI600 is a revolutionary battery powered portable monolight that features a self-contained rechargeable Battery, meaning that the battery is attached directly to the body of the strobe, instead of having a separate battery pack.


• Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio receiver.
• Utilises IGBT technology for Super-Short Flash Durations, great for freezing motion.
• High Speed Sync mode up to 1/8000th
• High Guide Number of GN87 (at ISO 100 with Standard Reflector)
• Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
• 500 Full Power Flashes (With PowerPack Dual Output)
• Super-quick Recycle Times of between 0.01– 2.5 Seconds.