Strip Softbox Headshot Setup by Wil Haub

"I have updated my lighting setup for headshots to make it more flattering for the subject, while also giving me a lot of flexibility to be able to get the best possible lighting for every single client. Using three Strip Softboxes from Pixapro gives me exactly that flexibility, using one as main light and two as fill light. Every Pixapro Strip Softbox even comes with a grid included, so I can also use it from behind or the side as a kicker or rim light. 

To test my new setup I also rented a lens which has been on my wishlist for a while, the Nikon 105 f2.8 micro. As I expected it just confirmed that it is an amazing lens for headshots, so I know what I will get myself as an early Christmas present :) 

All the technical stuff is very important, but expression in headshots trumps everything else. So as usual I was concentrating on directing Fiona here to get some great headshots!

Once everything is in place it is also a good idea to get some different headshots by changing clothes and hair:

Behind the Scenes:

As you can see I am shooting through a triangle of the three Strip Softboxes. As a member of the Headshotcrew I was inspired by Peter Hurley’s lighting setup!"

Credit: Wil Haub - Website:


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