Exploring the range of Godox Lighting Modifiers For Photography!

Godox Lighting Modifiers For Photography! - What options are available and which ones are best for you and your work?

While our largest range of modifiers remains our PiXAPRO branded ones, we also stock a wide range of Godox modifiers! With UK Stock, Next Working Day Shipping (UK Mainland) options, and a 2 year UK Warranty, we offer a reliable range to choose from! 

Browse different variations of modifiers below, or shop the whole selection here:

Godox Lighting Modifiers - Softboxes

AD-S65S 65cm Fitting Silver Portable Parabolic Softbox

An easy-to-use modifier which attaches to the front of your light, flash or strobe, this softbox helps reduce the spread and light intensity without sacrificing the softness, and features an easy-open mechanism which allows it to be set up with ease, great for use on-location. The reflective interior helps maximise light efficiency whilst providing a natural-looking non-artificial light, and is great for almost any shooting situation whether you shoot still life, portrait, landscape, commercial, fashion, food, product, or macro photography.


GODOX AD-S65S 65cm Fitting Silver Portable Parabolic Softbox (Silver Interior)

QR-P90 Quick Release Deep Parabolic Softbox (Bowens S-Type Fitting)

Available in 90cm and 120cm, the GODOX QR-P Quick-Release Deep Parabolic Softboxes feature a quick-release opening mechanism, enabling them to be quickly set up and broken down with little hassle. Perfect for run-and-gun photographers that work on location and need to be able to pack up their equipment quickly.

This versatile softbox produces a soft, yet focused quality of light allowing for a plethora of creative possibilities. Perfect for Portrait, Fashion, Beauty, Wedding and Event photography. The QR-P90 Quick Release Softbox is also great for cinematography, filmmaking and TV and video production. 


QR-P90 Quick Release Deep Parabolic Softbox (Bowens S-Type Fitting)

Godox Lighting Modifiers - Parabolic Umbrellas

UB-105W 105cm Compact & Portable Parabolic Umbrella

The UB-105W 105cm Compact & Portable Parabolic Umbrella produces a soft, yet focused quality of light allowing for a plethora of creative possibilities, thanks to it's deep shape and 16 ribs. Unlike traditional umbrellas, parabolic umbrellas focus the light more efficiently, making it easier to control the directionality of the light. They also produce lighting with more contrast, saturation, and more pleasing shadow-edge gradation compared to traditional umbrellas. This helps your subject to stand out more in your images. 



P Series Focusable Parabolic Umbrella Reflectors 

In three different sizes, 88cm (P88), 128cm (P128), and 158cm (P158), these large reflectors are built for broadcast and professional-grade working on a large scale. Thanks to precision engineering in the pursuit of excellence, these 24-Facet, True Parabolic design reflectors will help skyrocket your lighting possibilities to new heights! This unique lighting modifier enables you to produce multiple looks from a single modifier, thanks to its easy-breezy focusing pole system, which enables you to produce both Hard and Soft Lighting with a single modifier, depending on where your light is positioned within the Reflector.


Snoots, Spotlights & Fresnels

VSA Series Spotlights

Available as a spotlight mount kit, with other spotlight sizes purchasable separately, the GODOX VSA Series Spotlight Attachment has been put together to give Filmmakers, Cinematographers and Theatrical Productions a powerful tool, for producing creative and cinematic lighting effects to add mood and depth to their productions.

With a choice of three interchangeable lens optics designed with sheer precision, the VSA Spotlight series ensure that you get a super-crisp beam with little to no aberrations, for unrivalled clarity, and bright projections. With the option of being used in conjunction with Coloured Gels (available separately) and Gobos, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. 


FLS Series Spotlight Fresnel Lenses 

The GODOX FLS Fresnel Lenses (sometimes known as Flooters) enable you to focus and amplify the effective output of your lighting by up to 19 times! The beam angle of the Fresnel lens can be adjusted, allowing you to either produce a small pool of light, or a wide flood of light, giving you access to a plethora of lighting options. 

They are also great for throwing light over greater distances, making it a perfect accessory for use in larger film and theatrical productions. These lenses have the option to be purchased with with detachable barn doors, designed to control the spill and direction of the light, maximising light control. 

AK-R21 Projection Attachment Complete Kit

The Projection-Attachment (AK-R21) Complete Kit includes all of the available equipment and accessories in order to create a selection of unique and different designs/styles. The AK-R21 is a projection lens system that enables you to project images from various transparency slides onto your subject or background to produce creative and cinematic effects in your photography. 

The Adapter Ring Bracket enables you to use the Projector, with traditional Rectangular-headed Speedlites. Also included are Six different sets of Transparency Slides, totalling up to 60 slides, each with their own unique design to allow you to project using the AK-R21 Projector. Finally included are two different lenses, 50mm and 83mm, offering a range of different projection sizes and results.

Godox Lighting Modifiers - Scrims and Flags

Godox Professional Foldable Flag & Dots Complete Kit

Unlike traditional flag panels with their large, fixed frames, the Godox Foldable Flag Complete Kit features three-sided collapsible steel frames, which can be folded down to fit into a small carry case for easy transportation, and hassle-free storage. These flags include 5x different types of fabric, enabling you to blockdiffuse, or reduce the light hitting your subject, giving you access to the ultimate light control system. The frame is also open-ended, so there is nothing to cast a shadow when used with the diffusion silks or net screens.

These kits come in two sizes: the SF4560 (45x60cm) and the SF6090 (60x90cm), and both come with 2x small circular flags (Dot Flags), and 2x small rectangular flag panels (Finger Flags) for use with smaller subjects or for fine-tuning the lighting, which all fold up into one handy carry bag.


Silicone Tent ML Series Diffusers

The Godox ML Series of silicone modifiers are a unique way of modifying your small lights without using large softboxes. These light tents come in a spherical option (ML-CD15), as well as a rectangular version (ML-CS1625), both of which fit a range of smaller lights thanks to coming with three mounting adapters. Being a super flexible silicone, these modifiers are perfect for travelling with, as they can be packed away compactly without being damaged.

These diffusers convert the harsh light of a bare-bulb flash or COB LED light into a soft, diffused even light, ideal for photographing or filming on-location or at weddings or events. They are made from Silicone Rubber, making it super-flexible and enables you to get multiple light qualities, such as Even, Diffused lighting or harder more dramatic lighting, all from the same modifier. 


 BDR-S55 Beauty Dish

A new addition to the Godox modifier collection, the BDR-S55 Deep Silver Beauty Dish by GODOX has been designed to meet the requirements of professional Beauty and Fashion photographers, as well as portrait photographers, that are looking for punchier lighting with added contrast. Beauty Dishes sit somewhere in between softboxes and standard reflectors in terms of softness. They produce light that is softer than the standard reflector, which sometimes comes supplied with your flash but produces more contrasty lighting compared to a softbox.

This makes beauty dishes perfect for accentuating facial features, and skin texture, as well as enhancing details on clothing. This Deep Silver Beauty Dish is perfect for photographers who shoot commercial cosmetics, hairdressing, and skincare advertising campaigns, as well as for e-commerce.

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