Exploring the Godox Modifiers Range - What Types and Styles Do We Stock?

Godox produces a wide range of different modifiers for photography lighting, from softboxes to reflectors and diffusers and we know that sometimes choosing the right one can be confusing! So, we’ve put together a guide on the Godox modifiers that we stock at EssentialPhoto to help you choose the perfect modifier for your photography

First, it’s important to mention the Godox fitting. The Godox fitting is specific to the Godox brand and is featured on the CITI300 Pro (AD300 Pro), the CITI400 Pro (AD400 Pro), and the ML-60 LED. There are other options for attaching other modifiers to the CITI300 Pro however, such as the Smart Speedlite Bracket (Bowens), Adapter Ring and Bowens, Broncolor, Profoto and Elinchrom, but some of these modifiers fit exclusively with Godox Fitting modifiers, so make sure the modifier will fit with your desired unit!

Parabolic Reflectors

Parabolic reflectors, while pricey, are built to be adaptable, unlike most other umbrella modifiers. The design allows for the movement of the focusing pole to change the position of the light to make it harsher or softer on the subject depending on the desired effect. Simply, the closer the light is to the centre of the umbrella, the more focused the light reflection is, while the further away the light is, the softer the light is due to the direction the light is being reflected. The new Godox Parabolic range does exactly that, with three options: The Parabolic88, The Parabolic128cm, and The Parabolic158. The benefits of a parabolic design mean you have an adaptable piece of equipment that would suit any lighting purpose.

Parabolic reflectors are particularly suited to fashion and beauty photography and are also great for shooting commercial and advertising work.


We also stock softboxes, such as the AD-S65S 65cm Softbox and AD-S85S 85cm Softbox, both of which are built with easy-open designs that allow for easy assembly and collapsing. These softboxes also have silver or white interiors to allow for maximum reflection and light efficiency, and both come with a double layer of diffusion and a grid to allow you to control the light effect as you see fit for your photography.

They are popular designs and are considered all-rounders and essential for a photographer’s kit bag due to their easily adaptable features and cost-effective price point. These softboxes can be used for anything from fashion and beauty photography to food and product photography due to their adaptability.


Silicone diffusers are a great way to achieve effects similar to a softbox with the added benefit of omni-directional reflection of light and being significantly smaller and easier to fit into your equipment bag than a softbox or alternative modifier would be. The ML-CD15 Spherical Diffuser is a great example of this, and is compatible with lighting with Godox, roundhead and speedlite fittings, making it useful across multiple different lighting options, while the ML-CS1625 features a flat surface rather than a round one.

The AK-R22 is similar to the ML-CD15, but is suited to speedlites and macroflash, such as the CITI100 Pro (AD100 Pro) or the GIO1 or Li-ION series. They can also be compressed and adapted to change the spread of light through them, rather than having one single effect. These diffusers are well suited to location work thanks to their compact, squishy design and adaptability, and they are great for lighting events and weddings.

And More!

Alternative modifiers are those such as the CITI300 Pro (AD300 Pro) reflector, which can be used to even the spread of light from the CITI300 without a softbox, or the CITI300 Pro (AD300 Pro) long focus reflector, which produces a more focused light effect thanks to the longer neck of the reflector. There is also a Barndoor Kit for the CITI300 which comes with a mini honeycomb grid to control the spread of light and 4 coloured filters, or the Spill-Kill reflector kit, suitable for the CITI300 or the ML60 LEDs, which comes with a mini reflector designed to reduce light leakage, a grid, and coloured filters. Another option for a more focused effect is the Conical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for the CITI400, which is designed to create a spotlight effect. These are all versatile pieces of equipment that can be used for beauty, portrait, product photography and more.


So what’s best for you? If you’re looking for a cost effective and reliable modifier for your Godox unit, we have just about anything you could need to suit it! Or if you’re still stuck, why not get in touch with our technical team at info@essentialphoto.co.uk and they will be able to advise you on your options.