Essential Camera Equipment for Vlogging Like a Pro

Many aspiring and emerging vloggers think that the only piece of equipment that they need for their videos is a high-functioning camera. This isn’t true. You also need the right vlogging gear to shoot and edit your footage.

Let’s take a look at some essential camera and lighting equipment that you should get.

On-Camera Light

Of course, no vlog is executed perfectly unless the lighting is right. To ensure that your vlogs have the perfect lighting irrespective of what or where you’re shooting, you need some reliable lighting equipment.

The PIXAPRO On Camera LED170 Three Head Kit comes with rechargeable batteries, making it a popular option among on-camera lighting tools. It consists of three small LED panels, each powered up to 5600K. These LED lights are daylight-balanced and can be mounted onto the recording device, facilitating the shooting process.

With a combined power of 30W, these on-camera LED panels can last for up to 180 minutes without the need to recharge batteries. They’re ideal for shooting footage as well as stills for your vlogs and serve as a suitable light source. Since the LED lights are small enough to be mounted onto the camera directly, they’re portable and user-friendly. You can use them for shooting travel vlogs, promotional vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, and much more.





The GLOWPAD112CB Flexi-Arm and C-Clamp Kit is another good option for vloggers. This kit can be used to provide lighting for videos by inserting the Glowpad112CB to a surface of up to 4cm in thickness. This means that you can mount the light on a desktop, a table, or a light stand.

Alternatively, the GLOWPAD112RGB kits are a great option. The light source uses RGB Edge-lit LED light which allows you to choose from 360 different hues. Think of all the lighting possibilities you get when you use the GLOWPAD 112RGB! Moreover, the high CRI rating also allows you to control colour temperature and get accurate results. The light heads are powered through AC adapters as well as NP-F series batteries, giving you the option to switch to either outlet.

Blogger Lighting Kits

If you want a more comprehensive lighting package, we suggest that you opt for the lighting kits designed specifically for bloggers.

Take the PiXAPRO Essential Video Blogger LED Lighting Kit, for example. This kit is the answer to all your vlog lighting needs and has impressed bloggers and YouTubers alike with all that it has to offer. Comprising a Rico240 LED Ringlight and two PiXAPRO Glowpad 350 LED light pads; it equips you with three different light sources that can be used as the main or secondary lights. You can use these lighting tools in combination to illuminate your subject or your background as needed.



The lighting kit is perfect for your footage if you’ve been searching for a way to give your videos a more high-end look. The diffused lighting provided via the LED panels helps in creating dramatic effects. Moreover, the kit is highly portable which means that you can carry it with you to different locations.

You can also opt for the PiXAPRO Mini 10" Ring Light Video Conferencing Kit which comes with a green screen. This kit was originally meant for Skype, Zoom, and other video conferencing calls, but also serves well for shooting videos for vlogs. This is because the green screen it includes allows you to set your background and shoot thematic videos.

For example, if you live stream on your channel, you can use the green screen to create a relevant background. Similarly, the collapsible background can also serve as a customizable backdrop for your blog where you get to project specific content.

Audio Equipment

Let’s not forget about your vlogs’ audio. You’ll need good sound quality for your videos if you want them to be enjoyable for your audience. After all, nothing diminishes all the hard work done on shooting and editing vlog footage like poor audio. Therefore, you must use a high-quality mic for your vlogs.

Using the Comica STM-USB USB Condenser Cardioid Microphone is one way to go about this. This is a professional recording tool that comes in a compact design, making it easy to carry and set up while shooting vlogs. The 16mm gold-plated condenser microphone captures audio beautifully and you can use the bi-directional pattern selection to adjust the recording as per your requirements.





You can count on clear audio when you use the Comica Cardioid Microphone! It’s highly versatile and can be used in multiple different situations. For instance, the mic can be used when you’re live streaming a podcast, shooting a musical performance, or doing a movie review.

Alternately, you can also opt for the PIXAPRO Microphone Kit that comes with a condenser microphone, a desk clamp, a scissor arm, a pop filter, and a windshield. Referred to as the Microphone with Table Mount Holder kit, it includes all the essential recording tools needed to capture clear audio without any sound distortion or interference.

This microphone kit is a great option for vloggers who shoot most of their footage in a designated setting. For instance, if you stream games or shoot reaction videos in a designated part of your house, then you can easily use this kit to get the audio that you desire. The microphone stand can be mounted on your desk using the clamp and the pop filter may be used to eliminate harsh popping sounds.

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