Equipment to Save Space in Your Photography Studio

As most photographers know, you will need a lot of different pieces of equipment in order to create a complete studio set-up, ranging from Lighting to modifiers to accessories. All of this can build up and take a lot of space, which if you are in a smaller studio environment, may not leave you with much room to shoot and move in. In this Blog Post, we take a look at a selection of equipment designed to help save space and keep your studio neat and tidy.



When shooting photography, you need to have a clean and professional background in order to make your end result stand out. But backgrounds usually take up a large amount of space, as well as any stands or brackets needed to hold these up in place, which can reduce your overall working area. One simple solution to this would be to use a Wall Mounted background to reduce the need for any stands and to allow for easy storage when not in use. Let’s take a look at two different Wall Mounted background set-ups we have available:

1.8x2m Wall-Mounted Crease-Free Foldaway Background

The 1.8x2m White Wall-Mounted Foldaway Background is an ideal solution for photographers or videographers who require a quality background that can easily be mounted to a wall without the need for other brackets and accessories. Each background features a strong a durable Crease-Resistant Polyester build for long lasting results, and is available in three different colours. It features a Self-Retracting design to help put away when not in use and a weighted metal bar at the base to hold in place.


Motorised Quad Background Expansion-Drive Set

The PiXAPRO Motorised Background Expansion Drive set enables you to mount up to four sets of seamless paper, or vinyl backdrops up to 2.75m in length or 10kg in weight. The Motorised drive allows you to easily adjust the background using the included remote control, to help speed up adjustments during a busy shoot. Whilst you are allowed to hold up to 4 backgrounds at a time, you are able to simply remove one from the drive shafts and change this if you feel you need a specific design for your shoot.


With lighting being the most important equipment in a studio set-up, you need to make sure you are able to place these in the perfect position to get the best lighting onto your subject. Using a light stand is the best option to achieve this, but as you may know, these can be large and awkward with a large footprint that could make moving around the space difficult. There are a few options available that would help to reduce the space taken up by these and allow you a more open area:

Wall Mounted Scissor Boom

The Wall mounted scissor boom stand screws on to any hard surface providing a stable platform to mount your light, modifier or accessory in practically any position, whether this is up high or down low, it gives many different shooting options. The scissor design of the boom allows you to extend the length between 15cm and 120cm, giving you a large option of space to place your lighting. To further increase the options for where to have your light placed, this boom arm can be swivelled 180° to not only give a wide range of choice for light placement, but also to allow the boom to be placed flat against a wall when not in use.


Ceiling Rail Track System with 1x Pantograph

The PiXAPRO Ceiling-Mounted Rail-track Pantograph system is a modular High-glide system, which enables you to suspend your studio strobe flashes or led studio lights from the ceiling, thus removing the need for floor-based light stands, leaving your studio floor free from clutter. The Mobile Ceiling rails allows you to move anywhere along the 3m fixed rails for a range of different light positions. Each system can be used with up to 4 different Pantographs, and each Pantograph can extend to over 2m in length, so whilst they may be attached to the ceiling, you are still able to bring these down to a usable and reasonable height.


Whilst not always a necessary part of a studio set-up, having different pieces of Furniture available may help to keep your space clean and neat, whilst also reducing loss of area with equipment not currently in use. Here are a few items that would be ideal for helping with a small studio space:

ZIONE Convertible Working Desk and Shelf 2-IN-1

PIXAPRO ZIONE 2-in-1 wall mounted Convertible working desk and shelf is versatile and practical and can either be used as a workstation/ office desk/ meeting table or as a display/storage shelves for your studio. When being used as a table, this can be ideal during a shoot to keep all of your camera equipment such as lenses as well as modifiers that you are changing between in place and ready when needed. When used as a shelf, its perfect for storing whatever small pieces of equipment you commonly use that may normally take up necessary space. The benefit to this design is that this is attached directly to the wall and can be folded up and down when needed and can be put up and out of the way when not required, reducing loss of space.


Heavy-Duty Light Stand Rack

The PiXAPRO Heavy-Duty Light Stand Rack is the perfect addition to any photographic or video studio. This stand rack features a total of 14 available slots that are each designed to hold a stand by its spigot (not compatible with Baby-Pins), as well as 8 Baby-Pin Studs to hold a range of different lighting units not in use. It features a Wheeled Base, allowing you to move this around your studio space to find the ideal spot during each shoot, and the wheels can be locked to make sure this stays in place.



There are a few more pieces of equipment available that would help to not only make the most of a small studio space, but to also reduce the amount of space lost by equipment:

Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Monitor Bracket

This Super-Durable Stainless-Steel bracket is designed to enable you to mount a monitor to any Heavy-Duty light stand with a standard 5/8" stud, or baby-pin connectors such as a C-Stand or our Stainless-Steel Tube Stands, perfect for the studio photographer who likes to shoot tethered to a large screen, or for larger video productions who require a large monitor on set. By attaching a monitor to this, this would reduce the amount of floor space taken up by big monitor stands and decrease this to a single light stand.

Heavy Duty Wall-Mountable Light Stand Holder

The PIXAPRO Heavy Duty Wall-Mounted Light Stand Holder, is a Wall-mountable, Steel Storage rack which can hold up to 8 light stands. As this is designed to be mounted directly to a wall, it helps to reduce the amount of space taken up by stands left out on the studio floor which could be a potential tripping hazard that may cause damage to people or equipment.



If you have a small studio space, you need to make sure that you are making the most of the area available to you. With the mentioned equipment and changes, you are sure to make the most out of your studios, with those small changes making a big differ