Coming Soon: The NEW EssentialPhoto Website!

You read right! We have a new website in the works due to go live THIS SUMMER! 

We've been listening to our customers when concerns have been raised with the website, and we've recognised a common complaint being that the website is often too slow to navigate, leaving you waiting around for pages to load. So, our main aim with our revamped website is to remove these long loading times to make your shopping experience easier and smoother. 

Beyond this and other small quality of life changes, the new website will look almost the same as the current one, meaning you won't have to re-learn where all your favourite products are.

The current projected date for the new site to go live is by the end of June, (which is only a few weeks away!) but we will be sure to keep you updated on any updates and with when it goes live, so keep an eye out on our social media pages for this announcement!