CITI600 PRO - A Product Breakdown

The CITI600 PRO is the updated and improved version of the CITI600 Manual and CITI600 TTL versions, offering a selection of new features and specifications to further improve your lighting capabilities and to allow you to capture the perfect image much easier.

CITI600Pro TTL Battery Powered Flash (Godox AD600 PRO)

Large Power Range

In terms of power, the CITI600 PRO offers an impressive output of 600Ws, making it suitable for most fields of Photography including Fashion, Location, Event etc. You may find that you require different power for different shooting requirements, the CITI600 PRO offers a 9 Stop Range down to 1/256th power output to give you flexibility with your lighting. Each stop is also adjusted in 1/10 stop increments to offer even more control for your lighting.

Super Short Flash Durations

The CITI600 PRO uses the latest IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor) technology, which produces incredibly short flash durations as quick as 1/10,000 of a second. This allows you to capture a much sharper image, perfect for capturing fast-moving subjects in fields such as Action, Sport and Dance Photography.

Quick Recycling Times

In order to make sure that important moments are captured, the CITI600 PRO offers very quick recycle times of between 0.01-0.9 seconds to reduce the amount of time waiting between each individual shot and to overall reduce the production time of your shoot.

Dedicated Colour Consistency

The CITI600 PRO features a newly designed flash tube compared to the previous CITI600 models, which now offers a colour consistency of 5600K +75k. This means that the colours in your subject are faithfully and vibrantly captured in your final shot, perfect for Fashion and Product Photography.

High Speed Sync

High Speed Sync Mode offered by the CITI600 PRO allows your flash lighting unit to sync at higher shutter speeds than would normally be possible (up to 1/8,000 of a second). This feature is vital in overpowering ambient lighting, such as sunlight, to make location shoots possible no matter the weather conditions.

Stroboscopic Multi-Flash

The CITI600 PRO offers a Stroboscopic Flash feature, that causes the lighting unit to fire multiple low-power flashes in quick succession, being able to be set between 2-100 flashes at an adjustable range of between 1-100Hz (flashes per second). If this is partnered with a slow shutter speed, you are then able to capture a sequence of images in motion in a single exposure, perfect for Dance and Sport Photography.

TTL (Through The Lens) Function

The TTL function available with the CITI600 PRO allows to obtain the correct exposure quickly and easily, by setting off a ‘test flash’ and adjusting your settings accordingly to match the lighting requirements of any given shoot. This feature is very helpful for shooting in locations with consistently changing conditions, such as on location, to reduce time lost on adjusting your lighting.

Front & Rear Curtain Sync

The CITI600 PRO supports both Front and Rear Curtain Sync, which allows you to create a motion trail effect in your photography, a nice style to have when trying to display movement in your subject.

Battery Powered

The CITI600 PRO has a 21.6V / 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack to make this suitable for use on location away from mains power. Each full charge offers approximately 370 Full-Powered flashes to make sure that the CITI600 PRO is able to offer enough lighting during a busy shoot without the fear of running out of power. If you find yourself shooting in a studio environment, an AC Adapter (Sold Separately) is available to remove the need to use the battery when not required.

Firmware Updates Available

To make sure that your CITI600 PRO is always up to date, it features a USB-C port to enable you to update the lighting unit with any new firmware as new features and specifications are made available so that you do not miss out.

Built-in Receiver

The CITI600 PRO features a built-in 2.4GHz receiver to allow this to be fully controlled and adjusted by any of the PiXAPRO 2.4GHz trigger range, for quick and easy adjustments away from the lighting unit. As it features a built-in receiver, the CITI600 PRO is also part of the PiXAPRO ONE System, allowing it to be used in conjunction with the range of available flash lighting units from PiXAPRO and to all be controlled from the same 2.4GHz trigger.


The CITI600 PRO is a professional battery-powered flash lighting unit that offers features and specifications that are suitable for all photographers, whether they be amateur or professional. The selection of features and specifications available make the CITI600 PRO suitable for a range of different photography fields including Portrait, Fashion, Events, Location and more.

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