Building a Home Studio


So where would you start?

The first and main thing is space, identifying what you will be looking to shoot is very important. Should you for example shoot portrait headshots, little space will be required, and you can get excellent results in the smallest of spaces.

Once you have identified your needs, the second most important part of your studio is getting lighting, either flash or continuous lights. Natural lighting can be limiting, providing too little or too much light, it can be inconsistent, especially in the winter season. You don’t want anything obstructing the creative process. You will need to decide between continuous or flash lighting, both have their benefits and draw backs for this case we will stick to flash lighting. Whilst It has a much bigger learning curve, it provides the best results.


We have many different options available, whether you are a beginner or quite experienced, but a great starting kit would be our LUMI400 Twin kit

This is a great option, you can add to this at a later date if you feel it is necessary but even with just these you can get excellent results shooting a wide variety of things, you are not limited with these lights. Another thing is as the lights use a Bowens S-Type fitting, you can use many different modifiers. This will take us on to the next point.


These are necessary in order to control the light, whether you want to use one light to cover the whole background with a large softbox or even creating a small pool of light with a snoot.

You can find our wide range of modifiers by going to Shop by Product and under Lighting control, this covers everything you will ever need for your modifiers.


Stands can be a very important part of your studio, they can determine how the space is used and can make a small space pack plenty of lighting. You have a few options available, the standard option is a normal light stand, if you wish to place the lighting high and over head you will need a boom. You can also get a stand that can hold multiple lights, so you have one central lighting system. 


Backgrounds are great because they can provide a smooth surface to shoot onto, you can add creativity using your background or even put them somewhere totally different. One of our options is the collapsible background. These work great as they have a rigid frame which can fold down to just 1/3 the size, whilst providing a great background to shoot onto. We have many different colours available and even some textured versions to add creativity to your shots. This is ideal for people shooting in limited space, that don’t wish to have huge equipment taking up space.


You can find our backgrounds here where you will find collapsible backgrounds and many more, including stands, paper backgrounds and everything you will need.


In conclusion, whilst creating a home studio can be a daunting task, it is beneficial in improving your work and providing a comfortable space that you can practise or shoot in and won’t break the bank. If you have any questions or want any advice please do not hesitate to get in contact with us, our trained team can help you whatever your needs. We also offer a Build Your Studio discount scheme if you're looking to put in a big order for equipment for your studio. Click here to find out more about this discount. 


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