Ant Middleton Returns! - Using the PIKA200 - By Paul Tibbs

"Back in 2017 I got the chance to shoot with Ant Middleton to launch a charity fitness challenge. I only needed one main image from that shoot and I had a mostly empty crossfit gym on a Colchester industrial estate in which to work with a four light setup. This time I needed a series of pictures to showcase a range of t-shirts and I'd be working in a busy city centre gym. I needed to work quickly and be mindful of the limited space available for lighting equipment. Back in 2017 I was using Elinchrom Quadra lights and they are great but I always found them a little cumbersome with the cables and battery pack often requiring two hands to move a light from one location to another. When I found the Pixapro PIKA200 I had found the answer. This small compact light is just what I needed, no cables no battery pack and a range of super convenient umbrella style softboxes plus I no longer needed pocket wizards to sync my studio lights with my nikon flashguns, it all works on one trigger. I sold all my Elinchrom and nikon lighting gear and bought a 600 head, 400 head the PIKA200 along with two speedlights. For this shoot I used the PIKA200 with an umbrella strip softbox and thank god because there was nowhere to park nearby at all so not having a heavy light or heavy lighting stand was a real life saver and because of a holdup on the road we arrived only 5minutes before Ant so a softbox that opens like an umbrella meant I was ready before he walked in!....thank god! 


Behind the scenes shot of the Pixapro strip softbox




Ant Middleton shot for Fear Naught Apparel on a Nikon D850, Nikon D3s, 50mmf1.8, 85mmf1.8, 24-70mmf2.8 and Pixapro PIKA200 "

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