AirCross 2 VS Weebill S VS Ronin-SC

When it comes to capturing the best shot, making sure that you have the perfect angle is vital, so that you can encapsulate the environment and subject perfectly in your final work. With the use of a Gimbal, this gives you much more freedom with your camera’s movement and placement in the space. In this blog, we take a look at 3 different Gimbals, the MOZA AirCross 2, Zhiyun Weebill S and DJI Ronin-SC to see which of these options would be an ideal portable camera stabiliser.


Each of the three Gimbals offers a wide range of different features and shooting options to help you capture stunning images with ease and with varied styles. Each Gimbal can be used to capture Panorama shots, Stationary or motion timelapses and feature motion control to allow you to capture the perfect frames you require. They all also feature their own version of Object-Tracking, making sure that the main subject of the shot is kept in focus whilst moving around a specific space.

But the AirCross 2 does offer a few additional features that aren’t available with the other options. Firstly, it offers Limitless continuous rotations across all three axes (Pan, Roll, Tilt) whereas the Weebill S and Ronin-SC only offer this for the Tilt and Roll Axis, giving you even more freedom when it comes to choosing the correct angle for your shot. The AirCross 2 also offers a built-in Vertical Mode compared to this being available as an accessory for the other two Gimbals, meaning you are given the freedom to choose whether you wish to have your camera placed horizontally or vertically to the Gimbal, making it easier for you to control and move.

MOZA AirCross 2 Stabiliser For DSLR Cameras

AirCross 2 Fluid Motion Control


Another feature to the AirCross 2 is that is compatible with a wider range of Camera brands compared to the Weebill S and Ronin-SC, with it being the only option to support Panasonic and FujiFilm Cameras, meaning it wouldn’t alienate a large group of photographers/videographers from using it. The AirCross 2 also comes with a M3C-C Cable included, allowing it to be used with a Black Magic Camera that records in 4K quality, allowing you to capture a sharper and more detailed shot.


DJI Ronin-SC


All three off the Gimbals are powered using rechargeable batteries, allowing these to be used freely on location without the need to be attached to mains power, however the AirCross2 does feature an intelligent battery to boost its capabilities. The AirCross2 also features the largest battery at 3000mAh, giving 12 hours usage whilst only taking 1.5 Hours to charge fully, followed by the Weebill S with 2600mAh that also offers 12 hours usage but requires 2.5 Hours to charge fully, and then the Ronin-SC offers 2450mAh giving only 11 Hours usage yet still requires 2.5 Hours to charge fully. This means you are able to charge and get to shooting much quicker and for longer with the AirCross 2 compared to the other two units.

AirCross 2 Object Tracking


The AirCross 2 also offers a few more power options that are available only with this Gimbal. It allows you to also connect a mobile power supply to the unit rather than just use batteries, giving you even more power options for using this on location in case your batteries run out of power during a long shoot. It also offers three Multi-Can outputs, with a 7.8V power supply, allowing this to also supply power to both the camera and additional accessories you may find useful during your shoot.

Zhiyun Weebill S


Each of these Gimbals have been designed to be compact and precise, whilst also comfortable and professional, to make sure you are always happy whilst using these. Whilst the all weigh between 1.1KG – 1.2KG, the Weebill S is the lightest at 1110g followed by the Ronin-SC at 1139g and the AirCross 2 at 1175g. However, whilst the AirCross2 would be the slight heaviest of the group, this is due to the fact that it is made from Magnesium Alloy, to help to make it as strong and durable as possible. When it comes to the dimensions of each Gimbal, each of them is quite similar in size, making them all compact and portable gimbals, ideal for location shooting whether it be an easy area or a more difficult terrain.

As it features a Magnesium Alloy Construction to give it addition strength and durability, the AirCross 2 also features the highest Maximum Load Capacity of 3.2Kg, followed by the Weebill S at 2.9KG and Ronin-SC at 2KG. This means that the AirCross2 will be the most secure option of the three and it will make sure that your camera and accessories are kept safe and in place. It also features the largest Camera Tray, meaning that the AirCross 2 is better designed to hold either larger cameras or standard sized cameras with a large lens attached in place without unwanted movement or the fear of falling.

MOZA AirCross 2



Each of these Gimbals are very professional and would help to capture wonderful shots with ease. But with the benefit of the additional features, and the intelligent battery, the AirCross 2 appears to be the ideal choice for a professional Gimbal Stabiliser.

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