Acting & Audition Lighting Kits

Many people may not have access to a complete lighting and recording set-up, which can impact them in many different ways. When it comes to acting, you need to make sure you are capturing a clear and perfect shot every time. Whether it be performing live online or recording an audition for a potential part, having ample lighting and equipment is vital to help you stand out. In this Blog, we take a look at a selection of kits that we have created that focus on this to help you find a cost-effective way to capture the perfect video.

RICO240B Single-Light Self-Tape Audition Kit

This kit is a single lighting unit set-up that has been designed to be used with a Smartphone to capture video clearly. The RICO240B Ringlight is an LED lighting unit that features a Bi-Colour output, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature between Daylight Balanced and Tungsten freely, to better suit the environment you are shooting in. The unit features built-in diffusion to help to create a softer and more gentle lighting and can be dimmed down to 10% of its power to match the space that you are recording the video in. The Ringlight features a built-in shoe mount feature to allow you to attach a bracket in the centre of the light, which is why we have included a Smartphone bracket with this kit. This will allow to mount any Smartphone between 50-100mm in width to the Ringlight and features a Ball Head to enable you to position your Smartphone at virtually any angle you require. This kit also comes with a light stand included, giving you the freedom to position the lighting where you wish to better light up both yourself and the space you are shooting in.

There is also another version of this kit available that also features a COMICA Wireless Microphone and Smartphone receiver bundle. This allows you to capture clear and clean audio easily, ideal for recording auditions or live performance. There are two options available, one with a USB-C Adapter and the other with an IOS Lightning Adapter, covering almost all available Smartphones. This version of the kit can be found here.

RICO240B MKII with EzyLite Three-Head Self-Tape Continuous Lighting Kit

This is a three-head lighting set-up that is designed to offer ample lighting coverage whilst also being an affordable lighting solution. The main lighting for this kit would be the RICO240B MKII, which is an LED Ringlight that features high CRI for accurate colour representation and can be dimmed between 100% - 10% to better suit the light requirements for any given shoot. This Ringlight features a Bi-Colour feature, that allows you to adjust the colour temperature from Tungsten to Daylight Balanced in order to match the colour of the external lighting in your shooting space. The other two lights included in this kit are our EZYLiTE Twin Kit, which are two 105W Fluorescent lighting units that offers a daylight balanced lighting. Each unit features a built-in Softbox to help to create a softer lighting to reduce any unwanted shadows and reflections on the subject. This kit also comes with three light stands included, one for each of the lighting units, to give you the freedom to adjust where these lights are placed during the shoot.

RICO240B and Linear 80 Actor’s Three-Point Self-Tape Audition Kit

This is our second three-head lighting set-up, design to high lighting output and control, suitable for almost any shooting space. The main light in this kit would be the RICO240B MKII which is our LED Ringlight that offers a Bi-Colour output that can be freely adjusted between 3200K (Tungsten) and 5600K (Daylight) to match the external lighting in your shooting space. The built-in diffusion of the RICO240B MKII means that this creates a soft and gentle lighting and the 240 LED bulbs can be dimmed between 100% - 10% to suit the lighting requirements for the shooting space. It features a Tilt-head to enable you to adjust the lighting forward and back to suit your needs, and comes with a Shoe-mount feature to allow you to attach a bracket to hold a camera or smartphone in place during use. The two remaining lighting units would be our LINEAR80 Strip Lights. These lights are 55W LED Lighting units that feature a Daylight Balanced lighting and can be dimmed between 100-0% to suit your shooting environment. Each unit comes with a set of Barndoors, to allow you to control the angle of the lighting to make sure to is being angled specifically where you require it. They also feature a Flexi-arm attachment with a gooseneck design and ball-head, allowing you to position the lights in virtually any direction you desire. Each lighting units also features a light stand to give you the flexibility to position these where required.

There is also another version of this kit available that also features a COMICA BoomX-D 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Kit. This comes with two options to allow these to be used with a variety of different smartphones and features broadcast-quality audio to make sure your vocals are recorded clearly and cleanly. This particular version of the kit can be found here.

PIXAPRO LED200D MKIII Professional Actors and Performers Self-Audition Kit

Our final kit is a single light set-up but is the most powerful lighting option available, and includes a large Softbox which is ideal for lighting a single subject, whilst the background offers a smooth and professional look. The lighting unit included in this kit is our LED200DMKIII, which is our 196W Daylight Balanced LED light that offers a brightness of 15,700 (@1m), which is suitable for single or multiple subject recording. This lighting unit features a LED COB Chip rather than bulbs, to prevent any unwanted breaks and to make the unit flicker-free to allow you to shoot at any Frame-rate without fear of unwanted flicker. To combat the power output, the LED200D MKIII features a built-in cooling fan and heat sink, for excellent heat dispersion and to prevent overheating during use and potential damage. It features a Built-in receiver to allow it to be controlled using a remote control (Sold Separately), and a Bowens S-Type mount, which is the most common fitting available, so it can be used in conjunction with a wide range of modifiers including the 150cm Softbox that comes with this kit.

The 150cm Softbox features an octagonal shape to create a round catch-light and to simulate a natural lighting source such as the sun. It also helps to prevent any unwanted shadows by creating a soft and gentle lighting due to the two layers of diffusion. This particular Softbox also features an easy-open mechanism, similar to that of an umbrella, to make assembly and storing simple and take a matter of seconds. Also included in this kit is our White Foldaway Background, which offers dimensions of 1.5m x 2m, large enough to offer a complete background for a single subject recording. This background features a self-supporting built-in stand that can be set-up in seconds, and all collapsed down into the storage case built into the base of the background. Finally, this kit comes with a 300cm Light Stand, that offers an air cushioned design to prevent unwanted collapses that could lead to damage to your equipment.

There is also another version of this kit available that also features a COMICA BoomX-D 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone Kit. This system features one transmitter and one receiver and comes with an external microphone that can be attached to the transmitter to capture clear and crisp audio. This version of this kit can be found here.


Capturing professional audio and video for Acting and Auditions can be difficult, especially when you aren’t sure exactly what equipment is suitable for you. The range of kits in this blog have been designed to cover a range of different requirements, but all should result in high quality results.