A deep look model light between Godox SL200II and Nanlite FS200

With the same 200W, Godox Sl200II and Forza 200 model light offer great quality to adapt to the different photography demands.

Accurate Color

As the name implies, all two model lights offer portable LED monolith-styled light sources to output up to 200W, making these lightings have a longer battery. That is perfect for photographers who work taking long photoshoots and video photoshoots. These lights also offer a CRI (Colour Rendition Index) of 96+ and the TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of 97+. Thank to these figures, you can save time during the post-production process of photos as the ability to provide true and natural light for photography when shooting the Godox SL200II and the FS200. It is also suitable for broadcast use, and larger TV and Film productions.

The colour temperature of the Godox Sl200II and the Fs200 also be adjusted between 2800k to 6500k that offering excellent flexibility in the colour of your ambient lighting or adding mood and drama to your scenes. 

Modifier Compatibility of Godox SL200II and FS150 model lights

Both light units using the Bowens S-Type Mounts are compatible with more selection of mounts including Softboxes, Fresnel Lens, Beauty Dishes etc. 

Both of the model light using comes with Bowens S-type Mount as standard, which is the most common mount available on the market, making them each suitable to be used with a wide range of modifiers such as Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel Lenses etc. Each light also comes with its own Umbrella Slot for all these to be used with an Umbrella. These different mounts open up the lighting control and possibilities endlessly.

Incredible Flexibility

In terms of effects, the FS200 was released with 16 effects more than the Godox SL200II with 8 effects enabling you to emulate various lighting scenarios in your cinematography. In contrast, the Godox SL200II Bi-colour offered nine effects that more than the Godox SL200 II versions. This feature includes a diverse range of effects from flashing, storms, TVs, broken bulbs, fire, candles etc that allow you to emulate various lighting scenarios in your cinematography. However, with this feature, the Godox SL200II model light easily becomes the best choice for beginner photographers with simple demands of their experiences. 

One more benefit the Godox SL200II bring to the user that missing in the version of Forza 200 is the360° rotatable U-shaped york. It offers excellent flexibility and can be used with most light stands. SL Il is widely compatible with various Bowens mount accessories, catering to your different requirements on light shaping.

Enhance Output

Another benefit of the Godox SL200II and the FS 200 is that it can be adjusted the brightness between 100%-0%, which is the most common specification in the lighting market, to allow you to range different lighting for different environments and different 

purposes. It means you can achieve lighting flexibility in different scenes. With the light reflector, SL200II was incredibly designed three times higher than the  FS200 with the reflector at 1m are 74000 and 29380 respectively that lead to creating more impressive bright light. Moreover, because of the higher LUX measurement also allow the light will travel a further distance and be used in a larger area.

Wireless Control Remote

Again, the version of Godox Sl200II integrated 32 selectable channels and divided 16 groups of lighting to avoid the ability of the interference from other devices. Instead that you can use the wireless remote control Godox Rc-A6 to set up the different lights which allow for easy wireless adjustments. Moreover, one of the most advantage of the Godox SL200II is offered the app control for users who can immediately set up thier own color temparature, brightness, and effects. However, the FS200 model light version only has onboard controllers without wireless control.   

Dimensions and Weight

Because of adding some different specifications and functions, the dimensions and weights of each unit are also different. In deeply, the Godox SL200II is heavier than  FS200 with a weight of 3.33kg and 2.48kg respectively and also the dimension of the Godox SL200II is 360.7*200*160mm while the dimension of the FS200 is 271.5x 156 x 123mm. 

Silence Mode 

The main advantage of the Godox SL200II and the Godox SL200II Bi-colour are  the operation of heat dissipation and ultra-quiet design that allow keeping at a negligible noise while working. With this unique design, you can turn off the fan at the touch of the silent button to eliminate the noise during use. This is ideal for Videographers who are shooting a high-quality production and need not noise interference during their recording.


Widely used in photography as a light reflector is a flag panel.  In deeper, you can use the professional foldable flag panel kit 60*90cm combine with the Godox SL200II to brighten the shadowed portions of the subject, sunlight or studio lights are reflected off the screen. The shadows are fading, resulting in a more attractive image. The amount of light that reflects the screen is dependent on both of the color and of the size of the flag panel. In a harsh midday sun, for example, the diffuser panel fully transforms into the ideal option for you because it enables you to lower the specular highlights or eliminate the shadows. Additionally, the 80cm collapsible diffuser ball will provide you with the greatest answer because it can mimic natural lighting if you frequently struggle with taking photos. The optical fresnel lens, as opposed to the foldable diffuser ball, allows you to concentrate and improve the lighting's actual output by up to 19 times, making it more appropriate for cinematographers, independent filmmakers, and theatre productions. These well-liked accessories are available in a variety of uses for those wishing to create their own custom lighting while utilising the Godox SL150II light in order to maximise the output product.

Optical Fresnel Lens With LB-01 Barn Doors - Pixapro


Generally, the Godox Sl200II and the FS200 provide high-performance, powerful, versatile and intelligent LED light with an ultra-thin design which makes it perfect for use in tight spaces like under cabinets or in closets. It can be used as an uplighting or downlighting solution, and it also has the ability to create an ambience with its colours. Although, the current selling price of Godox SL200II is a little bit higher than FS200 as the higher level of unique fantastic functions it provided when compared with FS200. Because of the higher level of specifications, the higher level of user satisfaction during their experiences. 

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Brand  GODOX Nanlite
Model SL200II SL200II Bi-Colour FS-200
Retail price (Pound) £382.49 £440.00 £330.00
Max Power Consumption 200W 200W 225W
Beam Angle 360° 120°
Color Temperature 5600K±200K 2800K-6500K 5600K
Brightness@1m 74000 39200 29380
CRI 96 96 96
TLCI 97 97 98
Cooling down Fan Fan Fan
Silent Mode Operation Yes Yes
Dimming 0%-100% 0%-100% 0 to 100%
Housing Material Aluminum
Reflector Mount Bowens Bowens Bowens
Remote Control Type 2.4G wireless 2.4G wireless On-board controller,2.4G,Bluetooth
Wireless Channels / Groups 32 / 16 62/16 12
AC Input Power AC100-240V 50/60 Hz AC100-240V 50/60 Hz AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimension 360.7 x 200 x 160 mm 65.5 x 20 x16 mm 271.5x 156 x 123 mm
Weight 3.33kg 3.25kg (without relfector) 2.48kg/5.47lb
Special Effects (FX) 8 kinds 9 kinds 11kinds
Package Content 1*SL200II
1*5M Power Cord
1*Standard Reflector
1*Lamp Cover
1*SL200II Bi-Colour LED COB Light
1*Frosted cover
1*Power Cable
1*Lamp Cover
1*Standard Reflector
1*4.5M Power Cable
1*User Manual