Why The Godox Ad200Pro And Profoto B10/A2 Flash Is Better

The Debate Between Godox and Profoto is a controversial topic in photography. Both of them always surprise photographers with incredible flash. 

In fact, the PIKA200Pro is the rebranded version of the Godox AD200 Pro flash unit. Meanwhile, both units are manufactured together so that each version offers the same high quality and specifications. As the PIKA200Pro is the same achieving the top pick in 2018 by PixaPro. It also allows utilising the same modifiers and accessories that would be compatible with the AD200 Pro, such as Godox 2.4GHz Triggers.

 We here at EssentialPhoto are also able to offer a 24 Month UK Based Warranty Period for each of our Lighting units. It allows us to offer detailed and professional advice and support throughout this period. From here, you can generally figure out the key main strengths and weaknesses of these brands and also choose the appropriate flash. 


Profoto always had been hard at work redesigning its lineup with ultra-portability in mind. While the A2 is well-known as the latest compact light. In reality, the A2 will fit in the best camera pack packs, messenger bags or even your pocket. Because it is not much bigger than the size of a can of Coke. The Profoto A2 features a monoblock design that makes it look much more like a studio light. It is designed with only 773g with the battery and stands adaptor, meanwhiles, it is extremely portable.

Unlike many other brands, Profoto also designed the B10 and A2 with amazing simple menu systems. The rear of the A2 features an LCD screen that shows its current power, remaining battery life and current operating temperature. The strobe also featured a continuous colour temperature of 3500K and a maximum LED output of 200 lumens. In reality, you can immediately start the B10 and A2 and shoot straight from the box. 

On the other hand, the PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro has been redesigned screen in order to assist prevent any potential damage. Furthermore, the PIKA200Pro/AD200Pro has improved the bracket that comes included with the flash unit to protect the light. This feature helps to keep it held more securely and prevent any unwanted movement. In terms of the bare bulb head, it has a detachable flash tube, emitting gentle, bright and almost shadowless light at 360 degrees allowing it to direct the beam's angle and focus it.


Dimension and Weight 

The Profoto A2 features a monoblock design that makes it look much more like a studio light. Its weight is only 773g with the battery and stands adaptor, making it extremely portable. While the weight of the Profoto B10 is heaviest up to 1.5kg and 9.9 x W: 10.9 x L: 17.5 cm in dimension. 

The PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro has an improved lightweight, pocket size and grate portability of 172.0 x 75.0 x 54.0 mm and a weight of 590g. So, whilst both are perfect for shooting outdoors, the PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro offered a greater size and weight when compared with the A2. 

Consistent Quality and Power 

The A2 offered only the recycle time of 0.1-1.6s is identified completely fast at the maximum power consumption at 100Ws. The 100Ws will be ideal for photographing in the shadow and balancing sunlight naturally. Moreover, it also has enough watt output to light a scene in broad daylight as well as in the studio.

In fact, the A2 did not come with the high power as the B10 but it is smaller and lighter. For example, when experimenting with motion, its HS will be great for portraits and moody fashion photos. In this blog, the B10 produced the best power consumption up to 250Ws with an abundance of creative possibilities. It also has been improved in the recycle times of 0.05 -2.2s which is lower than the A2. The B10's TTL technology utilises your DSLR's flash auto-exposure system and significantly decreases the time between inspiration and execution and capture. It is undoubtedly one of its most fascinating features.

Godox AD200Proレビュー|万能に使えるハイパワーストロボ|すけこむブログ

The PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro have a maximum power output of 200Ws with the same Guide Number at ISO100, as the Fresnel Head is 52m and the Bare-Bulb Head is 60m. When the Fresnel Head is linked to the main body of the Flash possible to use an LED Modelling Lamp. Besides, the PIKA200Pro has an improved recycle time when compared with the older version PIKA200 of 0.01-1.8s. So, it is perfect for shooting sports photography as you don't need to wait for the next round. Three flash modes are available for the AD200 Pro: manual, TTL, and Multi (stroboscopic). User-selectable manual outputs include power, modelling light, first- or second-curtain sync, etc. 

Flash Duration

One of the most important factors when choosing the flash head is the short flash duration. Because this feature is able to easy for capturing motion. The Fresnel Head and Bare-bulb Head are two interchangeable heads that have different functions on the PIKA200Pro. The PIKA200Pro’s flash durations have been enhanced, with the Fresnel Head now providing 1/220 to 1/15,380 seconds. The enhanced Flash Duration contributes to the creation of crisper photographs and the cessation of any motion throughout your photography.  In terms of Profoto’s products, the B10 has an action-stopping 1/7000 second. And also, it also creates the super short flash duration at 1/50000 second by using the freeze mode. 

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Remote Control

Regarding connectivity, the A2 comes with a Profoto AirX connection. You might be able to connect with other Profoto lights, transmitters and triggers. The A2 pair well with Profoto’s relatively new Connect Pro wireless transmitter. It is compatible with nearly every major manufacturer and also comes in a non-TTL version. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity freedom to seamlessly connect and synchronizes your flash with any camera. You can also set up the A2 over Bluetooth by using a linked smartphone or tablet. Similar to the A2, the B10 is also available on smartphones thanks to the AirX technology. Even more, you could transfer into a professional camera and control the flash head effectively by updating the Profoto Camera iOS software. No matter what device you use, your Profoto flash will advance in step with inescapable advancements in visual technology, making it future-proof. 

The A2 has a power range of 10 f-stops (0.1 to 100Ws) and recycles in 0.1 to 1.6 seconds depending on the power level. While the PIKA200Pro gives a power range of 9 stops between 1/1 and 1/256 power and 1/10th stop increments between each stop which has a wider power range and offers greater control. Because, sometimes, you might need to adjust your lighting to better fit a particular shot. For example, if you are photographing an animal, you may need to reduce the flash’s power so as not to shock it. In this case, it is incredible for a photographer to have the ability and control to reduce the power. 


The A2 power by a Profoto A-series MKII battery which can deliver up to 400 full-power flashes. The Profoto team confirmed that it only need under two hours to charge the A series, particularly A2. 

The PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro use the Lithium Battery Pack (14.4V/2900mAh). It delivers roughly 500 full-powered flashes per charge, which is ideal if you're on-site for an extended amount of time. This feature which produced the higher flashes per charge clearly becomes one of the most advantages of the PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro compared with A2. The lithium-ion battery used by the B10 can power 400 full-power flashes at a time and fully recharge in 60 minutes if you run out of time.

GODOX AD200 / AD200Pro Original WB29A Battery Pack - 14.4V 2900mAh Spare  Battery 6952344211144 | eBay

Lithium Battery Pack 14.4V/2900mAh

Stable Color Temperature 

The colour temperature of light is 5800K (+/- 100 K). You can use the A2 as a continuous light source, with a maximum power of 2.1W and a colour temperature of 3500K. The A2 also offered the super high colour rendering index (CRI)of continuous light is more than 80.

Besides this multitude of features, the B10 offers an LED modelling light with the equivalent power of a 150W incandescent bulb that is dimmable and has an adjustable colour temperature ranging from 3000 to 6500K. You can create video photographs thanks to its excellent CRI of 90–96. 75 minutes of continuous use from the battery are possible.

If you want the colour of your subjects to be appropriately captured, the PIKA200Pro is the perfect lighting tool offering a stable colour temperature of 5600-100K throughout the entire power range. With the ability to maintain the proper colour representation, your images will more vivid and aesthetically. 

Modifier Compatibility 

The PIKA200Pro is a part of the PixaPro One System as they include a built-in 2.4GHz receiver. This feature makes it compatible and controllable with the PixaPro Triggers. This built-in receiver has a transmission range of 100m meters for both lights. Moreover, it uses the same battery and power output as the older version so, you don't have to be in direct touch with your flashes to trigger them. Meanwhile, you wouldn’t need to have to purchase new brand modifiers and accessories. Moreover, thanks to the TTL mode, the PIKA200Pro combines with the magnetic AK-R1 round flash head accessory kit, the bare bulb flash head accessory kit and other AD200 family accessories: AD-S3, AD-S7, AD-S9, etc. You can utilise S-Type fitting modifiers like softboxes, beauty dishes and snoots by enhancing the PixaPro Smart Speedlite Adapter Bracket (Godox S2 Bracket

The B10 and A2 use the standard Profoto mounting system and are compatible with RFI and OCF modifiers made by Profoto. 

Multiple Head Adjustment of PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro

Not only coming with the traditional Bowens S-Type fitting modifiers but The PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro can also able to compatible allowing you to change the light to match your artistic vision in many different ways. The PIKA200Pro features interchangeable Flash heads creating a variety of new lighting options. 

On the one hand, most modifiers designed for Speedlite are compatible with the PIKA200Pro Pro Fresnel Head such as the MagModseries of light shapers and also a set of barn doors. 

On the other hand, the Bare-Bulb head features a unique selection of modifiers made just for it, such as a Beauty Dish, a Snoot, a Wide-Angle diffuser, etc. 
While, the Roundhead also features magnetic accessory mounts with a diverse range of different modifiers available including a diffuser dome, fresnel lens, bounce card and barn doors.

In this term, if you purchase the Roundhead (Godox H200R), your images produced will have softer, more natural-looking lighting with more of a gradual fall-off. Thanks to the versatility, you are able to easily preview how the highlights and shadows will produce in your images. 

More Information: PIXAPRO PIKA200 Pro Vs GODOX AD200 Pro

In other ways, in order to use the PIKA200Pro as continuous LED light, the PIKA200Pro intercorporate with the LED Head (Godox AD-L) is a perfect choice. It is the ideal light source lighting when you desire a dedicated continuous lamp for stills or video shooting as the ability gives more power and more output.  

While the Extention-Head (Godox EC200) allow you to abroad the headway from the main body of the flash. In contrast with the Roundhead and LED Head, the PIKA200 Extension Head is the perfect lightweight solution for photographers who needs more flash power on the camera than a Speedlite can provide. Moreover, the Godox R200 Ring flash head designed for use with the PIKA200Pro gives your portrait photos a more edgy-fashion look. 

Conical & Cylindrical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for HyBRID360 & PIKA200 (AD-S9)Conical & Cylindrical Snoot with Honeycomb Grid for HyBRID360 & PIKA200 (AD-S9)

Final Words

Both flashes from Godox and Profoto create productivity flashes, therefore in the end, both units will generate the same effects on your image. However, not every photographer can afford to invest in Profoto; someone might not need flashes frequently enough to make the cost worthwhile. With a budget DSLR, the PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro can capture all entire weddings with a powerful and high-quality battery. If you choose the PIKA200Pro/ Ad200Pro, you surely wouldn’t be left disappointed.

EssentialPhoto and PiXAPRO are pleased to be a direct partner of Godox in the United Kingdom, with the largest collection of Godox stock available in the UK, so you can be confident with the support and assistance we provide. As we are representing Godox at The Photography Show 2022, this further shows our partnership and commitment to the Godox Brand, and we are always looking to expand this further.

Brand Profoto PixaPro (rebrand Godox) Godox
Model B10 A2 PiKa200Pro AD200Pro
Price £1,299.17 £707.50 £329.00 £329.00
Flash Head
Max Power 250 Ws 100 Ws 200Ws 200Ws
Power Control 10 Stops 10 Stops 9 stops: 1/256 ~ 1/1
9 stops: 1/256 ~ 1/1
Guide Number 72.51' / 22.1 m No data 170.6' / 52 m 170.6' / 52 m
Flash Duration t.1: 1/4900 to 1/400 Sec (Full Power)
t.5: 1/7000 to 1/1300 Sec (Full Power)
t.1: 1/14,000 to 1/400 Sec (Full Power)
t.5: 1/50,000 to 1/1300 Sec
t.1: 1/350 Sec (Full Power)
t.1: 1/26,000 Sec
t.5: 1/1200 Sec (Full Power)
1/56,000 Sec
1/220 to 1/15,380 Sec
1/220 to 1/15,380 Sec
Recycle Time 0.05 to 2.2 0.1 to 1.6 0.01 to 1.8 0.01 to 1.8
Color Temperature 5600K 5800K +/- 100K 5600K +/- 200K 5600K +/- 200K
Accessory Mount Profoto, Profoto OCF Profoto Bowens S-Type Bowens S-Type
Modeling Light
Wattage 150 W 2.1 W No data No data
Color Temperature 5600K 3500K No data No data
Sync Type Button, Optical, Radio Infrared, Optical, Radio Sync port, USB port, S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes, Radio
Sync port, USB port, S1 and S2 Optical Slave Modes, Radio
Built-In Wireless Receiver Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Frequency Bands 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz
Wireless Channels / Groups 8 / 3 100 / 6 32 / 5 32 / 5
Interface USB Type-C USB Type-C Barrel 3.5 mm PC Sync, USB Type-C
Barrel 3.5 mm PC Sync, USB Type-C
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion Lithium-Ion
Maximum Output Voltage 14.4 VDC 14.4 VDC 14.4 VDC
Capacity (mAh) 3000 mAh 2900 mAh 2900 mAh
Flashes Per Charge 400 Flashes 400 Flashes 500 Flashes 500 Flashes
Fan Cooled No No No data No data
Dimensions H: 3.9 x W: 4.3 x L: 6.9" /
H: 9.9 x W: 10.9 x L: 17.5 cm, Including Stand Adapter
H: 3.1 x W: 3.1 x L: 5.0" /
H: 7.9 x W: 7.9 x L: 12.6 cm
H: 6.8 x W: 3.0 x L: 2.1" /
H: 172.0 x W: 75.0 x L: 54.0 mm
H: 6.8 x W: 3.0 x L: 2.1" /
H: 172.0 x W: 75.0 x L: 54.0 mm
Net. Weight 1.50 kg 773 g 590 g 590 g