Create A Pika200Pro Interchangeable Heads You Can Be Proud Of

We will deeply explore the accessories of the PIKA200Pro/ AD200Pro and how they impact the light diffusion from the different heads.

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Since the Godox AD200Pro/ PIKA200Pro was released in 2017, it has gained a lot of popularity. It is not much bigger but is significantly brighter than a Speedlight. The PIKA200Pro/AD200Pro are also compatible, enabling you to adjust the light in a variety of ways. Thanks to the interchangeable flash heads, your Godox AD200Pro/ PIKA200Pro is able to attach with its fresnel, bare bulb, and circular heads. From this blog, you will be able to know which heads and modifiers are best for your demand. 

The PIKA200 Pro features an interchangeable head capacity that can be changed. It allows you to choose between a bare-bulb head and a Fresnel lens in the Speedlight style. Rather than having to search specifically for individual modifiers such as Softboxes and Beauty Dishes only fit the equipment you own. The interchangeable head gives you the freedom to use your accessories on a much wider range of flashes. This also offers up a wide range of options for flash modifiers. Therefore, it is compatible with the majority of modifiers made for Speedlites.

Round Head - Godox H200R

The H200R round head was created to be compatible with the Godox Witstro AD200 and AD200 Pro flash units. It comes with a regular rectangular fresnel head and an interchangeable bare-bulb head. Since the AD200 is primarily an off-camera flash because it lacks a hot shoe. It is almost always preferable to use a circular head as opposed to a rectangular one. The Godox H200R Round Flash Head for AD200 and AD200 Pro released with a spiral flash tube and a parabolic reflector. It will produce a more aesthetically beautiful light pattern and fall-off. Meanwhile, it improves the quality of light produced by your Godox AD200 / AD200Pro/ PIKA200Pro when used without any modifiers.  Compared to the 35mm fresnel head's rectangular light pattern, the H200R round flash head's round light pattern is considerably more even and natural. It is especially useful when taking pictures of people, places, or things, or when spotlighting a background that blends in. With the optional AK-R1 magnetic accessory kit, which is sold separately, the roundhead's application can be expanded. 

Brand Godox
Model H200R
Price £71.99
Guide Number 40m
PIKA200, PIKA200 PRO, AD200, AD200 PRO
Mount-Type Magnetic
LED Modelling Lamp 4.3W
Frosted Glass, Polycarbonate, Magnetic Ring, metal connectors.
Diameter 75mm
Net. Weight 180g
Accessory Mount
Speedlite / PIKA Fitting

Extension Head - Godox EC200

The EC-200 produced for photographers who wanted to increase their photographic versatility. For example, with a special swivel head, meaning you can tilt the unit up and down or rotate it. You can use the light on top of your camera or on a light stand by connecting an EC-200. The 2m cable makes it simple for you to hold the light if necessary. Therefore, it is perfect for in-studio and outdoor photography. This also includes the STR-1 and S2 Bowens Mount brackets for softboxes and umbrellas should you desire to include them. Moreover, the EC200 is made to ensure that you don't lose any functionality at all. If you need to utilise your tripod light stand, you can use the extension heads double the output power. 

Brand Godox
Model EC200
Price £39.99
Weight 0.37kg
Cable Length 1.85m
1/4 Inch Thread or Hot-Shoe Mount
Accessory Mount
Speedlite / PIKA Fitting
PIKA200, PIKA200 PRO, AD200, AD200 PRO


A 200Ws Ring Flash Head, the GODOX R200 is intended to be used with the PIKA200 or PIKA200 Pro. The flash head port on the PIKA200 or PIKA200pro is where the R200 Ring flash connects. To provide your subjects with a soft, nearly shadow-free illumination and give your portrait photographs a more edgy-fashion appearance. In more detail, the Godox R200 Ring Flash head offers 200Ws of power producing distinctive illumination. 

For situations in which you require little to no directionality, you can use it as a fill light or as soft main light. It is ideal for photographers who work in studios and outdoors and specialise in portraiture, beauty, fashion and food. In particular, the R200 produces a more interesting, stunning appearance than a spotlight source. It effectively eliminates shadows on your subject, which is frequently utilised in portrait and fashion photography. The R200's rounded design allows for beautiful reflections in your model's eyes as well. It has a range of modes, including HSS and the multi-burst. Due to its on-axis shadowless lighting qualities, it is also a fantastic choice for specialised industries. In reality, if you use the head on the camera or on a light stand, the R200 will always provide the highest quality light and the best user experience.

Brand Godox
Model R200
Price £271.00
Flash Power 200Ws
Flash Colour Temperature 5800±200K
Modeling Lamp Power
10W (20 LEDs)
100% Brightness (Lux,in0.5 meters)(≈) 1,3
Modeling Lamp Colour Temperature 4500±300K
Modeling Lamp Levels
Dimensions (excluding power cable)
Ø188mm x 60mm
Internal Diameter Ø 104.8mm
Net Weight 640g

Dual Bracket - Dual Smart Bracket AD-B2

The Godox AD-B2 Dual Power Flash Bracket for Godox AD200 / AD200 Pro integrates different Godox AD200 / EVOLV 200 strobes into a single 400Ws light source and features a Bowens S-type mount and dual LED modelling lights. The Dual Power Flash Bracket for AD200  allows you to mount two AD200 Pocket Flashes together to double the flash power. The AD-B2 bracket is used with either a single AD200 body attached to position with the bulb in the centre socket to ensure an even distribution of light. The unit includes a fully rotatable and tilting light stand bracket which is universal with all standard light stand tripods. A pair of AD200 units with a pair of AD200 bulbs can almost match the power of an AD600 unit. Up to two-thirds of a stop more power can be obtained with AD-B2. The straightforward answer is that the AD-B2 design increases reflection slightly, which significantly boosts power efficiency. It may not seem like much, but the increase in power efficiency is by 30%. Even if you don't require the power, you can increase battery life and speed up recycle times by reducing your lights by even a third of a stop.

Brand Godox
Model AD-B2
Price £554.99
Max Power (Ws) 2x 200Ws
Guide Number @ ISO100 (Speedlite Head) 52m (ISO 100)
Guide Number @ ISO100 (Bare Bulb Head)
60m (With Hybrid360 Reflector)
Power Range
8 F-Stops 1/1 – 1/128 Power
Flash Modes
TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash
Flash Duration (Speedlite Head)
1/220 – 1/13,000 sec (T0.1)
Flash Duration (Bare Bulb Head)
1/220 – 1/11,300 sec (T0.1)
Colour Temperature 5600K ± 200K
Recycle Times
0.01 – 2.5 Seconds Recycle Time
1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)
Flash Exposure Lock Yes
Stroboscopic Multi-Flash
Yes (Up to 90 flashes 99Hz)
Sync Modes
High-Speed Sync (Up to 1/8000s), First Curtain Sync, Rear Curtain Sync
Flash Delay Mode 0.01 - 30s
Mask Function Yes
Beep Yes
LED Modelling Lamp
Yes* (Speedlite Head Only)
Optical Slave Modes S1 and S2
Display LCD Panel
Built-In ST-III Receiver Yes
Transmission Range Approx.100m
No. Channels 32 (1-32)
Controllable Groups
5 (A, B, C, D, E and F)
Power Supply
Lithium battery pack (14.4V/2900mAh)
Number of Full Powered Flashes
Approx. 500 per charge
168mm x 75mm x 50mm (Without Flash Head)
Net. Weight
560g (Without Flash head and Battery)
Accessory Mount
Bowens S-Type & Speedlite / PIKA Fitting


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Model Price
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Godox AK-R1 AD200 Round Head Accessories Kit £379.99
Kit AK-R1 £44.99
Godox AD-S2 Standard Reflector £14.99
Godox AD-S6 Portable Umbrella-type Reflector £19.99
Godox AD-S3 Beauty Dish Reflector £49.99
Godox AD-S17 Dome/Wide Angle Soft Focus Shade Diffuser £14.99
Godox Extension Head for AD200 £39.99


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