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Specialist in studio lighting equipment and accessories for the Digital, Film and Video industries
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About Us

As a UK registered company based in Birmingham, PiXAPRO specialises in studio lighting equipment and accessories. Our range includes Studio flash, continuous/ LED lighting, light modifiers, stands, backgrounds and many more. Over the years, PiXAPRO has built a solid reputation for quality products, outstanding customer service and being a dependable partner in the industry. Our highly motivated team is continuously engaged in supplying innovative and reliable products that will provide excellent performance and exceptional value.

We have introduced a great range of products to the PiXAPRO family. Such as our CITI600 and Hybrid 360 series TTL battery powered flash system, RIKO400 Ring flash, QuickBox Softbox and the new interchangeable fitting modifiers.

Our Commitments are


- To offer customers a variety of studio lighting equipment and accessories that are of a high quality and reliable, at competitive price; and


- To provide the finest customer service in the business by offering the best advice and technical support, both before and after sales.


Our Suppliers

We purchase goods from a wide variety of suppliers, from large international organisations to specialist local suppliers, all over the world. All our suppliers are being assessed and rated accordingly to ensure they comply with legislation and our purchasing and safety requirements. This involves the completion of our Supplier Evaluation Form. All suppliers will be reviewed regularly and consideration will be given to all feedback from suppliers and customers to drive a continual improvement in performance.


Our Products

We look at the quality, specifications, safety and patents of each individual product; and carry out individual assessment. We will also gain feedbacks from both the amateur and the professional photographer to ensure they are quality, reliable and easy to use. Our purchasing policy promotes consistently high standards to our products. We are confident to offer 24 month full warranty to our entire lighting unit. All our products are CE certified.


Our Customers

Our customers are important to us. The aim of our Customer Care Policy is to understand what our customers need, and to provide accurate and precise advice and technical support. We prioritise customer satisfaction as the key to the company’s success and deal with enquiries as quickly and efficiently as possible.





- continue to source better quality and reliable products at completive price;

- continue developing and improving our customer service; and

- ensure all our products are complied with legislation and safety requirements;


All these demonstrate our commitment to the business to provide high quality and reliable product and service to our customer.

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