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Service Policy

Service Policy

Service policy includes the following;

1.       Checking the item(s) working condition e.g. Firing correctly, correct mode is set, power to the unit, charging correctly.

2.       Checking all extra/additional part(s) are working correctly/compatible e.g. Power adapters, batteries and chargers, modelling bulbs and flash tubes.

3.       Latest firmware update is installed.

4.       Item(s) are repacked by our warehouse team in new packaging before the item is dispatched back out to the customer. 


If the item has been purchased within the last 45 days;

  •     The buyer must return the item back to us by covering the postage charge. 

  •     The buyer would also be responsible for the courier service used, packaging of the item (how secure the packaging is), any lost or damage cases with the chosen courier service. 

  •     We recommend providing us with a return form (as well as one in with the parcel) and a tracking number/expected delivery date from the courier. 

  •     As the item was brought in the last 45 days, once the item has then been received back to us and service carried out, we will then contact you informing you that it has been completed and requesting the postage payment to dispatch the item from our warehouse. 

Please Note: The item will not be dispatched from our warehouse unless payment for the return postage has been received.


If the service is required after 45 days from purchase;

  •     The buyer must again cover the postage to return the item to us, as well as being responsible for all the points, but you must also cover the postage to have the unit returned to you after the service has been carried out (£4.00 standard or £6.00 express) – therefore, the buyer will be covering all postage charges. 


If the item is returned under service but is faulty/broken: 


  •     If the item is returned to us under the service policy, and the item is found to be faulty/broken then this then falls under the warranty procedure*. If the item has been purchased within the last 2 years, then the item is covered under warranty and will be fixed and returned free of additional postage charges. 
  •     If the item is returned to us under the service policy, and the item is found to be faulty but was purchased over 2 years ago, then the warranty policy* unfortunately is no longer valid, therefore the item(s) will be dispatched back out to you with a report issued and any recommendations.  


*The warranty does not cover any consumable products. This includes bulbs, flash tubes, batteries, cables, softboxes, light stands and fuses.

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