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PIKA200PRO Mobile Pet Photography Flash Lighting Kit (GODOX AD200 PRO)

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The PIXAPRO PIKA200 PRO Mobile Pet Flash Strobe Lighting Kit has been put together to meet the demands of mobile photographers that specialise in photographing pets and other domestic animals, who want a lightweight yet powerful lighting solution, that can be set up and put away quickly and easily with little fuss, ideal for carrying around and setting up in people’s homes or gardens. This bundle consists of two compact, yet powerful 200Ws PIKA200 Pro pocket flashes, 2x 90cm Easy-Open Umbrella softboxes, and 2x air-cushioned light stands. With 200Ws of power (roughly three times the power of most speedlites) the PIKA200 Pros feature TTL auto-exposure, as well as precise 1/10th-stop power control down to 1/256th of its maximum power. The 2x 90cm easy-open umbrella softboxes produce soft, even lighting ideal for photographing medium to large pets. They feature an umbrella-like opening mechanism, making them quick and easy to set up and take down, ideal for photographers on the go. The included stands feature an air-cushioned dampening system, which prevents the stands from crashing down. Perfect for photographing around energetic pets.

PIKA200Pro Flash Strobe Lighting Kit (AD200Pro)

Power – At 200Ws of power controllable from 1/256th power which means you can go as low as 1W for many possibilities.

Flash Duration – It offers an impressive flash duration of up to 1/13000s giving a sharper image, great for capturing movement or motion.

Recycle Times – At just 0.01-2.1s you will not need to worry about a long wait in between shots to ensure shots are not missed.

HSS – Overpower the sun with HSS to make shooting outdoors not an issue, reducing ambient light and getting the shot you want.

TTL – Get the correct exposure automatically to make worrying about settings, not an issue, ideal for those shooting in changing conditions.

Battery Capacity – the 2900mAh rechargeable battery will give approximately 500 full-powered flashes, to get you through almost any shoots without having to constantly change the batteries. 

90cm Easy Open Softbox

Backing Material- The 90cm umbrella softbox features a highly reflective interior lining, which enables the light to bounce around easily, for maximum light efficiency. It has black exterior material to prevent light leakage.

Two Layers of Diffusion- The 90cm umbrella softbox features two layers of diffusion, made from high-grade nylon, with a special fine grid design for durability. The diffusers are “Discolouration Free”, which means that you do not have to worry about the softbox affecting the colour temperature of your lighting. The diffusers can either be used one at a time or together, giving you full control of the specularity of your light.

4cm honeycomb grid- The softbox also includes a removable honeycomb grid to better control light spill. The honeycomb grid, also called egg crate, will result in a narrower spread of light which can be positioned directly onto the subject without light spilling on the background.

Build quality-The 90cm umbrella softbox is made from durable high-quality rods, inserted into hardwearing nylon material which ensures that it is up to the job of enduring professional use in the field.

Octagonal Shape- The 90cm umbrella softbox produces pleasing round catchlights in the eyes of your subject, to emulate natural light sources such as the Sun. Especially desirable for portraits and commercial photography, as well as being useful for a fill or key light.

PIXAPRO PIKA200PRO Mobile Pet Photography Flash Lighting Kit (GODOX AD200 PRO)

Stand - PIKA200Pro Flash Strobe Lighting Kit

Min & Max Height – with a minimum height of 79cm and a maximum of 240cm, it gives a lot of flexibility to your lighting.

Footprint Diameter – the large footprint diameter of 92cm, giving you a stable stand for your equipment and maximum stability.

Safety Mechanism - The stand also has a unique air-cushioned dampening system that prevents sudden drops to minimise the risk of damaging your equipment or causing injury to yourself.

Smart Bracket

The PIXAPRO SMART Speedlite Adapter Bracket enables you to use small flashes such as Speedlites and Bare-Bulb Flashes in conjunction with your S-Type fitting modifiers such as Softboxes, Beauty Dishes and Snoots etc. The SMART Bracket also enables you to easily mount your PIKA200PRO to a standard light stand.

5in1 Reflector - PIKA200Pro Flash Strobe Lighting Kit

5 Surfaces in 1 Reflector:  The 5in1 Reflector enables you to bounce the light from your main light source to fill in any unwanted shadows. It features 2x interchangeable surfaces all of which produce different effects:

BLACK - Absorbs light and prevents uncontrolled reflections from falling onto your subject. Perfect for when you want to increase contrast when shooting dramatic black and white portraits.

WAVY/SOFT GOLD - wavy golden coating for fine, warm light characteristics with a light colour like the sun. It provides less gold effect than a pure gold reflector.

SILVER - Increases contrast and highlights. Silver is great for accentuating detail and gives off the brightest reflection.

TRANSLUCENT - Can be used either as a reflector to bounce light back at your subject or can be used as a diffuser to soften the effects of harsh light. Ideal for when you are shooting out in the midday sun.

WHITE - Produces soft, more natural diffused light. Ideal for when you need to keep the colour temperature of the reflected light consistent with that of your ambient/main light.

Reflector Arm

Fully Articulated: This Reflector arm features a ball and socket joint, which enables you to position your reflector in virtually any direction you require.

Telescopic Arm: The reflector arm can be extended anywhere between 65cm and 122cm, making it ideal for use with a wide range of reflectors. 

This Portable PIKA200PRO Mobile Pet Photography Kit with Easy Open Softboxes is the perfect compact portable lighting solution, for photographers that specialise in photographing pets and other domestic animals, and who are looking for a full-featured flash setup without the added bulk and weight of traditional studio strobes but require considerably more power than speedlites can provide. The perfect solution for pet photographers everywhere who are looking for a compact yet powerful lighting solution that they can set up in people’s homes, or in their gardens.

For more information on the products included in this PIKA200Pro Flash Strobe Lighting Kit (Godox AD200Pro) please see the links below.

For more information on the products included in this PIKA200Pro Flash Strobe Lighting Kit (Godox AD200Pro) please see the links below.


90cm easy-open softbox

Smart Bracket


5in1 Collapsible Reflector with Reflector Arm and Stand

Please Note: PiXAPRO Flash and Triggering Systems are fully compatible with Godox 2.4GHz Triggers, which will allow you to mix both Godox and PiXAPRO Equipment together without issue.


  • Ideal for photographers who specialise in photographing pets and domestic animals
  • Super-Fast Recycle times of 0.01-1.8s
  • Super-Fast Flash Duration up to 1/15,380s
  • Built-in 2.4GHz ONE System Receiver
  • Stable-Colour Mode for 5600 ± 100K over the entire Power Range
  • Expanded 9-Stop Power Range (1/1 - 1/256 in 1/10 Stop Increments)
  • Softbox comes with an Umbrella-like opening mechanism for quick & easy set-up
  • Air-Cushioned stand designed to prevent a sudden drop which could damage your equipment
  • Smart Bracket allows you to use your PIKA200 PRO in conjunction with any S-Type compatible modifier

What’s In the Box

  • 2x PIKA200 PRO
  • 2x 90cm Umbrella Softbox
  • 3x Air Cushioned Stand
  • 2x Smart Bracket
  • 1x 80x120cm 5in1 Reflector
  • 1x Reflector Arm


Guide Number (ISO100)Speedlite Head: 52m Bare-Bulb Head: 60m
Power Output200Ws
Flash DurationSpeedlite Head: 1/220 to 15,380 Seconds Bare-Bulb Head: 1/220 to 1/13,150 Seconds
Power Range9 Stops: 1/1 ~ 1/256 in 1/10th Stop Increments
Stroboscopic FlashUp to 90 times, 99Hz
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)Manual. FEB: ±3 Stops in 1/3 Stop Increments
Colour Temperature5600° ± 200°K
Stable Colour Mode5600° ± 100°K over the entire Power Range
Power SupplyLithium Battery Pack (14.4V/2900mAh)
Number of FlashesApproximately 500 Full-Power Flashes per Charge
High-Speed SyncUp to 1/8000 second
Rear-Curtain SyncYes
Flash Delay0.01-30 seconds
Masking ModeYes
Flash-Ready ToneYes
LED Modelling LmapYes (With Fresnel Head and Optional Round Head)
Optical Slave ModesS1/S2
Flash Duration IndicationYes
Trigger Methods2.4GHz ONE System Radio Receiver, Sync Port, Optical Slave S1, Intelligent Optical Slave S2
Wireless Flash Receiver2.4GHz ONE System Radio Receiver
Number of Channels32
Slave Groups5 (A, B, C, D, & E)
Transmission Range100m in an open area
RF ID FunctionOff, 01-99
Dimensions172 x 54 x 75mm (Excluding Flash Head)
Weight590g (Excluding Battery and Head)

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