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Magilight LED Continuous Light Painting Master Bundle Full Set

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The Magilight LED Light For Painting Master Bundle Full Set comes with the entire range of Magilight lighting units, accessories and modifiers, making the perfect collection of equipment for Light painting and effects in photography. The Magilight LED Light Painting Stick features 144 High-Resolution LED bulbs, to create a bright and powerful light source, with the option to adjust the brightness and colour using the handle controller. The Mini LED Stick is a compact version of the Magilight LED Light Painting Stick, measuring 30cm in length, allowing it to be used in more difficult locations and scenarios. The Roller helps to create a perfectly circular lighting effect for the Lighting units by simple inserting the handle and rotating in place. The Magilight LED Light For Painting Master Bundle comes with the entire range of Magilight modifiers, with the Lithub offering a small light source to be used with the 2x Fiber modifiers and 6x Blade modifiers to create unique patterns and designs. This complete bundle is the perfect addition to a wide range of photography fields such as Portrait, Beauty, Fashion and Product, in order to stand out and be more pleasing to the eye.

Magilight 144 High-resolution LED Light Painting 

Each lighting unit features 144 High-Resolution LED Bulbs, offering a brightness of 800 ANSI Lumens, to create a bright and clean light source for all shoots, due to the professional design of the LED Bulbs being used with approximately 100,000 hours lifespan. You can rely on this product for light painting, long exposures at night, product photography, fill light for portrait photography, or anything else.

Ability to create animation

The Magilight has various modes, which help you to create easier and more designs. The animation mode helps you create an animation without choosing the picture one by one when you shoot the images.

Multi-mode available

Using the "Blink" mode allows you to get a special flashing light effect for your photograph. By adjusting the “Blink” value, you can control the frequency of the flicker. You can control the brightness during the flickering by adjusting the “BlinkLevel” value. In addition, there is an animation mode to create different stunning animated effects.

Easy to use

The adjustable handle of the Magilight gives you the freedom to adjust the angle of the lighting, as well as the position and rotation of the LED Stick, to meet all of the requirements for each shoot. It also features a 360° Spinning Bearing Barrel, offering design of a smooth rotating ring, allowing you to create perfectly round and circular lighting effects.

Standard tripod screw

Designed with a ¼”, this can be easily mounted on a tripod or a slider to achieve more advanced and steady photographic effects. This is an important feature when creating animation on a moving slider, which is also commonly used to avoid any jitter or distortion. It’s also compatible with drones and other “diverse accessories.”

Smart Display and sound alert system

The Magilight will detect when you want to paint images and automatically turn on/off the screen depending on your position. Magilight will also give you a sound alert when you are starting and finishing painting images.

Adjustable light function

With the adjustable light function, you can control the brightness, warmth and RGB values. This is helpful when you may use the Magilight as a light source for your subject, rather than to feature directly in the shot.


As this light is powered by 2x uniquely designed batteries rather than mains power, it opens up the usage possibilities endlessly, as it gives you complete freedom as to where this unit is placed and used during shoots. Each battery has been designed for extensive use in mind, offering a battery life of approximately 8 Hours, giving you plenty of time for use during a long and busy shoot without the worry of draining the power.

Sparkles compatible

The small hole that appears on top of the unit is designed to hold sparklers in place, allowing for additional creative effects alongside the lighting.

Titanium Alloy structure

Created from premium titanium alloy and strong handle grip, the Magilight weighs approximately 2.2lbs/ 1kg. The lightweight design provides user stability while light painting. Take it wherever you want with its compact dimensions of 3.3ft/1m that fits nicely in a carry bag. They feature a solid build with the confidence that the light doesn’t fail or have any issues due to extensive usage.

Splash-proof (IPX4)

Adaptable to all kinds of shooting environment. Magilight has been designed to be rain, sweat and stain proof.

Endless creativity

Once it’s on, this is creating shapes, gradients, and drawing, or pictures with the LEDs.

You can design your own logo or images and upload them to the Magilight with a micro-SD card. Or using lighting modifiers to create more in-depth.

Where do I find all the images to use in light painting?

You can download the from the Downloads Tab, or you can create your own image on a memory card and insert it into the stick.  Simply wave Magilight in front of a camera whilst capturing a long exposure and your image will appear in the resulting photo.

Mini LED Stick

The Mini LED Stick features 43 High-Resolution LED Bulbs, to create precise and bright lighting for your shoots. Due to the professional design of the LED Bulbs being used, this particular lighting unit offers a LED Lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours, making sure the light doesn’t fail or have any issues due to extensive usage. This product offers a length of 30cm, making it ideal for creating more precise effects and patterns in your shoots and allowing it to be used in an even wider range of locations and scenarios than its larger counterpart.


The Magilight Roller is a wonderful accessory for the Magilight LED Light Painting Stick, as it allows you to create perfectly circular lighting for your shoots. Simply insert the Handle for the Magilight LED Light Painting Stick into the roller and use the handle to create perfectly 360° lighting effects and light painting in your photography.

The Lithub

The Lithub is a replaceable light source for the Magilight, with 7 built-in LEDs, which can be used in conjunction with the Controller of the Magilight LED Light Painting Stick. This is an extension socket for light blades, fibres and more add-ons in the Magilight series. This allows you to create beautifully and abstracting lighting visuals for your photography.

With 7 high-resolution LED Bulbs, it offers small yet bright lighting that can be visible through all periods of the day and in conjunction with other light sources. When attached to the controller, you have the freedom to adjust a wide range of different functions, including the brightness and colours being displayed, whilst also giving over 31 different kinds of pre-set lighting effects to choose from.

Fibre modifiers

Included in this bundle are two different fibre modifiers, that whilst both very similar in design, offer different end results during use.

The Black fibre modifier has a strong and much more visually solid design compared to the white counterpart, so the lighting only appears to pass through the very ends of the fibres when in use, making it easier to use for photographers new to light painting.

The White fibre modifier is much softer and easier to pass the light through, allowing for it to appear throughout the whole fibre modifier, meaning the different light painting and effects are more visible and clearer in your shoots.

Light Blades

Also included in this bundle are six different shaped blade modifiers with the available shapes being Circular, Rectangular, Spade, Oval, Hexagonal, and Spiked. Each shape creates its own unique lighting design, offering a wide range of possibilities and photography options. When attached to the Lithub, this fills each blade with the lighting of your choice and allows you to create different unique designs and shapes for your light painting, helping your end result stand out. Due to the design of these blades, it creates a solid and complete light compared to the slim and split lighting when using the fibre modifiers. 

This Magilight Master Bundle features all the required equipment to create the best possible light painting effects for photography, with the LED Light Painting Stick and Mini LED Stick using High-Resolution LED Bulbs to create clean and bright lighting, and the Roller, Lithub, Fibers and Blades giving a huge range of different patterns and designs. This creates the perfect LED lighting solution for any photographer looking to make their results stand out with added flair, great for Fashion, Portrait, Beauty and Product photography.


  • Ideal for light painting and creating light effects
  • User-Friendly Design
  • High-Resolution LED Bulbs

What’s In the Box

  • 1x Magilight
  • 2x Battery
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Micro-SD Card
  • 1x Travel Bag
  • 1x Magilight Mini LED Stick
  • 1x Lithub
  • 2x Fiber
  • 6x Blade
  • 2x Cable
  • 2x Screws
  • 1x Roller V1 ACC
  • 1x Roller Handle


LED Number144 High-Resolution LED Bulbs
Light Colour15 Million Colours
Light Brightness800 ANSI Lumens
LED LifespanApproximately 100,000 Hours
Battery Life8 Hours
Charging Duration4 Hours
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 50°C
Splash ProofIPX4
File Format24-bits, BMP
Shell MaterialTitanium Alloy
Shored CardTF Card
Mount1/4-20 Slot
Length100cm (3.3ft)
Net. Weight1KG (2.2lbs)
Mini LED Stick Number of LEDs43
Mini LED Stick Length30cm
Roller Net.Weight0.77KG (1.7lbs)
Lithub Number of LEDs7
Lithub Lighting effects31
Fibers ColoursBlack/White
Blades ShapesCircular/Rectangular/Spade/Oval/Hexagonal/Spiked


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