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PIXAPRO VNIX1500S 5 Head Boom Lighting Kit for 5-Point Lighting

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Product Information

An independant review of the PiXAPRO VNIX1500 LED Panel by Film maker James Watts.

PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

The PIXAPRO VNIX 1500S Daylight Balanced Five Head Kit is comprised of 5x 90w LED Video Light Panels featuring 1520 bright LEDs that are dimmable from 100-10% power, 4x heavy duty 2.4m light stands, as well as a 2in1 Boom Stand. This kit has been put together for lighting your video projects using a five-point lighting set ups. This kit can also be used for stills photography such as for Portraits, Weddings and Product Photography etc.

LED lights can last up to ten time longer than CFL lights and many time longer than Tungsten lights. LEDs are also more energy efficient using 1/3 to 1/30 of the energy consumed by fluorescent or incandescent lights. LED lights also run cooler as they convert around 90 percent of the energy consumed into light as opposed to tungsten lights where the majority of the energy is converted into heat. This makes the shooting environment a lot more comfortable for your subject. Since LED lights are solid and don’t contain a fragile filament, they are also less susceptible to impact damage. LEDs can last for up to 50,000 hours which is 5-10 times longer than CFL bulbs, and many time longer than tungsten bulbs.

The VNIX 1500S Panels are Daylight balanced to 5600K. The VNIX 1500S lights come with CTO colour correction filters should you need to balance your lights with Tungsten lighting. It also comes with a white diffusion filter. The PIXAPRO® VNIX 1500S also features a set of Barn Doors, which allows you to control the angle of the beam, giving you more control over your lighting.

The VNIX 1500S LED Panels feature a battery plate which enables them to be used with the industry standard V-Mount batteries, which will allow you to work untethered giving you a lot more freedom. You can also use these LED panels with mains power using the supplied AC adapter.

The perfect solution for both you studio and location video and photographic lighting needs.



  • 5600K Colour temperature
  • Low heat emissions
  • Energy Efficient
  • Bulbs have a 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Features V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Has DMX output
  • Metal construction.
  • Mounts to any 5/8" support devices including stands, booms and Hi-Glide fitting
  • Ideal for
    • Interview lighting
    • Filming lighting set up 
    • Marketing and advertising video shooting
    • Green screen video
    • Movie making
    • Still life Photography




Power Output



12,800 Lux @1m

F-Stop (at 1m)

f/7.1 (1/80 Sec @ ISO 100)

Number LEDs


Colour Temperature

5600 ± 300K

Beam Angle






Power Range


LED Life

Approx. 50,000 Hours

DMX Output


Remote Control

2.4GHz, 99 Channels

Remote Working Distance


V-Mount Battery Plate


DC Input

DC 13-19V


DC 19V 4.7A


330mm x 330mm x 48.5mm


5.05kg (5.71kg Including Carry Bag)

Usage Time: BP130 V-Mount Battery

Approx. 60 mins





VNIX LED1500S Panel


Diffuser Filter


CTO Colour Correction Filter


Power Cable


Power Adapter


DMX Cable


Light Stands


Boom Stand


Padded Carry Bag


V-Mount Batteries (Bundle Option 2 Only)



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Reviews for PIXAPRO VNIX1500S 5 Head Boom Lighting Kit for 5-Point Lighting

(5)   By: woodlock | 1 December, 2016


Only just received this and played with it briefly. Purchased after extensive research direct from Pixapro (though price through Amazon pretty much the same). Purchased for video use (I partly work in video/TV production). From my research I would say that this is easily as good as the Aputure LS1s which costs quite a bit more. This has similar build quality by the look of it - if not better, with really good barn doors that fold properly flat. The rated output is higher than the LS1. It is also remote control (comes with remote). It also takes V-lok / V-mount Sony style batteries and comes with power brick for mains use (lead is generous enough to reach the floor from 7 foot stand at least). It has no fan so is silent. The yoke/mount is very solid and when loosened a quarter turn on either side allows the whole lamp to pivot in stages up or down - feels very sturdy. CRI rating is 95 - not quite as high as the Aputure possibly but higher than all the cheap LED lights and I'm pretty certain it will be accurate enough for professional video use. You can also order a softbox separatey from Pixapro for £30 (mine is currently on order so I cannot comment on the quality of this yet). The LEDs are protected provided you leave in place the removable acrylic diffuser sheet. This ('S') model is the daylight only version (5600k) so comes with an additional orange CTO sheet to correct the light for tungsten-lit environments. All parts mentioned fit in the provided bag which is of good quality. Customer service/communication with Pixapro has so far been excellent and the light is posted out from their UK HQ - arrived within a matter of days!

I will update this review when I have had chance to use the light in a professional video environment (within the next few weeks).

NB I also considered the even more powerful 100d Mkii light that Pixapro create but does have a fan (albeit reviews suggest it is quiet) and the CRI rating is slightly lower - 94 as opposed to 95 for this model. There is a 2000 LED version of this light but I considered the 1500 version to be the sweet spot between price, size and power.

I hope this helps people as I have found researching and choosing among the myriad LED light options to be a bit of a nightmare!

(Taken from our Amazon store, to see this review please go to the following link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/product-reviews/B01HMBLL4S/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&reviewerType=all_reviews&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent)

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Questions & Answers


The VNIX LED1000S features a DMX output which enables you to control it from a DMX control console, with this feature on you will not be able to control the panels dimmer dial as this will be done with the DMX console. If you would like to use the panels dimmer dial you will need to turn this off, this should then allow you to control the unit from the back panel.


Press the menu button () on the Remote control to cycle through different modes, and then use the (+) and (-) buttons to adjust the values. Please see list below to see what the diffent modes do:

  1. The first mode (Red Light) is used to control the brightness of the light.
  2. The second mode (Orange Light) is used to control the colour temperature of the light (Bi-Colour Models Only).
  3. The third mode (No Light) is used to change the channel that you are controlling.

Vnix Remote controls

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