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PIXAPRO ® PowerGenerator 800

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With the popularity of location photography on the rise, the PIXAPRO® PowerGenerator 800 is the perfect solution to all of your location shooting needs.
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Product Information

PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

With the popularity of location photography on the rise, the PIXAPRO® PowerGenerator 800 (Godox LP-800X) is the perfect solution to all of your location shooting needs.  

The PowerGenerator 800 is a 750W LiFePO4 Battery Inverter power pack allows you to use mains powered flashes and other devices in places where mains power isn’t available. It features three Universal AC mains output sockets (which allows it to be used worldwide without the need for adapters) which are wired in parallel, meaning that each socket is able make use of the PowerGenerator 800’s 750 power.

The PowerGenerator 800 has two modes; a flash mode, and a Non-Flash mode.  The Flash Mode allows you to power up to three studio flashes at a time and is capable of powering a single 300Ws Studio Flash head for approximately 1,200 full power flashes (or approximately 400 flashes with 3x 300Ws heads connected), without affecting your recycle times of your flash(es) too much. The Non-Flash mode allows you to use any other type mains powered devices such as wind machines and fog machines etc. opening up a world of possibilities when shooting at a location where mains power isn’t available. The PowerGenerator also features three USB sockets for charging USB powered devices such as phones, tablets etc.

One of the unique features of the PowerGenerator 800, is that it has an interchangeable battery pack, which allows you to carry spare charged batteries when on extended photo-shoots. This means that you don’t have to worry about running out of power half way through a shoot, or carrying a whole other PowerGenerator 800 (unless you need more power outlets).

With a weight of only 6.2kg and a size similar to that of a car battery, the PIXAPRO® PowerGenerator 800 is extremely portable. It also comes in its own carry bag, making transportation even easier.

The PowerGenerator 800 is one piece of kit that should be in every on location photographer’s arsenal.



  • Dual working modes – flash mode and non-flash mode
  • Features User replaceable battery
  • 3 power sockets
  • 3 USB sockets for USB powered devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Can be connected to an external storage battery to supply energy for longer
  • Output voltage of 230V/50Hz
  • Continuous power supply up to 750W
  • Built-in self-adjustable cooling fan
  • Automatic protection against short circuit, power overload, and overheating
  • Approximately 3-4 Hours charging time.


This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.



PIXAPRO ® Power Generator 800


Battery Inverter

Continuous Output


Peak Output


Input Voltage


Storage Temperature

-30°C to 70°C

Operating Temperature

-10°C to 45°C

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

12Ah (12.8V)

Charge Time

~ 3-4 hours


276mm x 206mm x 292mm






PIXAPRO® Power Generator 800


Battery Pack


AC Charger


Fitted Carry Case



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Reviews for PIXAPRO ® PowerGenerator 800

(5)   By: david | 26 July, 2017

PIXAPRO ® PowerGenerator 800

easy to use and works as description

(5)   By: Tim Vasvi | 16 November, 2016

Couldn't be happier with the PoweGenerator800

Have had mine for over a year now and it still remains one of the best purchasing decisions I have made. These power my Profoto D1 500's with ease and have never missed a beat. Great performance and competitive pricing compared to solutions from other brands.

I can get through multiple shoots without the need to recharge and even when I do it's because I want a full battery when I leave for the shoot and not because it has run flat. Also came in handy once when there was a power cut and I needed to charge my phone as it has built in USB charging ports.

The unit is solid and sturdy, build quality is impressive. It is a tad weighty but that's to be expected with the capacity of the battery and it's something you easily get used to. I rarely use my flashes at full power opting for lower outputs, but on the rare occasions I have needed to go full whack, this pack has delivered the punch the strobes need.

If you are in two minds about buying this, don't be. Take the plunge and you will not look back.

(5)   By: C.Davenport | 15 November, 2016

PIXAPRO ® PowerGenerator 800

Generator works very well. Only problem I had setting up was me

(5)   By: David A. Selby | 10 March, 2014

PowerGenerator 800

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Questions & Answers


Whilst all rechargeable batteries slowly lose their charge over time, the chances are that it may have accidentally been switched on which drained the battery power faster than normal. When storing the PowerGenerator 800, it is best practice for you to reverse the top control module, which prevents the PowerGenerator from accidentally switching on and draining the battery when not in use. (Please see the video for a demonstration).


When the PowerGenerator 800 is set to Normal Mode, it will automatically enable the power saving function and power off if there is nothing plugged into it, and power down.

If you would like the power to remain on all the time, you can switch PowerGenerator 800 to “Flash Mode” where the power saving function is not available.


This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.


The PowerGenerator800 should handle 3x BRX500 (or any other heads powered by the mains) with no problems.

It can take a load of up to 3000Ws collectively before it starts to affect the recycling times, which may increase to 2 or 3 seconds, but will not exceed 5 seconds. With 3x 500Ws heads, your recycle times shouldn't really be affected.


The carry bag is included with battery unit, it has 2 flap on the sides, than can be opened for recharging, and car charger. When opened, it will also help the air flow in the case. But mainly it is for the recharging the battery unit. Ideally battery should be out of the carry bag in case of the cooling. We DO NOT recommend to use the unit inside the carry bag.


The PowerGenerator 800 will power any mains powered strobe unit, as the PowerGenerator acts like a portable mains wall socket. Simply plug your strobes into the PowerGenerator, switch it to flash mode (to get the most life out of the PowerGenerator) and you’re ready to go.


The PowerGenrator800 with three LED100s set to Minimum power plugged in, you should get approximately 2 hours of use with it. All three LED100s set to full power, will give you approximately 30 minutes of use.


Yes you can, you can plug up to three flash heads at a time into the PowerGenerator 800. With 3x 400Ws heads plugged into the PowerGenerator 800, should give you approximately 300 flashes if all heads are set to full power provided that modelling lamp is switched off.

Modelling bulbs need a constant supply of power for them to operate (which will drain the battery quicker), whereas the flash only needs to draw power when it needs to recharge its capacitor after a shot has been taken. The same is true of all batteries of this type

Extra batteries for the PowerGenerator 800 are available here


Technically you can, but the PowerGenerator won’t be able to power them for long (about 30-45 minutes depending on the power of your lights), as it is really designed for studio flash. Unlike Studio Flash which only needs to draw power to recharge its capacitor after the flash has been discharged, constant lights need to draw a fair amount power constantly to stay lit. Also when using the PowerGenerator with studio flash, you will get more flashes per charge if you turn the modelling light off.


The warranty of the PowerGenerator800 is 2 years this is for the Generator only and not the battery included with the listing.

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