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                                </div><!-- /.accordion-heading -->
                                <div id="collapseResources" class="panel-collapse collapse accordion-collapse" role="tabpanel" aria-labelledby="resources">
                                    <div class="panel-body accordion-body">
                                        <div class="accordion-resources">
                                            <h4 class="h2 pb-40 my-0 hidden-xs">Downloads</h4>
                                            <? $this->render_partial('shop:product_related_resources', array('category_name' => $product->categories[0]->name)); ?>
                                        </div><!-- /.accordion-long-description -->
                                    </div><!-- /.accordion-body -->
                                </div><!-- /.accordion-collapse -->
                            </div><!-- /.accordion-default -->
                        <? endif; ?>
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