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PIXAPRO® LED 100D Studio Light

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Product Information

To see a customer review of the LED100D Please see the video below, the review was made by Nitsan a professional videographer who uses and tests lighting:


PLEASE NOTE: This video is not full a representation of what is included in this listing as some items are used for demonstration purposes only. Please see the “Specifications” tab for information on what this listing includes.

The PIXAPRO® LED 100 series studio lights are a powerful economical solution for both the hobbyist and the serious photographer and videographer. They use the latest High-Intensity LED technology with a high luminous efficiency (up to 90%). The LED chip has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The LED100 series are available in either 5600k Daylight or 3200k Tungsten colour temperatures, with an equivalent brightness of 1000w Tungsten light whilst only using 10% of the energy. The LED100 series feature a built-in 2.4GHz wireless radio remote receiver, which allows you to control up to 99 units with up to 10 different channels with the optional remote control (sold separately). The LED 100 series lights feature an S-Type mount allowing you to use a variety of different light modifiers.


  • Compact Design, Robust Metal Casing
  • 2 Colour Temperature Options Available (100D -5600K, LED100T - 3200K)
  • Bulbs have a 50,000 hour life expectancy
  • Energy Efficient, Low Heat Emissions
  • User-Friendly Dimmer Controls, Large Digital Display
  • Built in 2.4GHz Radio Remote Receiver
  • Up to 99 units can be controlled simultaneously with up to 10 different channels with optional Wireless Remote (Sold Separately)
  • Built In Cooling Fan and Heat sink for heat dispersion
  • Can be used with a wide S-Type fitting accessories
  • Mounts to any 5/8” support devices including stands, booms and Hi-Glide fittings.
  • Ideal for

    • Interview lighting

    • Filming lighting set up 

    • Marketing and advertising video shooting

    • Green screen video

    • Movie making

    • Still life Photography

    • Make up lighting (apply to those lighting with daylight output)


  For instructions on how to set up and use this product, Please Click Here.



This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.





>10,000 lm

Colour Temperature 

5600K ± 300K

Luminous Flux 


LED Power


Power Range


Life Span

50.000 Hours

Wireless Control

Built-In 2.4GHz Radio Remote receiver

Heat Dispersion

Built In Cooling Fan and Heat Sink



Operating Voltage

240V 50Hz









PIXAPRO®  LED 100 Series head


Reflector Dish


Power Cord






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Reviews for PIXAPRO® LED 100D Studio Light

(5)   By: Ewan Mathers | 28 January, 2016

Pixapro LED100D Daylight lights in use

Some time ago I decided to change from using traditional studio flash units and move over to LED continuous lights. I wanted to get LED’s that were an equivalent to my old system so that I could carry on using my collection of soft boxes, beauty dishes and shoots. After doing some research and a visit to The Photography Show at the NEC I discovered Pixapro LED100D MKII daylight heads and these came with the standard ‘S’ type fitting – perfect!

I have been using this for over a year now and found them to be excellent for the work I do in the studio and on location. From time to time I arrange a shoot that is just for the fun of it so when I was asked by a model friend of mine for some pregnancy ‘bump’ shots I arranged a little something special. I contacted Charlotte Madhoodi, a make-up artist and body painter, and gathered some props to create a kind of woodland bower in the studio in which to sit the ‘Earth Godess’ Oona.

Here is the link of the picture at :http://pixapro.tumblr.com/post/138145888754/pixapro-led100d-daylight-lights-in-use

(5)   By: Mark Whateley | 22 July, 2015

Great Lights

These lights are very powerful, quiet and consistent. All my bowen's modifiers fit straight on and give a nice soft light with good colour accuracy. The supplied cables aren't long enough and could be upgraded in quality but everything else is fantastic and you can do so much more with them than you can with panels. We've used them for video and stills and had no problems with either.
The customer service is also really good so if you have any problems they will sort them out for you.

(5)   By: Armin | 13 January, 2015


Ordered yesterday morning and received today at 1100 ....... to GERMANY. that was really fast - some of my favourite. kraut-services should take an example - BIG THANK YOU !!

(5)   By: Paul Cutland | 5 November, 2014

Video or still they work very well

After reading the previous review I was very keen to try these lights. I wanted them for both martial arts videos and still studio with amateur actors (as opposed to models).

The first video shoot went very well, the light output was good both in colour quality and power, better than the 6x55w CFL tube lights we had been using before. They blended well with the other fluorescent lights but are much more practical for the low level position where they were used. We will be trying different softboxes on future filming.

The studio set up used a 120cm octagonal softbox with one diffuser high to left and a shoot through umbrella level to the right. Once again the colour was good but made better in post by using an Xrite passport for correction. Speed and aperture were sufficient for the subject. Using continuous light is much easier as the plays directors was controlling the shoot and could see the colour and shadows while composing the shots.

I am very happy with my purchase and will use them for all my indoor work where I have mains power.

(5)   By: Nitsan Simantov | 16 June, 2014

Overall review of PIXAPRO LED100D

It has been a pleasure to have Nitsan Sitmantov to review our PIXAPRO LED100D, amazed with the lumen output 15,000 lux at 1m (Compare that to 2,000 lux from the weakest “100W” unit I’ve seen and almost double the 8,000 lux that its closest reasonably priced competitor (the Jinbei EF-100II) can provided. PIXAPRO LED100D is much quieter than the other high power LEDs I’ve used such as the Jinbei and Superflash 100w units, and it is quieter than the YN600. Plus, it can be remotely control with built in receiver.

Details please refer to the following link


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This product is provided with a UK 3-Pin Power cable, if you require an EU power cable please notify us when purchasing your item.


The PowerGenrator800 with three LED100s set to minimum power plugged in, you should get approximately 2 hours of use with it. With all three LED100s set to full power, will give you approximately 30 minutes of use.


The PIXAPRO LED100D Will be expected to be back in stock in 3-4 weeks time. If you would like to receive an update of when we have them back in stock could you please email us at customerservice@essentialphoto.co.uk requesting a Stock Notification on the LED100D and we will keep you updated on when they are back in stock.


Lumens (also known as Luminous Flux) is a measure of how much light is produced by a particular light source. In other words, “How bright a bulb or tube actually is”. Whether you’re 1m or 100m away from the light, the amount of lumens being produced by the light source remains constant.

Lux on the other hand is a measure of the apparent intensity of light falling on a surface at a given distance. Unlike Lumens where the amount of lumens remains constant regardless of distance from the light source, the amount of lux falling onto a surface will increase the closer you move it is to your light source, and will decrease the further you move it away from your light source.

To sum it all up, and Lux takes the area over which the luminous flux is spread at a given distance into consideration, and Lumens is a measure of the amount of light being emitted from light source regardless of its distance from a surface.

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