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PIXAPRO® HYBRID360 ITTL TTL Portable Bare Bulb Flash (FOR NIKON)

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Product Information

To see a behind the scenes shoot of Photographer Barry Mountford using the HyBRID360 Flash to photograph a miniature scene, please see the video below;

To see a behind the scene shoot using the HyBRID360 and LUMI400 Flash by Tommy Reynolds please see the video below;


The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL is an ITTL II compatible Portable Bare Bulb Flash, which gives you access to powerful flash with a guide number of 80m at ISO100 with the standard reflector attached (which is a similar to some studio strobes), but with the size and portability similar to that of a speedlite. It is powered by a Pixapro PowerPack Dual Output battery pack, which will give you approximately 450 full-powered shots per charge, and recycling times of between 0.05 and 4.5 seconds. It features a user-friendly interface, with a large Dot-Matrix LCD screen with large, easy to access buttons and a control dial, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust your flash settings.

The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash with flash durations between 1/220 second to 1/10,000 second (dependant on flash power output) which opens up a whole world of possibilities. The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash also features a variety of different flash including a High-Speed Sync mode (up to 1/8000 sec), Second-Curtain Sync, Flash-Exposure Compensation, and Flash Exposure Bracketing (up to ±3 stops). It also includes a multi-flash mode, which can be set to between 2 and 100 flashes at a frequency between 1 and 199Hz (flashes per second), which allows you to create many different effects such as stroboscopic photography.

The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash features an integrated 2.4 GHz radio transceiver that can be used to command other Hybrid360 ITTL flashes, as well as Hybrid360 ETTL flashes off camera. Both the Hybrid360 ITTL and the Hybrid360 ETTL feature each other’s receiver technology, and will automatically switches between the two, depending on which Master flash the signal is received from. It can also be used in conjunction with the ST-III TTL-C flash triggers which will extend its range from the already impressive 70m to up to a working range of 100m in an open area. The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash also features Nikon’s Optical Wireless Master & Slave Modes.

The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash is also compatible with the PIXAPRO® ST-I 16 Channel Radio Speedlite Trigger set, allowing you to trigger your flash, and control the flash power remotely from the transmitter, (Pro ST-I Trigger does not transmit TTL information) enabling you to use the PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL in conjunction with the flashes in the Pixapro Eco-System including the PowerCore Portable Flashes, the Li-Ion580 series speedlites, and the Lumi, Storm and Kino studio strobes. The Hybrid360TTL’s hot-shoe can be swapped out for a standard ¼ thread when being used off camera, enabling you to mount to any tripod, light stand or boom arm without the need for added accessories.

The PIXAPRO HYBRID360 ITTL Bare bulb Flash is perfect for the both amateur and professional photographer that needs the portability and convenience of a TTL speedlite, with the power similar to that of a Studio Strobe.


  • High Guide Number of GN80 (at ISO 100 with Standard Reflector)
  • High Speed Sync mode up to 1/8000th
  • Comes with an adapter to enable you to switch out the hot shoe for a 1/4inch thread when used off camera.
  • Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio Transceiver System
  • ETTL & ITTL Radio Slave Mode (Auto Switching)
  • Range – 70m+ working range (extended to 100m with ST-III as commander)
  • Nikon Optic Wireless Mater & Slave Modes
  • Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • 450 Full Power Flashes (With PowerPack Dual Output)
  • 0.05 – 4.5 Second Recycle Time (Halved With 2 Into 1 Battery Cord)


  For instructions on how to set up and use this product, Please Click Here.

  For more information about how High-Speed Sync works, Please Click Here.


Please see the video below for a basic run-through of the HyBRID360 TTL's Interface

A-030303 A-03030 A-0303 A-030 A-03 A-0





Hybrid360 ITTL

Guide Number

80m @ ISO 100 with standard Reflector

Speedlite Type

ITTL Compatible

Recycle Times

0.05-4.5s (with PowerPack Dual Output)

Flash Duration

1/220 to 1/10,000 sec

Power Range

8 Stops  in 1/3 stop increments (1/1 to 1/128 power)

Colour Temperature


High-speed Sync

Up to 1/8000 sec

Multi-Flash Mode

Up to 100 times, 199Hz

First Curtain Sync / Second Curtain Sync


Flash Exposure Compensation

Manual. FEB: ±3 stops in 1/3 stop increments

Flash Exposure  Lock

With < FEL > button or <*> button

Power Supply

PowerPack Dual Output lithium power pack

No. Flashes Per Charge


Trigger Method

Hot-shoe, 3.5mm sync cable, PC sync socket, Wireless control port

Wireless Functions

Master, Slave, Off

Controllable slave groups

3 (A, B, and C)

Optical Transmission Range

Master (transmitter): approx. 3m;

Slave (receiver): Indoors: 12 to 15 m/ 39.4 to 49.2 ft.; Outdoors: 8 to 10 m/ 26.2 to 32.8ft.

Master unit reception angle:±40° ; horizontally, ±30° vertically

2.4GHz Radio Transmission Range

70m (HYBRID360 ITTL as a transmitter)

100m (PRO ST-III N / PRO ST-III C as a transmitter)

Number of Channels (Optical)

4 (1-4)

Number of Channels (2.4GHz Radio)

32 (1-32)

Modelling Flash

Fired by Camera’s Depth of Field Preview Button

Vertical Rotation

-15° to 90°

Horizontal Rotation

0° to 270°


75mm x 95mm x 220mm (Without Reflector & Flash Tube)

Net. Weight

800g  (Without Reflector & Flash Tube)





Hybrid360 ITTL Unit


Flash Tube


Mini Stand


Off-Camera Adapter


Power Cable




PowerPack Dual Output Battery


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Reviews for PIXAPRO® HYBRID360 ITTL TTL Portable Bare Bulb Flash (FOR NIKON)

(5)   By: Kaouthia | 31 March, 2017

PIXAPRO® HYBRID360 ITTL TTL Portable Bare Bulb Flash (FOR NIKON)

I've been thinking about picking one of these up for a while, and Essential Photo were running a special on them, so decided to finally take the plunge. Well worth it. Way more powerful than a speedlight, much lighter than a strobe, and perfect for my location needs. I'd definitely recommend these lights

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Questions & Answers


If you are using the ST-III trigger with the Hybrid360 TTL in 2.4GHz Wireless Slave Mode, your Hybrid360 TTL should automatically switch to HSS mode if your camera's shutter-speed is set to above its sync speed.


There are multiple different ways of triggering the Hybrid360 ETTL or ITTL flashes. However, each way of triggering requires the flash to be in a different mode:

  • ST-III, ECO2.4 or PRO AC 2.4GHz: - If you would like to trigger your Hybrid360 TTL with any of these triggers, keep pressing the button located just above the test button (circled in red) until you get a red screen with a Wireless Symbol (as shown in top-left image).
  • Optical TTL Slave Mode: - If you want to trigger your Hybrid360 using a TTL Flash commander (e.g. a speedlite with TTL master mode, or a camera with a flash commander mode), keep pressing the button located just above the test button (circled in red) until you get a red screen with the Optical Symbol (as shown in top-right image).
  • Using PRO AC Trigger with USB receiver: - If you are using the Older 433MHz Pro AC trigger with the USB receiver, it will trigger in any mode. However, if you would like to control the HyBrid360 TTL remotely using the Pro AC 433MHz Trigger then you need to keep pressing the button located just above the test button (circled in red) until you get a green screen with no Symbol (as shown in bottom-left image).
  • Using Other Third-Party Triggers: - If you would like to use a Third-Party trigger system with the Hybrid360 TTL using the sync ports (either PC sync or 3.5mm sync jack) it should trigger in any mode, however please be aware that you will lose the ability to remotely control the Hybrid360, and may lose other features (depending on the trigger).

To switch between Manual and TTL mode, press the button (circled in yellow).


To check the firmware version of your Hybrid360 TTL flashes, press and hold the (Zm / C.Fn) button


Please contact us at customerservice@essentialphoto.co.uk, and then let us know which product you would like the firmware for, and then follow these steps.

  1. First download and install the G1 program which is required to upgrade the Firmware for All Pixapro Flashes and Triggers.
  2. Download the relevant Firmware Update file for the product you would like to upgrade the Firmware for.
  3. Open the G1 program, and click the "Select File" button and select the firmware file that corresponds to the product that you would like to upgrade.
  4. Connect the product to your computer using a micro USB cable (The same type used by most Android phones).
  5. Then click the “Connect” button in the G1 program to connect to the Pixapro Product. If connection is successful, a message will be displayed on the G1 program menu. If connection is unsuccessful, please check that the Micro USB cable is properly inserted, and/or is working.
  6. Once Connection is Successful, click the "Upgrade", and you will be prompted when the upgrade is complete. If Upgrade is unsuccessful please repeat process from step 3.
  7. Once the Firmware has been updated successfully, then click the “disconnect” button in the G1 Software, and then disconnect your product from your computer.


To restore the Hybrid360 ITTL back to factory settings, press and hold both RST buttons simultaneously


It sounds like you are trying to turn the PowerPack on with nothing plugged into it. The PowerPack Dual Output battery has a safety feature which doesn’t allow you to turn the battery on unless you have a speedlite or bare bulb flash connected to it. If nothing is plugged into the PowerPack, it will only stay on for about a second to show you the amount of battery power you have left.

If you plug you flash into the PowerPack, it should turn on with no problem providing there is enough charge in your battery.

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