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Catalogue 2018/19


PIXAPRO Catalogue 2018/19

We are currently on the lookout for photographs taken with PiXAPRO equipment to be featured in our upcoming 2018/19 PiXAPRO Catalogue.

To enter simply tag #PIXCAT18 on your photo taken with PiXAPRO equipment on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

(Please include PiXAPRO Equipment used when submitting a photo.)

Terms & Conditions

  1. By submitting a picture under the hashtag #PIXCAT18 you are agreeing to accept all rules and that these rules are followed. By using this tag you are submitting the photograph into the catalogue, you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions and this is how it will be taken.

  2. If not uploaded as a high resolution image, one may be required before sending to printing. Photographer's signatures/watermarks can be included on the picture but not obstructing the image in any way and if possible in the corner of the photo.

  3. Photo should be submitted via Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ by using Hashtags #PIXCAT18. Photographs submitted on any other Social Media sites may not be seen and missed, therefore cannot be accounted for. Successful applicants will be contact through their media account in order to request high resolution images and receive the redeemable voucher prizes. 

  4. Submitted images must be the work of the individual submitting them. It is their own responsibility that the laws of copyright are kept to at all times and taken with the permission of the subject. However, the Entries must grant           Pixapro/EssentialPhoto the right to feature the photos submitted for use on all social media sites, websites and printable content; to be shared and viewed publicly.

  5. All photos submitted may be shared on social media. This may include sharing, re-posting and tagging any submissions. For social media use all mentions of the photographer or social media account will be included when posting, including the PiXAPRO equipment used. 

    Only those that are chosen will be used for anything outside of social media, and will be used for our catalogue as well as possibly also being used on our website and printable content. 

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