The Photography Show 2022: Introducing Our Demo Speakers!

Have you been keeping up with our social media updates on our speakers for The Photography Show 2022? If not, don't worry! We've put this blog together with some more detailed information on our four speakers for the PiXAPRO stand at K404 in the NEC this year! Find the full schedule here.

Tommy Reynolds

 Tommy is an award-winning Wedding and Portraiture Photographer with years of experience perfecting people's special days. Skilled with lighting on the go, Tommy is joining us to share his advice for shooting weddings and tips for creating cinematic lighting setups for portraiture! It may not be a surprise to most that he'll be joining us at the Show as we've worked with him for many years, but he's got some amazing plans for the Show this year! Tommy will be at stand K404 with us for one talk each day across TPS and will be around to give advice between his own talks.

Find Tommy online on:

Instagram: @tommyreynolds.weddings

Facebook: Tommy Reynolds Photography 



Ania Pankiewicz

 A new addition to the PiXAPRO speaker team, our next we'll be joined by Ania Pankiewicz at this year's Show!

Ania is a talented headshot and portrait photographer who specialises in actor and theatre work thanks to her media background. Turning out beautiful and professional headshots can be tricky, but Ania has perfected the art and will be joining us to share her expertise on Tuesday at the show! At the show, Ania will be hosting a talk on creating Impactful Actor's Headshots, so make sure to head over to stand K404 on Tuesday for some tips and advice from a freelancer with 15 years in the business!

Find Ania online on:

Instagram: @aniapank

Facebook: Ania Pankiewicz Photography



Gavin Hoey

Gavin is another TPS regular with us and has worked with us for many years! While you may know him as an Adorama and Olympus ambassador, we have him all to ourselves for the show again this year to share a little of his expertise with us. With 250k+ YouTube Subscribers, Gavin has a huge following for his photography education and you'll be lucky enough to see it LIVE at TPS 22!

With over 20 years experience, Gavin’s career has grown from a part time job writing articles for photographic magazines, into a full time career creating video tutorials and more recently live streams about photography. A skilled portraiture photographer, Gavin's strengths lie in not only beautiful basic portraiture, but also adding a flair to portraiture with a strong theme! Join Gavin's talks every day at stand K404 of the show for some top Portraiture Lighting tips and a deep-dive on using small lights with BIG modifiers! Gavin will also be doing a big Live Stage talk on Sunday 18th at TPS too! More to come on this soon.

Find Gavin online on:

Instagram: @thegavinhoey

Facebook: Gavtrain: Gavin Hoey Photography 



Jake Hicks

Jake is well known for mentoring photographers and running workshops on his impactful portraits with a particular flair for creativity and colour, and there'll be no shortage of that in his talks at the Show this year! 

Jake's work is often described as bold, vibrant, colourful and of course different. In a world where we all see thousands of images a day, Jake strives to catch his viewers attention by showcasing engaging in-camera lighting effects as well his signature highly saturated colour gel shots.

Jake has been shooting commercially for close to two decades and in recent years has also become very well known for his engaging educational content, both online with video tutorials and with his international workshops. He will be pulling out all the stops for dazzling portraiture, with gelled set-ups, handpainted backgrounds and more at Stand K404! Jake will be running at least one talk every day of the show, so make sure to stop by to watch! 

Find Jake online on:

Instagram: @jakehicksphotography

Facebook: Jake Hicks Photography



Mini Demos: Barry Mountford

 Barry Mountford is a The Photography Show PiXAPRO stand regular and that's no exception this year! An expert in all things product photography, and a skilled portrait photographer as well, Barry is the full package and not only has his own YouTube channel where he reviews equipment and shares his photography tips, but he also makes videos for us too!

Barry will be joining us on the PiXAPRO/Godox stand this year running Mini-Demos on our display stand for both product photography with light tents and turntables, plus a newborn setup with a life-like doll, to give you the chance to see the set-ups up close and maybe even try shooting with them yourself! Barry won't have a set schedule like our other speakers, but he'll be around on our stand throughout the show with everything set-up and ready to go.
The full schedule for our speakers will be published soon, so keep an eye out for what we'll be running on the days you'll be visiting! 

Find Barry online on:

Instagram: @barrymountford

Facebook: Barry Mountford Photography


Are you excited yet? Check out our schedule for which days you'll be able to see these amazing photographers.