The NEW EssentialPhoto Rewards System!

As promised in our updates blog for our new website, we have an exciting addition to your shopping experience with us: Rewards Points!

So how does this work?

Luckily it's quite simple!

  • For every £1 you spend on our website, you receive 10 points on your account.
  • For every 250 points you earn with us, you get £1 off your next order! It's that easy.

So, for every £25 you spend with us, you get £1 back.

So how else can you earn points?


Even just by signing up, you earn 250 points automatically for your account! Make sure to sign up on our new website to establish your account and save your orders and build your rewards instantly. Remember, your old account won't transfer to the new site so you'll have to make a new one!


We also have a referrals system in place so you can invite a friend! If you invite a friend to sign up to our website and they make a purchase within 60 days, you earn a sweet 1250 points for your account! That's £5 to spend on your next order!


You can also earn rewards for reviewing what you've bought! Leave a review on the product listing after you've purchased and tried your equipment and earn 50 points per review! These are unlimited too, but you must have bought the item to be able to review it. This does not apply to reviews left on external sites such as TrustedShops, TrustPilot or Google Reviews etc. 

Tiers System

We have also put a fun tiers system in place based on how many points you earn! For each tier you will receive a badge on your account. 

Bronze 250+ points earned
Silver  27,750+ points earned
Gold 55,250+ points earned
Diamond 110,250+ points earned
Platinum 165,250+ points earned

But don't worry, you won't be missing out if you can't reach those higher tiers, this is just a fun way to track your points. 

Is there anything important to keep in mind?

Yes! First and foremost, you MUST make an account to be able to earn these rewards points as that is what they are connected to, and we cannot retroactively add points back to your account if you accidentally go through your order as a guest. Your points will also not carry between accounts if you create a new one. 

This rewards system will only apply to online orders and purchases on our website. Any purchases made in store, on Amazon/eBay or at The Photography Show will not be counted as the order must be tied to your account via the website order. This also means you can't redeem your rewards points anywhere other than through online website orders. 

Unfortunately we won't be able to carry over your previous purchases from the old website over to this new rewards platform due to the fact that the systems are completely separate, but you will start to earn points as soon as you sign up to your new account!

It's also important to keep in mind that these rewards can only be redeemed in intervals of £1/250 points. So, for example, you can't redeem £1.50 in rewards or 375 points, only £1/250 points or £2/500 points. 


We're pretty excited about these new features to our website and we hope you are too! We hope this rewards system helps to give back to our many loyal customers who have been purchasing from us for years, and hopefully for many years to come! If you have any queries about the new rewards system, drop our team an email at and they'll make sure your questions are answered about anything new.