KINO 600II+ vs Bowens Gemini 500r

With the Market full of different brands and different lights, everyone is looking to find the best choice for them, whether it is because of the specifications or the budget. In this Blog, we compare two more flashes, the Pixapro KINO 600II+ and the Bowens Gemini 500r, to see which of these two is best for you.


Whilst both of these flashes are very powerful, each of these have positives to them. The Pixapro KINO 600II+ has a maximum power of 600Ws, which is 100Ws more than the Bowens Gemini that has 500Ws. But the Gemini 500r comes with a 250w Modelling Lamp, which is more powerful than the Pixapro KINO 600II+ that has a 150W Modelling Lamp. So, in different ways, each light has its own positives over the other when it comes to power.

Colour Temperature

The Colour Temperature of both of these lights is nearly identical, but the Pixapro KINO 600II+ is just a little bit more precise than the Gemini 500r. The Gemini 500r has a colour temperature of 5600K ± 300K, which is good, but the Pixapro KINO 600II+ has a colour temperature of 5600K ± 200K, meaning that the colour temperature of the Pixapro KINO 600II+ is more accurate than the Gemini 500r as it offers a more precise temperature.

Recycle Times

The Gemini 500r has a quicker recycle time at full power, at 1.3 seconds, compared to the Pixapro KINO 600II+ which comes in at 1.5 seconds. This means that the Gemini 500r is faster, only at full power, than the Pixapro KINO 600II+. This may be due to the higher wattage power that the Pixapro KINO 600II+ has compared to the Gemini 500r.

Flash Duration

Whilst each of the flashes have a quick flash duration, the Gemini 500r is just a little bit quicker at full power. The Pixapro KINO 600II+ comes with a flash duration of 1/800 of a Second, compared to the slightly faster 1/900 of a second that comes with the Gemini 500r.


For usability, each of the flashes have their own positives. The dimensions of the Gemini 500r are smaller than the Pixapro KINO 600II+, at approximately 113mm x 170mm x 380mm compared to approximately 140mm x 260mm x 410mm, which would make you believe that the Gemini 500r would be more portable and easier to move, but it also is heavier. The Pixapro KINO 600II+ weighs 2.91KG compared to the Gemini 500r which weighs 3.4KG, making it nearly half a KG heavier. So even though the Gemini may take less space when storing it, it will also be more difficult for you to carry.


The Pixapro KINO 600II+ is part of the ONE system by Pixapro. What this means is that you are able to control multiple flashes can be controlled by the same trigger at the same time. So, if you are already using Pixapro flashes, you will be able to add the Pixapro KINO 600II+ to your set-up and it will fit seamlessly in.  The Pixapro KINO 600II+ is also covered by Pixapro’s 2 Year UK warranty. Meaning that if during this period, something was to happen to the Pixapro KINO 600II+, you will be covered and can get in touch with the company to solve any issues that may arise. As Bowens is no longer a functioning company, it would be very difficult to find anywhere who could offer this level of warranty for the Gemini 500r.


Pixapro KINO 600II+

  • Has a higher maximum power
  • Has a better colour temperature
  • Has a lighter weight
  • Comes with a 2-year UK Warranty
  • Part of the ONE system


Gemini 500r

  • Has a more powerful modelling bulb
  • Has a faster recycling time (at full power only)
  • Has a quicker flash duration (at full power)
  • Is smaller in size



Both of these flashes have positives over the other. The Pixapro KINO 600II+ is more powerful, lighter and has a better colour temperature whilst the Gemini 500r has a quicker recycling time and flash duration, a more powerful modelling lamp and is smaller in dimensions. But with the benefit of being part of the ONE system and the 2-year UK warranty that is on offer with the Pixapro KINO 600II+, we can help but believe that you will benefit more from choosing the Pixapro KINO 600II+.

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