Continuous Lighting vs Flash!

The advantages of replacing your studio flash kit, with continuous lighting is that what you see is what you get. What you see in front of you is what your final photo will look like, whereas with flash lighting, you have to take a photo to see what your final result would look like. Continuous lighting will also allow you to shoot video, as well as stills. Continuous lighting also enables you to shoot at wider apertures for that shallow depth of field look which is sometimes difficult to achieve with studio flash due to its higher light output.

The disadvantages of replacing your studio flash kit with continuous lighting, is that it is more difficult to freeze motion in your photographs. To freeze motion with continuous lighting, you will have to use a faster shutter speed, meaning that you will either have to open up our aperture, or increase you ISO to compensate for the faster shutter speed, whereas with flash lighting, you can use the duration of the flash to freeze motion.


One of our popular continuous lights would be our LED100D MKII, which is a bright daylight balanced LED light with a Bowens S-Type Mount, this enables you to use a wide range of modifiers. The LED100D MKII is great most for portraits and product photography. Another great option is our Glowpad450 is a slim-profiled LED panel, which produces a broad diffused light source without the need for a softbox, ideal for baby photography.

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LED100D MKII Video Light


GLOWPAD450 Video Light


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