NEW IN! EASIFRAME® Cyclorama Fabric Backgrounds

If you've ever looked into getting a Cyclorama wall professionally built for your studio, you will know just how expensive it can be! Coming in at thousands of pounds for a professional installation can be enough to make anyone a little faint, and if you're not able to build one yourself, or you rent your studio, it can be easy to feel like you're stuck with basic flat backdrops for your photography. But, we're now happy to announce that we have partnered with EASIFRAME® to distribute their V2 Curved Cyclorama Styled Fabric Background Stand at EssentialPhoto in the UK! 


Maternity Photograph by Esther Kay of Tiny Moments Photography - Subject: Brittany
Image By Esther Kay of Tiny Moments Photography using the C49-TanPMS47C Skin (Texture added in post-production).


EASIFRAME background systems were first released and patented in New South Wales, Australia in 2013. Aiming to create a product that streamlines the photoshoot experience, EASIFRAME® have released a range of different background solutions for the photography and videography market!

EssentialPhoto are proud to be the first to supply EASIFRAME® equipment in the UK on our website at

We're also happy to say that we have been given the opportunity to stock the brand new EASIFRAME V2 range which isn't currently available anywhere else in the world! 

What does the EASIFRAME® do?

We currently stock the Curved EASIFRAME® V2, which replicates a cyclorama wall, or infinity cove with a curved base between the wall and the floor to create a smooth background effect. 

Extension kits are available separately, so you can make your current set up bigger, with the option to purchase custom-made skins for your new-size background system on our website! Free standing brackets are also included with your purchase of a frame allowing you to use the system freestanding without having to mount to a wall. 

The design offers the ability to shoot without having to fill in awkward shadows in the corners of walls, which also streamlines the photo editing process, saving the time to remove any stand legs, or filling in space where the background ends by the floor. At over 2 metres tall from ground to top, these background systems also allow for lots of space above models or subjects for less editing. 

These backgrounds also have the benefit of being able to be used just about anywhere, including in studios, on location or even in your home. Especially useful for those with a rented studio, or for those who can't quite afford to build a cyclorama wall or don't want a permanent one installing, this is a great solution for temporary use or if you want to be able to move it around. 


The Frame

Designed for versatility, these background systems have a range of options and sizes based around the one core frame model. 

From the standard frame, you can change where the curve sits, for either a shorter height and longer floor length, or vice versa, to make your background more suitable for your specific shoot. This is easily changed by swapping where specific parts of the frame sit. All this can be found in your manual. 

Buy the standard frame, and you can purchase separate extension kits to add to the frame in parts to upgrade the width or the height!  You can even add multiple extension kits to make the frame as big as you need, up to 12ft! 

The sturdy aluminium frame can also be packed down and easily stored or transported with simple allen keys, meaning there's no need for extra tools! Packed away, these sets can easily fit into cars when transporting to sets.

Shop the EASIFRAME frames here!

The Fabric/Skins 

Created with edges that slot directly into the frame, the EASIFRAME skins only fit the EASIFRAMES, but negating the need for any background clips or rolls makes it a worthwhile investment for a simple setup. 

We'll be stocking basic background skins in white, black, and chromakey green, however custom backgrounds can be ordered via EssentialPhoto in specific sizing, with images selected either from the EASIFRAME catalogue or of your own selection. Custom printed backgrounds will have lead times of approximately 2-3 weeks from purchase. 

Shop standard colour EASIFRAME skins here!

Shop custom made-to-order EASIFRAME skins here!

The EASIFRAME® V2 is now available for Pre-Order or Special Order at EssentialPhoto, in both kits and separate frames and fabric if you'd like to switch out the design you're using! 

Please note that Special Order and Made to Order items will take 1-4 weeks between order and delivery. 

We offer a 2 Year Warranty* on a wide range of items across our store, and Customer Support and after-sales repair at our Birmingham-based store. All EASIFRAME stock is dispatched from our warehouse in the West Midlands, UK.