When it comes to a couples most important day, they want to make sure that each memory is captured properly to look back on in the future. Having the right equipment can allow you to capture each shoot professionally and precisely. In this blog, we take a look at a selection of lighting kits that we have specifically designed for Wedding Photography, to make sure you have the best equipment for the task.


Beginner Wedding GIO1 Round Head Speedlite Kit

This kit is a lightweight and portable flash lighting set-up that uses a small yet powerful Speedlite to create a professional flash and it features a quick and easy set-up which is ideal for a high-paced environment such as a Wedding. The included GIO1 Speedlite offers a wide range of power control to suit most shooting environments, super-fast flash durations to capture the motion and excitement during a wedding day precisely and quick recycle times to reduce the delay in taking that next shot. Each GIO1 Speedlite features a dedicated hot-shoe designed to work specifically with your camera brand and comes with a 2600mAh rechargeable battery that offers approximately 480 full powered shots from a single charge, reducing the worry of needing to recharge your lighting unit during a busy wedding. The 65cm Softbox offers a round design to create nice round catch lights on the subject and features an easy-open design, similar to an umbrella, to allow for quick and easy assembly during a busy wedding environment. The light stand features an adjustable height range of between 49.5cm – 190cm to allow for a selection of light positions to choose between and offers a foldable design for quick placement adjustments. The ST-IV Trigger comes with a dedicated hot-shoe to work with the hot-shoe on your specific camera brand, and the user interface has been designed to be easy-to-use for simple control and adjustments.


Portable Advanced Wedding PIKA200 PRO Flash Kit

This is a lightweight twin lighting kit including a Speedlite and a small pocket-sized Flash to offer a compact yet complete lighting with an easy to set-up design to deal with the high speed and volume of Photography at a wedding. The PIKA200 PRO is a 200Ws flash unit that offers power control down to 1/256th power output to match requirements for any shooting environments. It features super quick flash durations and recycle times and has access to a number of useful features such as High-Speed Sync and TTL. The 2900mAh rechargeable battery offers approximately 500 full powered flashes from a single charge, to get through any shoot without requiring battery changes or recharging. The GIO1 is a Speedlite that features a dedicated hot-shoe to be used directly on your camera’s hot-shoe to give you access to a selection of features including TTL and High-Speed Sync. The GIO1 Speedlite features fast recycle times to reduce the waiting time between each shot and super-quick flash durations to capture movement and motion such as dancing during the Wedding. The included 65cm Softbox features an easy-open design to allow for prompt assembly during a busy Wedding environment, and creates nice round catch light on the subject due to the round shape of the softbox. The stand in the particular kit comes with a unique leg design, with these retracting when lifted to make moving into place much easier and offers an adjustable height range of between 80cm-240cm to meet most lighting requirements. The ST-IV trigger comes with an easy-to-use user interface and a dedicated hot-shoe designed specifically for your camera. The accessories that are part of this kit include a snoot, grid, barn doors and more, and attach to the GIO1 Speedlite using its magnetic mount.


CITI400 PRO Wedding On-The-Go Portable Twin Kit

This is a portable twin flash lighting kit that comes with all the modifiers and accessories required to capture professional Wedding photography. The lighting units in this kit are our CITI400 PRO units, which are 400Ws flash lighting units that offers approximately 380 full powered flashes before requiring another charge, perfect for a high-paced Wedding environment. The CITI400 PRO offers an adjustable power range down to 1/256th power to meet any shooting environments lighting requirements and has access to High-Speed Sync and TTL functionality. It also features super-fast recycle times to reduce the waiting between each shot and quick flash duration to capture any motion clearly and precisely, this is also aided by the Multi-flash mode that is available that sets off flashes at rapid speed to create many effects such as stroboscopic photography. Included in this kit are two Umbrellas that feature a Nylon build for durability and a translucent white colour to produce a soft and gentle lighting to capture the finer details in the subjects. The 40” size also helps to spread this softer lighting over a wider area, such as the Wedding venue. The included light stands offer a solid aluminium construction for added support but also offers a lightweight build for easy transportation. Each stand features an adjustable height range of between 58cm – 220cm and the legs can fold up and lock in place against the central column, further assisting in storage and transportation. In order to securely store all these items, this kit comes with a Roller Case that features a padded interior for maximum protection. It features an extendable handle to allow for simple transport of the kit and large caster wheels to allow the kit to be rolled for easier movement.


CITI600 PRO On-The-Go Portable Wedding Twin Kit

This kit is our most powerful lighting kit designed to be used with Wedding photography due to the 600Ws power output offers by both lighting units, perfect for large locations such as wedding venues. The lighting units in this particular kit are our CITI600 PRO units, which each offer a power output of 600Ws and have access to a wide range of different modes and functions that are all perfectly useful for Wedding photography. The CITI600 PRO features a unique flash tube to offer amazing colour accuracy in the final shot to capture all the details and colours in your subject perfectly. The CITI600 PRO features a 21.6V / 2600mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery that offers approximately 370 full powered shots before requiring a charge to deal with the fast-paced environment of a Wedding. It also features a built-in 2.4GHz receiver to allow it to communicate with any of the PiXAPRO 2.4GHz triggers for simple and easy control from your camera. The included umbrellas feature a 40” diameter in order to offer a wide spread of the lighting, and the translucent white colour produces a soft and gentle lighting for your subject. The light stands in this kit feature an adjustable height range of 75cm to 240cm to offer a wide selection of different lighting positions, and a unique air cushioned design to prevent any sudden drops that could lead to unwanted damage to your equipment. Finally, in this kit comes a Roller Case that features a padded interior in order to securely protect the equipment and a combination of a telescopic handle and caster wheels to for easy transportation.



Having the correct equipment goes a long way to capturing a couple’s special day. Making sure you have the proper lighting, modifiers and accessories is vital, and these kits hopefully allow you to take the perfect photography every time.