The Spike

The Spike is a brand-new piece of equipment that would be an incredible addition to any and every photographers’ collection.


My photography career for the last ten years has mainly been focused on motorsport photography. I found that I needed to find a way to get around the race track quickly into new places whilst also being able to set up the best lighting for the perfect shot. No other piece of equipment that I tried could meet those requirements, so I decided that a new piece had to be created, and that is how the Spike was born. I have spent many years working on creating the perfect Spike, and now I believe I have finally finished it. Many colleagues in the photography world have now commented on how well the Spike works for them in a wide variety of situations.

It is created from a combination of Steel and Aluminium, this makes it incredibly versatile and very lightweight meaning that it can be taken to any shoot without much fuss. The Spike can not only be used as a stand for your lighting, but it can be used as a support for your camera or as a rest. Simply by adding the correct adapter, it is easy to fit a ball-head fitting to support your camera. This piece of equipment is a useful tool if you are trying to take shots of different things which would require you constantly moving position as well as changing your surroundings. This means that you are able to get high quality lighting at a rapid pace as set up is as simple as placing it into the ground. The Spike comes with a spiral base, which means that it can dig into many different types of surfaces and grounds, perfect for nature photographers.

The Spike is now available in two different sizes, 12” and 24”, meaning that it suits whatever scenario you find yourself in. It is also fully extendable, which will give you plenty of different options and choices when it comes to selecting the right lighting for your shot. The Spike can be used with many different speedlight brackets and can be attached to flashes all the way through to the latest CITI flash.

The Spike - a Revolutionary mounting stand created by Photographer Colin Brister

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