Update Regarding Attendance

From a company point of view and after a thorough risk assessment, we would be unable to operate successfully at TPS  before, during and after the show due to anticipated risks, which are as follows:

Before TPS: If any of our team members were to contract Covid 19, we would be unable to attend the show fully due to isolation etc. Worst case scenario, we might have to withdraw from the show at the last minute.

During TPS: If a team member had to isolate/ have symptoms or contract Covid during the show period (due to close contact), it would result in Pixapro having to close the stand suddenly and without notice at any point. 

After TPS: If this was to happen to any of our internal operation team it would result in a Major disruption to our operations and could cause a huge delay in services and disappointment to our customers. 
As always or customers and partners are our top priority and this decision has also been taken to safeguard the health of all involved in this time period. 

In light of all the previous stated reasons we have therefore taken the decision to no longer attend TPS 2021. However, we are making arrangements  to attend TPS 2022!



Mega Sales still available!

We are pleased to announce that throughout September 2021, we will be running a Photography Show sale, with up to 50% off a range of different products including Flash, LED, Modifiers, Stands, Backgrounds and more! To view what we have available, please click here.


Bulk order discounts

Throughout The Photography Show event, we are pleased to still be able to offer special discounts on Bulk orders and large orders. Please contact us via our LiveChat service or at info@essentialphoto.co.uk, and a member of our team will look into the best available discounts for you.


New Showroom now open

We are finally able to open our brand new showroom! Please feel free to come in and vist to see a range of our products, get technical advise or place a new order. For more information, please contact our LiveChat and we will be happy to help.


We would like to assure you that everything is going well with PIXAPRO/ESSENTIALPHOTO and our team is continuing to expand and grow to provide outstanding sales and support! We are excited for all the developments over the coming months and thank you for your support and custom.