For those that haven’t heard, the Photography Show is still on with one little change… it has gone virtual. This interesting new concept has got us excited to see what the Photography Show brings and we hear at PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto are pleased to say we will be taking part! This means that you can now visit the Photography Show, get discounts, view demos and many more from the comfort of your home and keeping you safe in these difficult times. Running on the 20th and 21st September it will be entirely virtual, we will go over a few things that we will be offering at the virtual Photography Show and important information that you will need for this event: 

Virtual Booth:

Normally, we would feature our own booth at the Photography Show to display our products, but unfortunately this isn’t possible this year. But do not worry, as we will have our own virtual online booth that will display a range of different products available for you to browse and shop. All options will direct you to a dedicated section for the specific products, to offer a wide range of kits for multiple different fields.

Range of Discounts available:

We are determined to keep the Virtual Show running the same as the regular show, and with this in mind, we are happy to say we will still be offering discounts across a large range of products available from PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto so that you don’t miss out!

Online LiveChat System:

In order to still be able to offer advice to you regarding products, there will be a dedicated real-time online LiveChat service available to help you all with any possible questions or queries you may have. You will be connected directly to a member of the PiXAPRO team in real time, who have been educated on the available range of products, to offer the same great service as always. 

Livestreamed Demonstrations

We here at PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto have been lucky enough to have worked with very talented and professional Photographers through the past exhibitions, and this year will be no different. We are grateful to say that we will still have Live Demonstrations available throughout the show from our wonderful partners to give insight into different fields of photography and to help show our products in use.

We are blessed to still be able to provide the Photography Show experience to all of our wonderful and dedicated customers and we hope we are still able to offer a perfect service to everyone during this time. We look forward to the show and hope to be joined by many of our amazing customers, be sure to keep an eye out on our social media or in your emails for more information to come and don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have any questions. 

To find out more regarding The Photography Show 2020, please click here!