E-Commerce is becoming an ever-increasing means of shopping in todays society, with sites like Amazon and eBay making shopping from home simple and easy. Every company who uses the internet to drive their business and gain sales knows that they need to make their products look appealing and interesting to any potential customers. In this blog, we break down product photography into three different sections, Large, Medium and Small, to help advise you which equipment best suits these types of product photography.


Large Products

Whilst shopping for larger products is still probably much easier in person, many people will still use company websites to get a better idea of style and design of the product they are interested in purchasing. For example, many people will use car dealership websites in order to find the car they are interested in, see where it is available, and see what quality it is in before visiting the dealership itself. As most of the time, larger products such as furniture and vehicles are on sale for a high cost, the company selling these needs to make sure that these are as appealing to the eye as possible and grab the customers attention. To achieve this, you need to make sure you are giving your products ample light coverage, to help reduce any unwanted shadows and to help your product stand out, so we would recommend a minimum of three lights being used at a time.

To achieve this high-quality lighting for such a large product, we have our LED S300D. This light is our most powerful LED light available at 330W power output, which offers an outstanding brightness of 65200 lux. This particular light is a continuous light rather than a flash light, and the benefit for this is that it allows you to see you light throughout your entire shoot, meaning that you will be able to see the outcome of the photography before the pictures are even taken. The LED S300D also offers a CRI and TLCI of ≥97, which helps to add an extra vibrancy to your shoot and accurately represent the colours in your product, helping to make it more interesting to potential customers. Whilst this light does have a maximum power output of 330W, it offers an adjustable power range from 100% down to 10%. This allows you to adjust the power being produced from the light to better suit your product being shot, as sometimes the size of the products may differ and require different amounts of light. Each light also comes with its own compatible remote control, that attaches directly to the Hot-Shoe on your camera, meaning that you are able to adjust the power of each light without having to physically be next to your light. Another benefit to this remote is that it allows you to control up to 5 different lights at once, which is ideal for large product photography as you would need multiple lights in use, but they all may need different light strengths.


Now that you know which light would be suitable for larger products, you may find that you wish to adjust the lighting to better suit your products, for instance some may be reflective whereas some may be smooth, so the use of a modifier would help with this. One option we have for this would be our 170cm Easy-Open Umbrella Softbox. The benefit of using a softbox is that it helps to reduce the spread of the light being produced, this helps to better aim the lighting directly onto your product. The silver interior of the softbox allows the light to reflect throughout the interior of the softbox, making sure that it is spread equally and evenly across the surface so that no light is wasted. The larger size of the softbox is ideal for larger products, as it helps to better cover the product in light whereas smaller modifiers wouldn’t offer the same surface coverage. The design of this particular softbox is very similar to that of an umbrella, in which you simply need to push the rods into place until they are locked by the latch in order to assemble the softbox. This is ideal as it helps to make assembling the softbox much easier and reduces any time needed in order to set this up during a busy shoot. Included with this softbox is two layers of diffusion which helps to soften the light and reduces any unwanted harsh shadows that may be caused by the light. Also included is a honeycomb grid that attaches to the face of the softbox, which helps to create a narrower spread of light by restricting the beam without spilling onto the background. Both layers of diffusion and the honeycomb grid are removeable, so this allows you to pick and choose when these are required for any particular shoot.


We have now looked at a suitable light a modifier combination that you could use for larger product photography, let’s take a look at a specifically designed kit for this such purpose., which is the LUMI 200 II 4-Head E-Commerce Product Photography Kit. This kit contains everything that you would need for larger product e-commerce photography. Included in this kit is 4x LUMI200 II Flash units, which each offer a power output of 200Ws with super quick recycle times and flash duration. The benefit of using flash lighting is that it they are usually more powerful than continuous lights and allows you the ability to remove any ambient light that may be affecting your shoot. The use of 4 lights will help to offer ample light coverage over the largest of products you are photographing for your online store, and will help to remove any unwanted shadows from your shoot. This kit also comes with 4 softboxes and 4 stands, and each comes with its own benefits to larger product photography. Included is a 120cm octagonal softbox, which when being used in conjunction with the 2-in-1 boom stand also included in this kit, it allows you to light up your product from above so that this area of the product isn’t missed as much as it would be with front-facing lights. Another benefit to the 2-in-1 boom stand is that it allows you to place the boom into the base stand as use it as a regular light stand up to 400cm in height. The 60x90cm softbox can be used on one of the 240cm Air Cushioned light stands as the main light source and be placed directly in front of the product. The 240cm Air Cushioned light stands have been designed to prevent any accidental collapses, protecting your equipment from unwanted damage. Finally, we have 2x 30x120cm Strip softboxes, which again can be used with two of the included 240cm Air Cushioned stands, but these have two possible purposes. These can be used to either light the background to make the product stand out more, or be used to further light the product itself, depending on the type and shape of the product being shot. Overall, this kit has been designed with larger product photography in mind, and comes with all the required equipment to create high-quality and professional images.

Medium Products

Most products being sold would probably fall under the description of “Medium Sized Products”, such as clothing and home appliances, and it is becoming more and more common to purchase these types of items online rather than visiting a store. So, making sure that you have the right equipment to capture the best photos of your products is a must. As with larger products, it is recommended that multiple lights be used rather than a single, due to offering the best light coverage possible, but as these are smaller sized products, you may not require as many lights or as powerful lights.

One set of lights we have available that would work wonders for medium sized product photography would be our Daylite4 MKIII 4200W Kit. This particular kit comes with two lights, but each light itself uses 4x 105w Fluorescent bulbs, so in total you will be using 8 light sources. Each 105w Fluorescent bulb offers an approximate brightness of 5 times the power of a tungsten bulb, meaning that in total this kit offers an equivalent brightness of 4200W, which is ideal for product photography. The Fluorescent bulbs are also energy efficient and run at a lot cooler of a temperature than standard tungsten bulbs, helping to give them an average life span of 10,000 hours of usage. The Daylite4 MKIII offers a colour temperature of 5500K, which helps to create a natural and gentle looking lighting, whilst the CRI of 90 helps to offer an accurate colour representation of your products being photographed. Each light comes with a compatible 60x80cm softbox, which helps to soften the light being produced by the bulbs and maximise the light efficiency due to the highly reflective silver interior, with the rectangular shape helping to wrap the light around the product for ample light coverage. The kit also comes with two lights stands, one for each light head, which are adjustable to better suit the size of the product and the requirements of the lights.


Now that you have an idea of lighting that would be suitable for this photography, finding a way to add some difference and make your products stand out is important. To achieve this, we would recommend the Orbit Turntable. This turntable allows you to smoothly rotate your product a full 360° to capture your product from multiple different angles, ideal for showing it off and allowing potential customers to see if clearer. It comes with a diameter of 60cm and also allows up to 150KG of weight capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of items and products, and could even hold the weight of a live model. This would be ideal if you are trying to sell clothing as it would allow customers to see the items actually on someone rather than just placed flat or on a mannequin. Each turntable comes with its own remote control, allowing you to control the speed of turntable from a distance, perfect is you find yourself on a busy shoot without time to keep stopping to manually adjust the settings.


Having looked at a suitable lighting option as well as a modifier that would add some extra flair to your shoot, let’s take a look at a kit that has been designed with this style of product photography, our GLOWPAD 350D Bi-Colour Three Head Boom Kit with 60x100cm Shooting Table. This kit comes with 3x GLOWPAD350D LED Light panels, each offering a maximum power output of 45w and a brightness of 3400 lux, ideal for medium sized product photography. One benefit of these lights is that they are actually Bi-Colour lights, which mean that they can create either a natural looking light or a lighting that replicates sunlight, giving you’re the option for more freedom and style during your shoots. The CRI of ≥95 allows for accurate colour representation and each panel uses smart cooling which helps to dissipate the heat being produced easily whilst producing no noise so not to disrupt your shoot. Each panel also comes with a mains power adapter, but they can all be used with Sony NP-F Series batteries, so if you find it difficult to find mains power outlets during your shoot, you are still able to use these lights with battery power. Also included in this kit is 2x 240cm Air Cushioned Stands, which feature a specially designed air-cushioned system, to help prevent any unwanted collapsing which may lead to potential damage to your equipment. The 2-in-1 Reclined boom stand also included allows you to light up your products from above with the GLOWPAD350D Panel, to offer complete light coverage. Another benefit to the 2-in-1 boom stand is that that boom arm can be slotted into the base stand and it can be used as another light stand, but with a maximum height of 400cm. Finally, this kit comes with a 60x100cm folding shooting table, with a tough and durable non-reflective acrylic sheet capable of holding up to 6kg of weight, ideal for medium sized products. The non-reflective design of the shooting table helps to reduce any unwanted reflections and shadows on your products, with the translucent material helping to provide perfect lighting from in front, behind, above or below. Overall, this kit is designed perfectly for medium sized products, as the three GLOWPAD350D panels offer a professional lighting and the shooting table allowing for different styles of photography.

Small Products

When it comes to smaller products, such as jewellery and ornaments, you need to make sure that you are capturing every small and minute detail of product, so that the customer knows exactly what it is they are purchasing. These little extra details can help grab a potential customers attention and sway them to purchase from you rather than rival companies. Again, as with the large and medium products, you need to make sure that you have proper light coverage to capture all the details of the product, so multiple lights are recommended.

If you are interested in a small and portable light, which is powerful enough for smaller product photography, we would suggest our MOBI LED Table-Top LED Panel with Stand. The MOBI LED Panel offers a power output of 22Ws, three different brightness levels and a CRI of ≥95 which creates a high-quality light coverage as well as an accurate colour representation, meaning that your product photography will be to the highest quality and offer a professional look. The MOBI LED Panel also features a built-in diffusion panel, which further helps to soften the light and make it look more natural, ideal for shooting e-commerce photography. The MOBI LED Panel also comes with a table-top light stand, which is height adjustable and constructed from Aluminium Alloy, helping to make it durable and offers a longer lifespan. It also features a ball and socket head joint, which allows for 360° rotation, allowing you to light your products for any angle required.


Seeing as we now know a suitable lighting option for this type of product photography, you need to find a way to make your products stand out whilst still looking professional, and this can be achieved with the proper background. For this, we have our Table Top Background Stand with White PVC Background, as it is ideal for shooting smaller product e-commerce photography. The background offers a smooth matte finish to minimise potential reflections and won’t wrinkle or crease easily, meaning that it can be set up and put away multiple times without issue. The background is also from durable, scratch and water-resistant PVC, so you can easily wipe away dirt and clean this background after every use. The table-top background stand is made from light-weight and strong aluminium, and is comprised of a 70cm crossbar and a two-sectioned central column that can be adjusted between 389cm and 68cm, making it the perfect addition to the PVC Background. In order to attach the background to the stand, there are also two clips included in the kit, and these are able to hold the background steady and secure during use.


Now that we have looked at a suitable lighting option as we as a background that would work well for smaller product photography, let’s take a look at a kit that contains everything need for professional product photography, the RICO120 Ring Light and GLOWPAD144, Table-Top Background and Stand Kit. The RICO120 is a 28W Bi-Colour LED Ring light, that offers a CRI of ≥95 to accurately represent the colours in your product and can have the power adjusted between 100% to 0% to suit the lighting required for any particular product. A 240cm light stand is also included to allow you to use the RICO120 Ring Light and lets you adjust the height to better suit the height of the table-top you are using for this photography. Also included in this kit are 2x GLOWPAD144 LED Light panels, which are 15W Bi-Colour light panels that also offer a very high CRI of ≥93 to represent colours in your products correctly and are small and lightweight to help with set-up and storage when not in use. For this kit, the RICO120 is designed to be used as the main light and be placed directly in front of the product, and the 2x GLOWPAD144 LED Panels can be used as either background lights, rim-lights to separate your product from the background or can be used to further light up the product itself. The table-top background stand helps to offer a professional finish and style to your product photography. The PVC background offers a black matte finish to help minimise any potential reflections and it is scratch and water resistant to protect is during intense and extensive usage. The background stand is made from tough and durable aluminium and can have its height adjusted been 39cm and 68cm, giving you more freedom and allowing you the ability to photography slightly larger products if required. Overall, this kit is ideal for smaller product photography as it comes with three different lights to offer accurate lighting and the background help your product to look professional and stand out.


Product photography has become massively important over the past 10 or so years, as more and more companies are based online rather than in a walk-in store. So, making sure that you have the correct and best equipment is necessary to keep your business successful and building for the future.

For further information regarding Product Photography, or additional equipment suitable for this style of photography, please click the image below.