When it comes to LED Lighting, you want your lights to be powerful and professional. But most of the time, these requirements usually come with a large price tag. In this Blog, we take a look at two options, the PiXAPRO LED S300D and the Aputure C300D, and see which of these lights would offer a professional quality whilst still being affordable for the average customer.


To begin with, these lights do have a few things in common. They are both COB (Chip on Board) LED Lighting, helping the lights to run a lot cooler and to offer a longer lifespan for each light. The Colour Temperature and CRI for both of these lights are the same, at 5500 ± 200K and ≥95 respectively, helping to create a super-accurate and vibrant colour representation perfect for large production uses such as Theatre and Broadcast. Each light also comes with their own specifically designed heat dissipation system and cooling fans, helping to keep the lights cool and protected during extended periods of use. Each light comes with a built-in 2.4GHz Receiver and have remote controls specifically designed to be used with them, meaning that it is possible to control and adjust the light output whilst away from the light units themselves. The standard mount fitting for these lights is Bowens S-Type, the most commonly available on the market, making it much easier to find and attach different modifiers and accessories to your light, creating much more freedom and lighting possibilities.

Having looked at the similarities between these lights, lets take a look at the differences. Let’s start with the Power Output of each of these lights. The Aputure C300D does come with an impressive output of ≤300W, but the PiXAPRO LED S300D comes with even more power output at 330W, helping to make it the brighter light. This is further proven with the Brightness of each of these lights. When both measured at @ 1m with their individual standard reflectors attached, the C300D has a brightness of 11,000 lux. Whilst this is impressive, it comes nowhere near the brightness that the S300D offers at 65,200 lux. These specifications mean that the S300D is the more powerful light of the two and also offers much brighter light over the same difference, in this case over 5 times the brightness. Usability of these lights also differs drastically. The S300D comes with a User-Friendly interface directly built into the light itself, meaning that you are able to keep every together and organised. The C300D however comes with an external control box, meaning that all the controlling and display is performed away from the main body of the light itself. The issue with the C300D being split into sections is the wiring needed to connect all the parts together can become difficult to manage as well as possibly getting in the way during shoots, whereas the S300D only has a single wire to attach to the mains power.


The C300D does comes with some advantages though. The size of the light body itself is 343.5mm x 305.9mm x 186.3mm compared to the S300D that is 585mm x 270mm x 250mm. This makes the S300D the much larger light, but this is down to having all of the components kept together in the unit, rather than having this spread across the light and two control boxes that is offered by the C300D. With all the components and controls built into the unit itself, the S300D also weighs more than the C300D. The S300D weighs approximately 7.2KG whilst the light body for the C300D weighs in at 2.1KG, almost 4 times as light. But if we look at the overall package weight for the C300D, this is around 10.65KG, making it more than the S300D in total.



The PiXAPRO LED S300D comes with a few extra incentives and perks compared to the Aputure C300D. The S300D comes with a 2-year UK Warranty, so if during this time there are any issues with your light and you require our assistance, you are able to get in contact and we will look into the best possible resolution for your case. Another bonus to the S300D is the price. The price for the Aputure C300D starts from around £850, whereas the price for the S300D is only £649.99. So, for around £200 less you receive more light with more power output and a much more impressive brightness, and the difference in costs could be used to purchase any additional modifiers or accessories you may find that you need for your shoot.

Whilst both these lights would be great for high quality lighting solutions and the perfect addition to any photographers/videographer’s set-up, the added power output and brightness, as well as the drastic difference is cost, means that in this case the PiXAPRO LED S300D would be the light to choose.

Specifications for the Aputure C300D taken from: https://products.aputure.com/ls-c300d-mobile/#1556179524307-d0ed013a-5820