Here at PiXAPRO, we have launched our Partner Scheme to work in conjunction with a range of different studios across the country. But the question is, what are the benefits to this particular Scheme?

There are a range of different benefits to becoming a Partner Studio with PiXAPRO. Once a studio becomes involved in the Partner Scheme, they are then also involved in our Try Before You Buy scheme, allowing for potential customers to visit studios around the country and test out PiXAPRO equipment. As studios are included in the Try Before You Buy Scheme, they are shown across any products also available through this scheme, showing customer which products they will be able to test before purchasing at these studios. This helps to bring brand new customers into the studios to help the Partners grow their business and offers a boost in potential revenue.


Partner studios are given access to any potential discounts or special offers available on new or future orders that may not be available to standard customers, helping them to purchase further pieces of equipment to use and make available for the Try Before You Buy scheme. Saving money where possible allows these studios to invest further into their own business and other areas of their photography.

Becoming a PiXAPRO Partner helps studios gain further exposure through our entire customer base, bring each individual studio to the attention of local photographers who may be interested in PiXAPRO equipment, helping to boost their work load and potentially increasing revenue. Partner Studios are also advertised and shared across all PiXAPRO social media platforms, to further expose them to potential new clients and customers. This helps to boost their social standing across many different platforms and helps to bring new potential customers or employment opportunities across their work.


Each Partner Studio is assigned to a dedicated customer service team, to focus on their individual case and help with any issues that may appear in the future promptly and to the best possible resolution. This means that each Partner studio is free to continue with their work and other important aspects with the reassurance their they queries are being resolved for them rather than having to wait and lose potential customers due to unwanted delays.

The PiXAPRO Partner Studio Scheme has helped many different studios in the past and has passed on these benefits as well as many more. For further information on the PiXAPRO Partner Studio Scheme, please click the link below.

PiXAPRO Partner Studio Scheme