We here at PiXAPRO are always looking for new ways to promote our loyal and dedicated customers, and look for ways to help gain exposure and possible sales for your business/photography. With this in mind, we are in the process of creating our brand new PiXAPRO Directory, which will allow all of our existing customers and brand-new customers to find the perfect professional photography or videography who may be able to assist them with queries or advice in their particular field. This is a wonderful opportunity for any photographers/videographers who are in a particular field and offering such things as workshops and events, as we here at PiXAPRO will always direct customers interested in these fields to you. And this will be a great service available for any customers who are looking to find out more and increase their knowledge of particular fields, as you will be offered a wide range of different Photographers/Videographers to interact with and learn from!

There are many benefits with signing up to be a part of the PiXAPRO Directory, which include:

-          We will list your provided information onto our dedicated PiXAPRO Directory Page, which will be easily accessible to our customers and general public who are looking for professional photographers/videographers.

-          We will also send the provide information to any of our customer who contact us directly requiring professional advice or service from photographers/videographers.

-          We will promote all our Directory members across our social media, to potentially gain further exposure and sales for your business.


In order to apply to be a part of the PiXAPRO Directory, there are a few requirements you must provide us in order to be accepted once available:

·         You will need to provide your name, company name (if applicable), company website & social media links (if applicable), email address and telephone number and a brief description of your experience and particular photography field.

·         You will need to send across at least two pieces of work specific to your field of work created using the PiXAPRO lighting units, and a breakdown of the equipment used for each piece of work.

·         You will need to provide any previous order numbers so we are able to keep track of the products you currently are using.

·         You will need to inform us which of the following categories you are interested in. Please note, if there are any additional fields missing from the list that you are interested in, please let us know. Also, only a maximum of two fields are allowed per application:

1st Wedding Photography

2nd Product Photography

3rd School/Nursery Photography

4th Event Photography, Sport Photography

5th Fashion/Beauty Photography

6th Creative Director

7th Videography

8th Film Making

9th Marketing Photography/Videography

10th Modelling


There is also a range of criteria that you must meet in order to be a part of the PiXAPRO Directory:

-          You and your company must have a positive reputation and feedback in your particular field, with good reviews from previous customers.

-          You must own at least 3x PiXAPRO Lighting Units and 3x Modifiers/Stands

-          Your business must be frequently active and accommodating to any potential customers that will be directed to you.


If this is something that is of interest to you, please contact us via email at info@essentialphoto.co.uk, and we will make note of this for once the PiXAPRO Directory is available.

PiXAPRO/EssentialPhoto take pride in supporting our customers and watching their photography blossom and become successful in their fields, and we hope with this Brand New Directory that will be available soon, this will help further.