HyBRID360 TTL Portable Flash


-High Guide Number of GN80 (at ISO 100 with Standard Reflector)
-High Speed Sync mode up to 1/8000th
-Comes with an adapter to enable you to switch out the hot shoe for a 1/4inch thread when used off camera.
-Integrated PIXAPRO 2.4GHz ST-III Radio Transceiver System
-ETTL & ITTL Radio Slave Mode (Auto Switching)
-Range – 70m+ working range (extended to 100m with ST-III as commander)
-Canon Optic Wireless Mater & Slave Modes
-Large Dot Matrix LCD Display
-450 Full Power Flashes (With PowerPack Dual Output)
0.05 – 4.5 Second Recycle Time (Halved With 2 Into 1 Battery Cord)

For further information regarding the ST-III Trigger, please click Here

For further information regarding the HyBRID360, please click Here