Many event photographers will shoot a wedding in their career, but not everyone knows exactly what equipment is required for such an occasion. In this Blog, we discuss all the different types of equipment required and offer some examples of products that would be perfect for each situation.


Photography Lighting

Flash Lighting is the most common lighting when it comes to photography and it helps to create the perfect shot for any situation. Most Flash lighting is adjustable and can be used in sync with each other, helping to make the shoot much easier to handle and able to adjust to match each scenario. When it comes to a Wedding, no one shot will be the same. From the environment to the number of subjects in the shot, the lighting will need to be adjusted. We would recommend using multiple lights, as it will offer a better coverage of light as well as helps to reduce any unwanted shadows/dark spots.

Examples of products to use;

·    CITI600 PRO: A 600W battery powered flash with super-fast recycle times and capable of High-Speed Sync and TTL. Offers an impressive 370 full-powered shots per charge and simple user interface. With 5/8” Mount and Bowens S-Type fitting as standard.

·    PIKA200 Dual Bracket Kit: The PIKA200 is a 200Ws compact and portable Off-camera TTL flash with a modular interchangeable-Flash-head design. Each PIKA200 is compact in size and lightweight, allowing for easy portability and storage. Dual Bracket allows to use two PIKA200’s together at the same time to create a 400W Flash. Dual Bracket also allows the user to use the PIKA200 with standard Bowens S-Type Fitting modifiers, allowing the user to adjust their shoot with ease.

·    Li-ION580II: A powerful battery-powered speedlite with TTL and High-Speed Sync capabilities. Offers up to 650 full-powered flash per charge and fast recycle times.

Video Lighting

Continuous lighting is the preferred lighting when it comes to shooting videos. This type of lighting allows the used to consistently see exactly what light is being produced by the lighting, which makes it much easier to adjust for you shot compared to flash lighting which is simply testing each shot until you achieve the perfect shot. Just like Flash lighting, we would suggest using multiple lights for video, as again it would remove any unwanted shadows and help to offer a better coverage of light over the subjects.

Examples of product to use;

·    LED100B MKIII: A continuous 100w LED Bi-colour light which allows the user to choose between Tungsten and Daylight for the lighting. It has an improved heat dissipation system with an improved and quieter cooling fan at 18dB. It is dimmable between 100%-10%, allowing for easy adjustments to every shoot, and comes with Bowens S-Type fitting as standard, allowing the user to attach multiple different modifiers to further assist with the lighting quality.

·    LED308D: An On-Camera LED light that can be used for shooting both video and stills. It is lightweight and portable, whilst still being able to produce high-power lighting with accurate colours. It can be attached to the Hot-Shoe on the users’ camera as well as to a stand with its built-in 1/4inch thread.


Even with top quality lighting, sometimes modifiers are still required to help adjust the lighting to suit every shoot. From making the light softer and wide-spread, to changing the colour of the light, to offering a more direct light, modifiers are able to create any lighting required. Some of the most common modifiers used are softboxes, beauty dishes, umbrellas and diffusers. Each of these offer their own unique and specific adjustments to lighting and can be used together or separately when required.

Examples of products to use;

·    90cm Easy-Open Softbox: This softbox has everything you love about a traditional softbox, but with the ease of use and set-up as an umbrella, as the user simply need to push the umbrella plate into place until it locks. This comes with two levels of diffusion, which helps to create a softer light being produced from the softbox. The interior walls have a highly reflective silver lining to bounce and reflect all the light towards your subject with no spill.


·    60cm White Collapsible Beauty Dish: This beauty dish allows allow the user to take a small to full-sized white/silver beauty dish with them on location without the worrying weight and size of traditional metal beauty dishes. Creates a pleasing catchlight in the eye of the subject and soft and even skin tones.


·    MagMod Wedding Starter Kit: This kit is to be used with speedlites and the PIKA200 (speedlite head attachment only), and has every needed for a wedding shoot. The MagMod system contains magnets to mount the modifiers to speedlites, in conjunction with the MagGrip, to help create any lighting adjustments required and giving your maximum control and flexibility.


In order to use most Flash Lighting, they need to be placed properly and securely on a stand. Stands offer a way to hold the lighting in exactly the same way for every shot, and allow the user to adjust the height or placement of the light simply by moving the stand. There are many different stands available, that can be used with different items such as boom arms, and these can be matched to suit any situation the user may find themselves in.

Examples of products to use;

·    300cm Retractable Light Stand: This stand is a great addition to the users lighting equipment, due to its ability to extend between 122.5cm and 300cm whilst also holding up to 5kg of weight. This stand is incredibly portable and easy-to-adjust, as they legs are specially designed to close in when it has been picked up, allowing the user to quickly and safely adjust the lighting to suit the shoot without needing to place the camera down.

·    220cm Heavy Duty Portable Light Stand: This stand is specifically designed with portability in mind, as it can be folded down to as little as 58cm and weighs only 1.54KG. Even being small and lightweight, it is still a sturdy stand that can hold up to 4KG and can be adjusted between 87cm and 220cm. Please note though with this stand, it isn’t recommended to hold larger/heavier lights, due to its size.


Once you have all of the correct lighting equipment and modifiers in place, you will still need to have a nice background for your shoot. Backgrounds are an important addition to any shoot, as not only do they help to create a nice shot, they also effect the lighting as some backgrounds have the ability to bounce the light back onto the subjects. There are many different materials available for backgrounds, such as Vinyl, Fabric and PVC, and they all have different effects to each shot.

Examples of products to use;

·    2.8x3m Background Stand & Black/White/Green Muslin Backdrop Kit: This kit is a useful addition to any photographer’s set-up. The stand comes with 2x air cushioned legs that can extend up to 2.8m high and a 3m Telescopic Crossbar that can hold up to 8KG. The backgrounds are made from a durable 100% Muslin cotton cloth, can be extended up to 6m which is perfect for full body and groups shots and come with 3 different colours (Black/White/Green).

·    2x2.3m Collapsible Black/White Background: This background is collapsible to about 1/3 of the size, making it portable and much easier to store and transport. Comes double-sided, with white and black, allow for quick and easy adjustment for your shoots. Made from a sturdy and durable Muslin cotton to protect it from any unnecessary damage or dirt.


Every photographer has their own set of accessories to help them with their shoots. These aren’t always required, but sometimes offer a different effect or style to the average set-up. This can range from carry bags to clamps, but all of these will have their own specific job and will assist in its own specific way.

Example of products to use

·    ST-IV Trigger: The ST-IV Trigger is a 2.4GHz TTL Radio flash trigger system capable of transmitting TTL information between your camera and compatible flashes. This is used so the user can simply and quickly adjust their lighting from the camera. All of PIXAPRO flashes are part of the ONE System, meaning that the user would be able to adjust each of their lights at the same time with the same trigger, rather than individually. It comes with well-labelled buttons and easy-to-understand interface, meaning that the user should be able to understand everything that is happening with their lighting.

·    70cm Carbon-Fibre Slider: This Slider is used to achieve cinematic camera shots with great ease. It has a belt-drive system controlled by a flywheel crank system with adjustable resistance, enabling the user to easily control the speed of your pan-motion. Comes with adjustable and detachable feet, which can be individually adjusted to use on uneven surfaces.

·    Equipment Roller Case: This Equipment case is perfect for transporting the user’s equipment to a shooting location or to store it optimally when not in use. It comes with a padded interior to keep the equipment safe and is 81x30x30cm, offering plenty of space to store the lighting equipment required for different shoots. Also comes with caster wheels, which makes it easier to manoeuvre and transport from shoot to shoot.

This blog has covered all of the important areas that any photographer will need to cover when it comes to a wedding, and offers a few helpful suggestions on products that would be a useful addition to any set-up. By following this simple Blog, any photographer will be able to easily and confidently shoot any wedding they come across. For further product suggestions, please visits our dedication page on our website for Events & Weddings by clicking the image below.