The Lithium-Ion battery plays an important role in the day to day running of the lives of the vast majority of people in modern day society. Lithium Ion batteries power everything from your smartphone, tablets up to your laptop.  If you are a photographer or a videographer, Lithium Ion batteries play an even more important role in your life as they also power the vast majority of your equipment, including cameras, monitors and lighting etc.

Like the rest of your equipment, if you treat them correctly, they will serve you well for a reasonably long time. If you follow the following pointers, it will help increase the longevity of your batteries.

1: Avoid exposing your batteries to extreme temperatures.

Lithium-Ion batteries should ideally be kept at around room temperature (between 20-25°C), however since this isn’t always possible, temperatures between 5-25°C, whilst not ideal should still be okay. Temperatures in excess of the one mentioned could do permanent damage to your battery, thus shortening its lifespan. In fact excessive heat and excessive cold are two of the most common ways to kill a rechargeable battery.

2: How to store when leaving unused for extended periods of time.

When storing batteries for extended periods of time, it is best practice to remove the batteries from the product, charge/discharge your battery to around 50% capacity and then store them at around room temperature. Since Lithium Ion batteries slowly discharge over time, it is best to check them every six months or so, and recharge them back to about 50% to prevent them from going completely dead which can be bad for the battery.

Storing batteries that are completely discharged for extended periods of time could push your battery to the point of no return, where it can’t be recharged again. Also storing a battery fully charged can shorten its lifespan.

3: Use the correct charger where possible.

Wherever possible, it is best practice to use the charger that came with (or at least designed for) you particular device/battery type. Whilst other chargers may fit your device, a charger not specifically designed for your device may deliver too much or too little voltage/amperage which in the long term could shorten the life of your battery.

4: Avoid Touching Metal Contacts

Do not allow the contacts on the battery to touch metal objects (such as coins, keys tools etc.) as this could cause the battery short circuit, which can result in permanent damage to your battery, as well as fire or explosion. For best performance, the metal contacts on your Li-Ion batteries should be kept clean.


5: Avoid subjecting your battery to physical Stress or excessive shock.

Physical stress or subjecting your battery to excessive shock (such as impacts after dropping etc.), could cause internal or external components of your battery to become damaged, causing malfunction or sometimes even leakage. If your battery shows any sign of damage, stop using it immediately.


6: Make sure to keep them warm during Winter

During Winter times, you will need to make sure that your Batteries are protected from the harsh conditions. When they aren’t being used, please make sure to keep the batteries in fairly warm place to keep them protected and please test them regularly to make sure that they are all still working fine in these conditions.


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