Sometimes a standard background just isn’t enough. You might find that you require the ability to put your subject in any possible location and setting you want. To achieve this style of Photography, using a Green Screen is the best choice. But to achieve accurate and high-quality Green Screen Photography, you will need to make sure you have the correct equipment and lighting available. In this Blog, we look into exactly what is required in order to create high-quality Green Screen Photography.



Let’s start with the lighting. As you will need the light to constantly be on and facing your subject and background, continuous lighting is the only available option here. In order to achieve good-quality Green Screen Photography, the background itself needs to be completely covered and lit-up, so a minimum of three lights is recommended, but we would always suggest getting more to help match the size of the background being used. The lights also need to have high power output in order to offer ample coverage of the background.

Example Products:

LED100B MKIII Three Head Kit: The LED100B MKII is a revolutionary Bi-Colour LED light, as it offers 100W maximum power output. What makes this light different however, is that rather than having to split the maximum output between both Daylight and Tungsten, this light has the ability to offer full 100W power to both Daylight and Tungsten lighting, so you wouldn’t be missing out on any lighting output. Offering a CRI and TLCI of 97+, the light produced by each light is vibrant and helps produces accurate colouring in your shoot. The LED100B MKIII also offers the ability to dim the lighting from 100%-10%, to help suit any shoot may find yourself on. Included in this kit are. It is also possible to attach V-Mount Batteries to these lights if you find that you need to use these away from mains power, and it comes with Bowens S-Type Mount as standard, which is the most common fitting, so it offers you the ability to use a wide range of modifiers on your lighting if required. Included in this kit is 2x 240cm Air cushioned light stands and 1x 2-in-1 Reclined Boom Stand, allowing you to adjust the lights around you subject and help to create full light coverage over your subject and background.


VNIX1500S 5 Head Boom Kit: The VNIX1500S is a Daylight Balanced LED Light Panel compiled of 1520 different LEDs giving a power output of 90W and can be dimmed from maximum power all the way down to 1/10th power. Offer 95+ for both CRI and TLCI, this LED Light helps to create vibrant shots and allows accurate colour representation in your shoots. The ability to be used with a DMX control console allows you to use these lights all together on larger shooting products, and with the possibility to attach V-Mount batteries to each light, it allows you to use these lights away from mains power when you deem suitable. Included in this kit is 4x 240cm Air cushioned light stands and 1x 2-in-1 Reclined Boom Stand, allowing you to adjust the lights around you subject and help to create full light coverage over your subject and background.


In order to achieve the best Green Screen Photography possible, a high-quality background is required. Obviously, using a Green background is rather important in this, as it states in the name ‘Green’ Screen, but it is possible to use others colours as long as they are smooth and free of shadows. A smooth and clean background is also very important, as you do not want folds and creases constantly occurring, as it would make editing the background much more difficult.

Example Products:

3m x 6m Anti-Crease Oldbury Backdrop: This particular background is from PiXAPRO’s Oldbury series, and would be a very useful option for Green Screen Photography. It is specifically designed and created to be high-grade anti-crease material, making it incredible durable and tough. The built-in Crossbar pocket allows you to simply slide this background over a crossbar and keep it in place for your shoot. This background is perfect for both full-body shoots and large product shoots, meaning that you would be able to place a Green Screen behind a large variety of different subjects.


Collapsible 2x2.3m Dual Sided Background (Green/Blue): Being 2x2.3m is size, this background allows you to use this will a wide range of different subject sizes, and the built-in tab allows this to be hung in place, so not to move during your shoot. When not in use, this particular background can be folded down to approximately 1/3rd of it size and stored in the included carry case, helping you to transport this between different locations without hassle. The extreme durable double-rivet frame makes it extremely durable to rough treatment, and the 100% muslin cotton is of the highest quality, to make sure to offer the best possible and highest quality look available.


The use of different modifiers can help to massively improve your shoot, as they can offer a different look and style of lighting. Helping to make sure that the lighting is directly focused onto your subject and background will help to remove any unwanted shadows, which is a must in Green Screen Photography, as there can’t be any shadows on the background in order for this to work.

Example Products

130cm Black/White Deep Parabolic Umbrella: Due to this Umbrella being of a Deep Parabolic design, it helps to spread the light over a much wider space whilst helping to make it softer and more even. The addition of the removeable diffuser helps to soften the light even further, helping to get the best out of your subject. Featuring a Fibre-Glass frame, it is strong and sturdy which helps to make it is susceptible to damage or becoming misshapen. With a simple set-up and being lightweight in design, this makes it much easier to move around and adjust, simplifying your shoot.


VNIX1500 Softbox: This particular softbox is designed to work specifically with the VNIX1500 LED Light Panel. This helps to create an extra layer of diffusion, which produces a softer and more pleasing quality of light on your subject. By simply sliding the softbox over the Barndoors on the lights, it means setting this up and removing this can be done in seconds, so not to waste any valuable shooting time.


With all these lights, backgrounds, modifiers and other pieces of equipment starting to mount up, the overall cost also increases, which may start to put you out of your budget. We here at PiXAPRO have create a solution for this, as we have created multiple kits in order to help make purchasing the correct equipment easier whilst also being at a slightly reduced price overall.

VNIX1500S Four Head Green Screen Kit: This kit has been designed with Green Screen Photography specifically in mind, and comes with everything you would need in order to achieve high-quality Green Screen Photography. Included are 4x VNIX1500S LED Light Panels, with a maximum 90w power output from each light and allows you to dim the light from between 100% to 10% power to better suit your particular shoot. These lights also have the capability of being used with a DMX Control Console, allows them to be controlled all together and be used on large shooting productions. The 4x Softboxes included help to create a softer and more pleasing quality of light on your subject, and the 4x Honeycomb grids also help to focus the light more directly onto your subject and background. The 3x6m Chroma-Key Background is made from 100% Muslin Cotton, to help it be more durable and sturdier, and is anti-crease in design, helping to offer a smooth and clear background for your shoot. The 4x 240cm Air Cushioned stands allow you to adjust the lighting to match the requirements for any particular shoot you may find yourself involved in.


Ezylite 3 Head Softbox Kit with 1.5x2m Green/Blue Collapsible Background: This kit comes with 3x Ezylite Fluorescent heads, which each use a single 105W fluorescent bulb, offering the equivalence of 525w tungsten lighting from each light, creating a total of 1575W light. As the bulbs being used a fluorescent, these run a lot cooler than tungsten lighting, helping to make each shoot more comfortable and relaxed for the subject. Included with each light is an integrated 50x70cm softbox, which opens up like and umbrella and helps to offer a softer and more diffused light onto your subject. Included are also 2x light stand and 1x Boom Stand, offering many more possibilities for lighting and allowing more freedom with each shoot. The 1.5x2m Chroma-Key Green/Blue background are specifically designed with replacing the background with other images/videos in post-production, making it ideal for Green-Screen Photography. The background themselves can be simply placed and balanced against a wall during use, and can be folded away when not in use, making storage and transportation much easier.



Green Screen Photography is now a very important part of Photography/Videography, as it allows you to let your imagination run wild and create infinite possible situations and scenarios for your shoots. And now that you have all the relevant knowledge and equipment information, you are prepared to start your own journey with Green-Screen Photography.


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