Whilst every Photographer wants to make sure that they receive the best lighting possible, sometimes you may be limited to what you can achieve because of the space your are shooting. Using a Wall Mounted Stand would help to solve this issue as it reduces the need for stands on the floor, giving you more space to work. In this Blog, we take a look at our two Wall Mounted Boom Stands, the Wall Mounted Scissor Boom and Wall-mounted Boom Stand (75-130cm), to see how these compare and which would be best for you.


Both of these Wall Mounted Boom Stands feature a 5/8" Spigot on the end of the Boom itself, which is the most common fitting for lighting, so would allow you to attach a wide range of different lighting options to this. Each Boom Stand also offers an adjustable range in order to give you more freedom with how you would like your lighting to be placed and allows you to adapt this to suit any given shoot. Both booms are attached to you wall using 4 Heavy-Duty screws in order to make sure that they are held securely in place to prevent any collpases or looseness during use.


Wall Mounted Scissor Boom:
  • This Boom Stand offers a larger adjustment range of 15cm - 120cm compared to the Wall Mounted Boom Stand at 75cm - 130cm
  • The Wall Mounted Scissor Boom is able to hold a larger maximum load capactiy of 10KG compared to 7KG of the Wall Mounted Boom Stand
  • The Scissor Boom features a unique design to allow it to be collapsed down very small when not in use, ideal for storage and to prevent loss of space.
  • You are able to adjust the Boom in 180° sideways, which gives you more positions to choose from compared to the Wall Mounted Boom Stand and also makes it easier to store when not in use.

Wall Mounted Boom Stand (75-130cm):

  • This Boom Stand offers a larger maximum length of 130cm compared to the 120cm offered by the Scissor Boom
  • The Spigot for this Boom Stand is interchangeable and features a 3/8" and 1/4" Thread on each end whereas the Scissor Boom is only a solid Spigot with a 3/8" Thread. This means that the Wall Mounted Boom Stand can be used with a more lighting options compared to the Scissor Boom.

4.Table Summary



Both of these Boom Stands offer benefits and negatives compared to the other and would each suit a different persons requirements. If you are looking for a more flexible and durable Wall Mount Boom, then the Wall Mounted Scissor Boom would be the best option. However, if you are looking for a cost effective solution that offers a little more reach and compatiblilty options, then the Wall Mounted Boom Stand is the option for you.


Wall mounting your lighting and products is ideal if you are working in a small space and want to make the most of the area, and having a boom stand gives you more control and freedom with your lighting options. Hopefully this Blog Post has helped to educate you one which of our options would be best suited to you.

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