When it comes to shooting in bright lighting conditions, especially outdoors on a sunny day, you will need to make sure that your lighting is offering enough output to properly light your subject. With this in mind, we have released our CITI1200 PRO flash unit to offer the perfect solution to this problem. In this blog, we will take a detailed look at the CITI1200 PRO to inform you exactly what this light can do.


Pack and Head System

The CITI1200 PRO is unique compared to other standard flash units. Rather than having all the components built into a single unit, the CITI1200 PRO is split into two sections.

Firstly, we have the head of the lighting unit, which holds the flash tube and 40W LED modelling lamp securely in place. The Head unit also comes with a reflector attached, to allow you to better control the angle of the lighting to reduce any light loss. When it comes to placement of the head unit, this offers two different options. The first option is that the head comes with a stand bracket attached to the base, which is compatible with a 5/8” Spigot/Stud, so that you can place your lighting unit securely during your shoot in one specific place. The second option is that there is a handle on the back of the lighting head, which would allow someone to hold this in place during the shoot, opening up the different choices for light placement.

Secondly, we have the main body of the CITI1200 PRO unit. This is where all the controls for the unit are stored, so you can manually adjust these on the unit if you do not have a triggering system available during your shoot. The main body also holds the battery unit, which allows this to be used both in studio and on location. Also built onto the main body of the CITI1200 PRO is an easy-to-use handle, making it simple to move around a busy shoot or during transportation between locations. To make sure the system does not overheat during extensive usage, there is also a cooling fan and heat system built into the main body to allow you to safely shoot for an extended period of time without issue.


Incredibly Powerful

As the name on the unit may imply, the CITI1200 PRO offers an impressive maximum power of 1200Ws which is much higher compared to the standard flash lighting units available on the market. With this incredible power, the CITI1200 PRO is able to offer a guide number of 124m (@ISO100). This makes the CITI1200 PRO the perfect solution for both overpowering ambient sunlight on location shoots and also shooting over large distances & in large areas. As well as the flash offering a very powerful light output, the modelling light is also very powerful. The built-in modelling lamp is a 40W COB LED, which is perfect for offering an example of what your flash will achieve when triggered.


Unmatched Control

Whilst offering a high maximum power of 1200Ws, you need to make sure that you are able to adjust/control this to match each given locations requirements, and the CITI1200 PRO has this covered. The CITI1200 PRO offers an outstanding adjustable power range of between 1/1 ~ 1/256, which lets you adjust the power down to as low as approximately 4W when required. With this impressive power range, you are also able to adjust the power in 1/10th stop increments, allowing for even more power options to choose from.

Even with a high maximum power output, you still have super-fast flash durations and recycle times available. The flash duration for the CITI1200 PRO offers a range between 1/200s – 1/10,860s to capture shaper and higher quality images, whilst also being ideal for capturing motion in your subject that is perfect for fields such as dance and sport. The recycle time can also be adjusted between 0.01s – 2s to make sure you do not miss the key moments you want to capture in your photography.


Multiple Different Features

The CITI1200 PRO offers a selection of different features to choose from to match any requirements you may have for a given shoot. Firstly, the CITI1200 PRO offers High-Speed Sync mode which makes it possible to shoot at a shutter speed that is faster than your cameras sync speed. This is ideal for removing any ambient exposure to make sure to properly illuminate your subject.

Another feature that the CITI1200 PRO offers is TTL-Auto Exposure. This feature will work directly with your camera’s metering system to make sure you have the best flash-exposure chosen to capture the perfect shot. This system is a must for high-pace shoots, as it massively reduces the time caused by trial and error by find the perfect lighting option much quicker.

The CITI1200 PRO also offers a feature known as Stroboscopic multi-flash mode. What this particular feature does is it causes the CITI1200 PRO to fire multiple low-powered flashes in a very rapid succession. If you combine this will a slow shutter speed, this allows you to capture a sequence of images in a single exposure, perfect for capturing motion in fields such as dance and sport.


Battery Powered

This CITI1200 PRO features a rechargeable 5.2Ah Lithium-ion Battery to allow this to be used on both location and in a studio environment, so that you can use the impressive power output for all photography fields. When at full power, the battery can offer approximately 500 flashes from a single full charge of the battery, to make sure that you have enough power to deal with a long day of shooting. If you find that you are in a studio environment and do not want to use the battery for the CITI1200 PRO, there is also an AC Adapter available separately that can be used directly with mains power.


Simple Triggering

The CITI1200 PRO features a built-in 2.4GHz flash receiver in the unit, allowing this to be used with any of our PiXAPRO 2.4GHz triggers to allow you complete control the lighting unit and features directly from the camera. This saves you needing to pause your shoot to adjust the settings directly on the light unit itself, which could take valuable time that you do not have to spare. The CITI1200 PRO is also part of the PiXAPRO ONE System, which means that it can be used in conjunction with our entire range of flash lighting units whilst all being controlled by a single trigger. This simplifies your photography as this means you do not need to use multiple different triggering systems if you decide to use multiple lights during your shoot.


S-Type Mount

If you decide you want to further adapt the lighting being produced by the CITI1200 PRO, this is very simple to do. The CITI1200 PRO offers a Bowens S-Type accessory mount, which is one of the most common fittings available on the market, to allow you to use a wide range of different modifiers including Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Reflectors etc.


Ring Flash Attachment

Also available to use with the CITI1200 PRO is the Ring Flash Head attachment. This ring flash attachment is plugged into the main body of the CITI1200 PRO and allows you to use the full 1200Ws power output. As the CITI1200 PRO offers a wide power range, this allows you to use the ring flash attachment as either a main light or a subtle fill light depending on your style of photography.

The ring flash attachment comes with a bracket included to allow this to be attached directly to your camera to help provide a soft & nearly shadowless illumination to reduce any harsh shadows on your subject to give your Portrait photography a more edgy-fashion look. The ring flash attachment also allows you to take advantage of all the features available from the CITI1200 PRO including High-Speed Sync, TTL & Stroboscopic multi-flash mode, opening up the possibilities available in your Photography.

There are also a selection of different modifiers available for the Ring Flash attachment, including a silver reflector to add specularity to your lighting, white reflector for a softer and more diffuser light quality and honeycomb grids for better light control and to reduce the light spill from the Ring flash.



When it comes to shooting in long distances, or trying to overpower the ambient sun lighting, finding a suitable flash lighting option can be difficult. With the 1200Ws power output from the CITI1200 PRO, this is no longer an issue, and you can tackle those photography shoots with ease.