Are you Self-employed or a business looking to upgrade your Photography and Videography Equipment?

During this difficult time, our Government has now provided more support and measures to help all those eligible investors to provide Business Equipment Finance (also known as Asset Finance) to those existing businesses. This is designed to help all businesses through this current period of economical disruption and the recovery period that is due to follow, so they are able to continue their growth and reach their full economical potential. Depending on your eligibility and qualifications, you may be able to claim up to £20,000 to spend on your business.

Due to the current financial and economical climate we are in, purchasing and spending behaviour is changing, which in turn is forcing your businesses to change their operating model to make yourself more competitive in the Photography and Videography industry.

Benefits to Business Equipment Finance (Asset Finance):

·         To help struggling businesses to invest in the latest required equipment with the worry of incurring significant cash flow problems.

·         To keep businesses competitive in their fields by making access to the latest technology and equipment easier.

·         Eligible to claim capital allowances (Terms & Conditions apply).

·         To allow you to offset Interest and Charges against pre-tax business profits.

·         In most cases, there are NO upfront fees for Business Equipment Finance.

How do I apply for this?:

·         Contact you Bank or other eligible investor/finance companies to find out more detailed information regarding Business Equipment Finance (Asset Finance).

How EssentialPhoto/PiXAPRO will work will you in terms of Business Equipment Finance:

·         Create a “wish list” of products that you would like to purchase and send this across to us. One we have received this list; we will create a quote for you.

·         This quote will be sent across to you and once you have checked through this and wish to proceed with your order, we will create a commercial invoice for you.

·         Submit the commercial invoice, together with a brief business plan, to your Banks/Investors finance companies who offer Asset Finance / Business Equipment Finance.

·         At this time, a Credit Check will usually have to take place to make sure you will be suitable.

·         Once you have been approved for the funds, the money will either be transferred across to yourself to make payment, or this will be paid directly to our company.

·         As soon as payment has been received, your order will be processed and dispatched for you.


You now have the most up-to-date equipment for your business, without having to risk financial instability and with no upfront fees. High quality and reliable equipment is essential for businesses, to make sure that your business and the work created stands out and keep you ahead of the competition. So, with the aid of Business Equipment Finance (Asset Finance), this should allow you to stay at the top of the list.