Brand New Godox LED Lighting Collection

We here at PiXAPRO are always looking for new products to add to our collection, to give you all a wide range of options to choose from to cover any field of photography/videography. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we have a brand-new range of Godox LED Lights available, which are ideal lighting options for both videography and photography. Let’s take a look at the new lights available.

Godox VL Series (VL150, VL200, VL300)

There are a few differences between the three VL series lighting units, focused mainly on the power output and brightness. As their names imply, each unit features its own unique power output, with the VL150 offering 150W, the VL200 offering 200W and the VL300 offering 300W making the most powerful light in this series. This is further reflected by the brightness of each unit, as the VL300 offers a light-output of 77,000 LUX at 1m, followed by the VL200 with 75,000 LUX at 1m and finally the 61,000 LUX at 1m. Whilst all of the VL Series feature the same measurements of 14.0 x 18.0 x 30.0 cm for the main body of the unit, they all do in fact differ in their overall weights. The VL300 is the heaviest lighting at 2.64 kg, followed by the VL200 at 2.23 kg and finally the VL150 at 1.79 kg. Other than these differences, this particular series of lights are very similar.

VL150 LED Video Light

Each light uses the latest High-Intensity Integrated LED technology, making it suitable for professional broadcast use, cinematography, video interviews and YouTubing. They also feature 5600K Daylight-Balanced COB (Chip on Board) LED chips, which offer Flicker-Free lighting, allowing you to shoot at a wide range of different shutter-angles and framerates. The VL Series offer a super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥95 for accurate colour reproduction, making them suitable for professional broadcasting as well as film making. These lights each feature a controller box with an LCD Screen and control dial, allowing you to control the brightness between 0% to 100%. When not directly next to the unit, they can be controlled with a remote control included to allow for adjustments away from the unit as well as Bluetooth compatibility to allow you to control the light whilst using the Godox App.

VL200 LED Video Light

The built-in fans in these units are designed to be super quiet, which produces minimal noise even whilst being used at the maximum power for an extended period of time. Whilst the VL series lights are designed mainly to be used with mains power, they feature V-Mount Battery Plates to allow them to be used with V-Mount Batteries, ideal for use on location shoots and away from a plug socket. The VL Series also feature a Bowens S-Type mount, which is the most common fitting currently available on the market, making it possible to be used with a wide range of lighting modifiers such as Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel Lenses etc.

VL300 LED Video Light

Godox SL Series (SL150 II and SL200 II)

Similar to the VL Series, the SL series of lights differ mainly in terms of the power output of each unit and the brightness that each unit produces. The SL200 II is the more powerful version of the SL Series, offering a power output of 200W and a brightness of approximately 74,000 LUX @1m, and the SL150 II featuring a power output of 150W and a brightness of approximately 58,000 LUX @ 1m. This means that the SL Series is a wonderful option for all fields of videography and photography, as each unit creates a bright and clean lighting. These lights also differ slightly in size and weight, with the SL150 II featuring dimensions of 34 x 20 x 16cm and the SL200 II featuring dimensions of 36.7 x 20 x 16cm, making it the larger of the two lights. This is also reflected in the weight of each light, with the SL200 II weighing 3.33kg and the SL150 II weighing slightly less at 2.95kg.

SL150 II LED Video Light

The SL series of lights do share a lot of specifications and features, with both of these lights offering a Daylight Balanced light source whilst using the latest High-Intensity Integrated COB LED technology to create the perfect light. Each light has impeccable colour quality, with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 96, for super-accurate colour reproduction, and a Television Lighting Consistency Index (TLCI) rating of 97, both of these measurements mean that the SL Series are an ideal option for live production recording and film making purposes. Whilst each lighting unit does offer a standard light, they also come with a FX Special Effects mode unique to this series of lights, that allows you to replicate effects with your light, from flashing, storm, TV, broken bulb adding more creativity and possibilities in your photography and videography. The SL Series offer a range of different options when it comes to adjusting the brightness from 10% - 100%, as this can be done directly from the unit using the dimmer dial, or this can be operated using the Wireless Remote control that is capable of simultaneously controlling up to 32 different channels. Each unit features a Bowens S-Type mount as standard, which is the most popular fitting currently available on the market, allowing to be used in conjunction with a wide range of different modifiers such as Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel Lenses etc.

SL200 II LED Video Light

Godox UL Series (UL-150)

The Godox UL-150 is a super quiet, bright LED light that operates on a single LED chip providing a very bright 150W light with super silent operation. The UL-150 is a lightweight, daylight 150W LED continuous studio light with Bowens S-Type fitting, which uses the latest High-Intensity Integrated COB LED technology. This makes it ideal for videographers, cinematographers and Photographers as well as being suitable for stills photography, including portraits and products etc. The UL-150 uses a 5600K Daylight-Balanced 150W COB (Chip on Board) LED chip, which has a light-output of 58,000 LUX at 1m. The UL-150 has a super-high CRI (Colour-Rendering Index) rating of ≥96 and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥97 for accurate colour reproduction, perfect for use during live production broadcasts as well as film making, and offers a flicker-free lighting allowing it to be used with virtually any framerate and shutter-angle without issue.

Controlling the light is simple, as it features a dedicated Controller box with LCD screen and intuitive control dial to adjust the brightness steplessly between 10% - 100%, but you are also able to use the compatible Remote Control (sold separately) with the built-in 2.4GHz receiver to give you the freedom to control up to 16 different channels simultaneously. Designed with an elaborate heat-dissipation system which means the unique design does not have built-in cooling fans, allowing for virtually inaudible operation, making it suitable for any filming application. The UL-150 features a Bowens S-Type Fitting mount as standard, the most common fitting on the current marketing, allowing it to be used with a plethora of different modifiers, including, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Fresnel lenses etc.

UL-150 LED Video Light

What is the Difference between the GODOX SL, VL and UK Series LED Lights and the PiXAPRO LED100/200B Series LED Lights?


The SL II Series, is mains-powered only. There is no block controller and transformers are built-into the head. Therefore, The SL series lights, tend to be heavier than its counterpart in the VL, or UL series

The VL Series lights have two power options (Mains or V-Lock Battery). The VL Series heads themselves are smaller with a separate controller-block. They also have a quiet cooling fan.

The UL Series lights use passive-cooling (no fan), for silent lighting. The UL series heads themselves, tend to be is slightly larger than VL-Series for better airflow and more efficient heat dissipation. Like the VL Series, the UL Series also come with a separate controller-block. The UL-Series lights also have dual power options (Mains or V-Lock Battery).

The PIXAPRO LED200B bare-bulb (no reflector), has a similar brightness as VL-150 and the UL-150, but has a Bi-Colour feature, which enables you to vary the colour temperature of the light that the Godox lights don't have. The high-performance reflector that comes with the GODOX LED lights, focus the lights more efficiently, therefore, increasing the effect brightness by approximately 3 times. The high-performance reflector is available to purchase separately, or can be added as an extra at the time of purchase.

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LED Lighting is the perfect solution for high quality videography lighting and also has uses in different photography fields, so making sure you have the best lighting available is a must. With these new Godox LED lights available from PiXAPRO, you will have a selection of professional lighting units to choose from to suit your requirements.

Distributed By PIXAPRO

We are proud to now stock Godox branded LED lights as distributed by PIXAPRO, this means that you will get Godox but with everything that you loved with service of PIXAPRO, including a 2 year warranty and UK customer support.

Any lights that now have the Distributed By PIXAPRO logo will be eligible which gives peace of mind for those that would like to purchase Godox from a local trusted retailer.